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Updated September 3, 2012 - 11:19 PM EDT
Obama Denies Deal Offer to Iran on Israeli Strike
  Netanyahu Demands 'Red Line' on Iran
  US Is Weighing New Curbs on Iran in Nod to Israel
  IAEA Report: Iran Reduced Breakout Capacity
  Israeli Judge Winograd: Iran Strike Endangers Israel's Future
Pro-Govt. Afghan Militia Kills 16 Civilians
  NATO Orders All Training of Afghan Recruits Halted
Syrian Rebels Attack Pro-Assad Border Town
  US Intervention in Syria Appears Unlikely, Say Officials
  Syrian Rebels Attack Army HQ in Damascus
  Rebel Activists: Over 5,000 Killed in Syria in August
Yemen: 14 Civilians Killed in Errant Airstrike
10 Turkish Soldiers, 20 Kurdish Militants Killed in Clashes
1,000 British Troops Face War Crimes Probes Over Iraq
Egypt: Our Submarines Are None of Israel's Business
Rights Groups Denounce Dropping of CIA Torture Cases
Holder Announces Impunity for Torture-Homicides  by Scott Horton
Why I Had No Choice but to Spurn Tony Blair  by Desmond Tutu
What About Israel's Nuclear Weapons?  by Patrick B. Pexton
Bin Laden's Revenge  by Malou Innocent
Master of Mischief  by Uri Avnery
It's Cool to Be Non-Aligned  by Eric Margolis

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William Hague Says UK Must Shed 'Guilt' Over Empire
British Ex-PM Blair Rejects Tutu's Charge on Iraq War
Assange Lawyer 'On Secret List,' Stopped at UK Airport
Romney Campaign Defends Omission of War Talk
Biden: Romney 'Ready' to Go to War With Iran, Syria
Mali Islamists Say Algerian Diplomat Executed
Robert Fisk: Syria's Road From Jihad to Prison
Navy SEAL Author Rejects the Pentagon's Legal Threat
16 'Terrorists' Killed in Bajaur, South Waziristan
Muslim Cleric Arrested for Framing Girl in Pakistan Blasphemy Case
Monks Stage Anti-Rohingya March in Myanmar
Myanmar to Allow Daily Newspapers Next Year
Student Leader Moe Thee Zun Returns Home
Senior North Korean Official Meets Iranian Leader
Indonesian Forces Kill 2 Terror Suspects
Maldives Warns Ousted President to Halt Protests
Japanese Survey of Disputed East China Sea Islands
Two Newspapers Seized in Sudan: Editors
Angola's Ruling Party Wins Five More Years of Power
Mexican Official: Agents Who Shot at US Embassy Vehicle Were Investigating a Kidnapping
Outgoing President Calderon Defends War on Mexican Drug Cartels
Rebels Bomb Heavily-Guarded Neighborhood in Damascus
Syria's Assad Watches War Chest Dwindle
Explosion 'Hits Damascus Security Area'
Rebels in Syrian Ghost Town Hunted From Above
Hamas Announces Cabinet Reshuffle in Gaza
Scuffles Erupt as Israel Police Remove Migron Settlers
5 Dead in Iraq; Iran Rejects Call to Clean River Flowing to Iraq Over 'Security Risks'
Iraq to Make Gas Exploration Deals More Lucrative
Libyan Intelligence Officer Killed in Car Bombing
Bomb Explodes in Benghazi Shopping District, 1 Killed
Middle East
Yemen: Drone Kills Alleged Tanker Attacker
Iran Claims Developed Long-Range Fighter Drone
Northern Ireland
13 Police Injured in Northern Ireland Sectarian Clashes
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