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Updated January 1, 2012 - 10:45 PM EST
Obama Signs Indefinite Detention Bill Into Law
  The Worst Part of the Signing Statement: Section 1024
Iran 'Test-Fires Medium-Range Missile' in Gulf
  Obama Signs Into Law Bill Imposing Iran Banking Sanctions
Karzai Welcomes US Opening to Taliban
  Over 560 NATO Troops Die in Afghan War in 2011
Iraqi PM Celebrates US Withdrawal as New Dawn
Nigeria Clashes Kill at Least 50
In Reversal, Saleh Opts to Stay in Yemen
Ethiopian Troops Capture Beledweyne From Somalia Militants
US Sets Up Grassroots Counter-Extremism Unit in Pakistan
Crackpot Anti-Islam Activists, 'Serial Fabricators,' and the Tale of Iran and 9/11  by Gareth Porter
Iraq's One-Man War Machine  by Richard Bonin
TSA Spreading Its Wings Beyond Airports  The Orange County Register
Was It Worth It?  by Laurence M. Vance
Iowa Votes for Peace  by Bill Kauffman
Sanctions Against Iran Are Overrated  by Ivan Eland

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Mapping a Superpower-Sized Military
Ron Paul: I'd Say No to Pre-Emptive War
Mitt Romney: Ready Military Options to Prevent Iranian Nuclear Weapon
UN Chief to Focus on Sustaining Arab Spring
Contractors' Role Grows in Drone Missions, Worrying Some in the Military
US Wants 2012 Talks for Taliban Political Office
Could Giving the Taliban a Street Address Bring Peace to Afghanistan?
NATO Hands Over Three Southern Districts to Afghan Forces
Either Your Phone Plays Taliban Ringtones, or You Die
UK Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
Soldier Who Shot Dead Suspected Taliban Bomber Facing Murder Charges
Quetta Blast Death Toll Reaches 16
2011: New Low for US-Pakistan Relations
Bomb Kills Two Soldiers in Northwest Pakistan: Official
Blast in Khyber Agency Kills Two, Injures 13
Power Struggle Could Further Destabilize Pakistan
Protesters Burn Buses After Attack on Shias in Karachi
PPP Knows How to Protect Nukes: PM Gilani
Rocket Attacks Rock Quetta; No Casualties Reported
North Korea
North Korea Attacks 'Foolish Politicians Around the World'
North Korea Vows to Defend Kim 'Unto Death'
Who Is the Real Kim Jong-Un? Diplomats Fret Over North Korea's Portly New Leader and Party Officials Fear a Purge
China Says Rebel Village Was Right to Complain
Bed, Breakfast and Bombing Runs: China Turns Soviet Aircraft Carrier Into Hotel
Photos: China's New/Used Aircraft Carrier Ain't Scary
Kazakhstan's Social Networking Restrictions Spur Censorship Debate
Maldives Closes Hundreds of Resort Spas After Muslims Complain of 'Anti-Islamic' Activities
Boko Haram Attacks Force Emergency in 4 Nigeria States
Nigeria's Jonathan Vows to 'Crush Terrorists'
DR Congo
Congo Ex-Rebels Given Perks for Backing Kabila: UN
US Conflict Minerals Crackdown Backfiring in Congo: UN
Libya's Army Tries to Reassert Itself in Face of Militias
Doctors Without Borders Worries for 2 Seized Workers After 2 Killed in Somalia
US Military
Air Force Divorce Rate Highest in Military
Serviceman Found With Explosives at Texas Airport
Marine Corps Permanently Closes Brig in Quantico, Va.
Air Force Buys an Avenger, Its Biggest and Fastest Armed Drone
Boeing Wins $3.48 Billion US Missile Contract
Police Detain 60 at Moscow Protest
Tadic: Kosovo Serb Ballot Is Not Needed
Obama's U-Turn on Guantánamo Seals Fate of Lone Briton
Britain's Guantánamo Survivors Are Suffering a Toxic Legacy
Turkey Airstrike: Mourners Assault Official Offering Condolences, Rebels Threaten Retaliation
Prosecutor Seeks Drone Images From Deadly Turkish Raid
Syria-Based Kurd Leader: 'Turkish Airstrike a Message to Kurdish People'
Two PKK Rebels Killed in Southeastern Turkey
Syrian Opposition Group: More Than 5,800 Died in 2011
Arab League Observer 'Concern' at Syria Snipers
Syrian Opposition Fears Failure of Arab Mission
Syria Accused of Reneging on Arab League Pledge to Release 700 Prisoners
Syria's Two Largest Opposition Groups Sign Draft Deal for Post-Assad Democracy
Report: Son of Islamic Jihad Founder Jailed in Syria
Iraq Death Toll Down Sharply in 2011
Iraqi Shi'ites Pass on Sunnis' Celebration
Sunni Security Forces Targets for Attack on 'Iraq Day'
Iraqi Refugees Fear Returning Home
EU Open to Nuclear Talks With Iran, Without Preconditions
Iran Bluffing With Threat to Block Oil Passageway, Analysts Say
Iran Blocks Former President's Website Ahead of Vote
Palestinian Authority to Turn to UN Security Council Over Israeli Settlements
Hundreds of Ultra-Orthodox Jews Protest in Jerusalem Against 'Exclusion of Haredim'
Palestinians Told to Dance to Shake Off Gaza Stress
Egypt Arrests Christian Over Anti-Prophet Posting
Clashes in Egypt Over Prophet Cartoon
Year Later, Egypt Seeks Answers Over Church Bomb
Yemen Protesters Demand End to Southern Fighting
Militants Create Haven in Southern Yemen
Son of Yemen's Outgoing President Leading Purge of Rebellious Officers Within Republican Guard
Mexico Gang Seen Ramping Up Meth in Guatemala
Radio Zeta: How Mexico's Drug Cartels Stay Networked
Mexico Says US TV Producer's Extradition Pending
Former Mexico Soldier Sentenced for Aiding Cartels
Bomb Blast at Colombia Police Station; 2 Killed
How Brazil Is Opening Up Access to Official Information
Americans Still Dying
Lake Elsinore (CA) Soldier Leaves Behind Wife, Two Young Children
July Death of Mississippi Sailor in Bahrain Reclassified as in Support of Operation Enduring Freedom
Army Medic From Easley (SC) Remembered as 'Great' Kid
McAllen (TX) Soldier Remembered for Having 'Heart of Gold'
Army Serviceman From Marshfield (WI) Killed on Christmas Day
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