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Updated July 1, 2012 - 11:22 PM EDT
Afghan Policeman Kills Three NATO Soldiers
Turk Jets Scramble Over Syria Copters at Border
  Syrian Opposition Rejects UN Transition Plan
  At Syria's Border, After Months of Waiting, the Weapons Arrive
  London-Based Group: Bloody Day Leaves 83 Dead in Syria
Surge in Violence, State Corruption Plague Iraq
  Iraq: Over 500 Killed in June Attacks, 20 of Them Today
New Israeli Deputy PM Undercuts Pressure on Obama
  Iran Calls for Emergency OPEC Meeting Over Dip in Oil Prices
  Iran to Deploy Submarines in Caspian Sea
Shin Bet Arrests Druze at Syrian Border, Bans Media Reporting
US Drone Strikes Kills Eight in North Waziristan
Mexico's New President Unlikely to Deviate on US Drug War
NATO and Turkey: Moribund Alliances, Military Snares, and Unnecessary Wars  by Doug Bandow
Past, Present, and Future of Drones  David Walsh interviews Tom Engelhardt & Nick Turse
West's Idea of Nuclear Disarmament Doesn't Include Itself  by Russ Wellen
To Secure Peace You Must Pay for Cold War  by Stephen Elsberry
AFRICOM's Imperial Agenda Marches On  by Dan Glazebrook
The Chasm Between Two Presidential Peace Prize Winners  by César Chelala

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Ecuador Still Deciding on Assange Asylum
Pentagon Asks Congress to Shift Billions in Funding
Next-Gen Terror Watchers Go Deep Into al-Qaeda, Tweet a Lot
Yemen: Mines Kill 81 in 2 Weeks in Embattled Town
Will Dirty Tricks Have Role in Mexico's Election?
Bashar Al-Assad's Fate Left Open After Syria Crisis Talks
Syrian Troops Retake Rebellious Damascus Suburb After Deadly Assault, Activists Say
Russia's Lavrov Delighted at Syria Meeting Outcome
China Speaks Positively of Geneva Meeting on Syria
Palestinians in Syria Are Reluctantly Drawn Into Vortex of Uprising
Doubts Cast on Turkey's Story of Jet Dropped by Syria
Lebanon Sucked Into Syria Crisis
Calm Returns to Palestinian Refugee Camp After Clashes
UNIFIL Hands Over Lebanese Shepherd Seized by Israel in Shebaa Farms
New Sanctions on Iran Aim at Its Oil Industry
Iran Oil Sanctions Starting Risks Biggest OPEC Loss Since Libya
Over 500 Killed in June Attacks, 20 of Them Today
Civilian Workers Still Face Dangers in Iraq
Maliki Gives Land to Number of Kirkuk Journalists in Exchange for Coverage
Tunisia Declares Its Sahara Desert Area 'Closed Military Zone' Needing Special Travel Permits
Rare Meeting Between Afghan Government, Taliban
UN Observer Group Proposed for Afghanistan
Four Afghan Children Killed in Blast
Taliban Attack on District Near Pakistan Border
US Nixes Larger Office for Afghan Defense Minister
New Pakistan PM Defends Zardari Immunity
5 Militants Killed in IED Explosion
China/Hong Kong
Hong Kong Reporter Asks About Tiananmen, Upsets Hu Visit
Ex-Police Chief Whose US Consulate Visit Set Off Chinese Political Scandal Quits National Post
Myanmar Clash Tests Politician Suu Kyi Before Nobel Speech
US Senate Confirms Derek Mitchell as Myanmar Ambassador
Philippine Troops Kill 13 Communist Rebels
US Asks Sri Lanka to Stop 'Harassing' Media
Mongolia's Ruling Party Calls for New Elections
Palestinian Leader Abbas Postpones Israel Meeting
PLO Wants UN Security Council Meet on Settlements
Eritreans: US, Save Us From Deportation
Former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir Dies
'Social Protests' Continue Across Israel
Jamming Grenades, Micro-Missiles: Israel's Latest War Tech, Uncovered
Islamist Mohamed Morsi Is Sworn in as President of Egypt
Egypt's New Leader Vows Support for Palestinians
Egypt Foreign Policy: The Tone May Change, but Not the Substance
Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi's California Days
Mali Islamists Threaten Intervention Force
Algeria Jihadists Arrive in Mali to Reinforce Islamists
Timbuktu Shrines Damaged by Mali Ansar Dine Islamists
1,000 Held, Hundreds Hurt in Sudan Demos: Activists
From Sudan, a New Wave of Lost Boys
Kenya: Fears Rise That 4 Abducted Aid Workers Taken to Somalia; Aid Group Said No to Security Escort
Nigeria Arrests Suspected Oil Pipeline Bomber
UN Refugee Status Ends for Angolans, 10 Years After Long Wars Ended
Georgia Interior Minister Becomes PM
Belarus Frees Journalist, Seen as Gesture to Poland
Americans Still Dying
Father of Fallen Maryland Marine Talks About Their Last Phone Call
Tallahassee (FL) Marine Never Got to See His Infant Son
Grandparents Remember Arlington (VA) Marine Killed in Afghanistan
US Soldier From Tokyo, Japan Dies After Afghanistan IED Attack
Ferndale (MI) Soldier Had Been Found 'Unresponsive' in Bed in Afghanistan
Denver (CO) Soldier With Ties to Minnesota Killed in Afghanistan
Gustine (CA) Soldier Remembered as a Dedicated Family Man
Monroe (NY) Army Major, West Point Grad, Dies on Fourth Combat Tour
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