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Updated September 18, 2012 - 11:25 PM EDT
Romney Says Middle East Peace 'Unthinkable'
  Former US Envoy Predicts 2013 War With Iran
  US, Allies Launch Massive Persian Gulf Naval Exercise
Appeals Court Unblocks Indefinite Detention Law
Obama Playing Politics on Benghazi Attack?
  Libyan Witness: Ambassador Stevens Was Alive When Found
  19 Killed as Major Anti-US Protests Continue Around Muslim World
Syria Launches Airstrikes in Lebanon
  US Diplomats Scramble to Destroy Classified Materials in Beirut
  Concerns Over Syria's Rebels Dominate Debate
  America’s Support for Syrian Rebel War Crimes
US Scales Back Operations With Afghan Forces
  Protesters Try to Storm US Base in Kabul, Clash With Police
  Friday Afghan Attack Most Expensive Taliban Raid Yet
US Suspends Aid Talks With Egypt
US Sends Marines to Yemen, 'Temporarily'
Japan-China Island Dispute Heats Up Amid US Meddling
Gates, Mullen Slam Congress Over Fake Military 'Cuts'
Occupied E. Jerusalem: When a Courtyard Becomes a Border
What the Muslim Movie Riots Mean for US Foreign Policy  by Andrew Bacevich
Romney's Foreign Policy: An Ideology That Dare Not Speak Its Name  by Jason Horowitz
Don't Deport War Resister Kimberly Rivera  by Desmond Tutu
Intervention Backfires in Libya  by Rep. Ron Paul
Why the Mideast Exploded  by Ray McGovern
The DNC Was a Win for Obama, but a Loss for Civil Liberties  by Trevor Timm

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Is the NYPD Watching You?
7 Countries Hold Naval Exercises in Fla. Keys
DoJ to Appeal Ruling on Indefinite Detention
Germany: Israel Has No Veto on Egypt Sub Deal
West Africa Leader Urges Mali Intervention
Europe Bans TSA-Style 'Naked' Body Scanners
America's New Cyber Attacks on Middle East
UN Panel: Foreigners Making Syrian Rebels Radical
Report: Syria Tested Chemical Weapons Delivery Systems in August
UN Draws Up New List of Syria War Crimes Suspects
Egypt's President, Turkish Foreign Minister Meet on Syria, Followed by 'Islamic Quartet'
Towns in Rebel-Controlled Syria Experiment With Self-Government
Iran Atomic Chief Says 'Explosives' Cut Power at Facility
Iran Claims Its Nuclear Facilities Could Now Survive Enemy 'Missile Attacks and Raids'
Iran Nuclear Chief Harshly Criticizes Atomic Agency
Suicide Bomber at Entrance to Baghdad's Green Zone; 11 Killed, 38 Wounded Across Iraq
Troubled Iraqi Border Town in Eye of Syrian Storm
Turkey PM Erdogan Says Kurdish PKK Takes 500 Casualties
Turkish Authorities Rule Late President's Body Should Be Exhumed for Probe Into His Death
Middle East
Lebanon Demands Explanation From Iran Over Troops
'Price Tag' Tactics of West Bank Jewish Settlers
Bahrain Charges 7 Police With Uprising Abuses
Nigerian Troops Kill Boko Haram Spokesman: Source
MTN Says Fiber Line Cut in Northeast Nigeria
Nigerian Military: 2 Radical Sect Leaders Killed
Togo Militia Stops Protest Against President
Central African Republic: 3 Towns North of Capital Attacked by New Rebel Group
Sudan: JEM Rebels Ban Use of Child Soldiers
Kenyan Terror Suspect Admits Possession of Bombs
Anti-US Fury
Al-Qaeda Praises Attack on Benghazi US Mission
Video Shows Libyans Trying to Rescue US Ambassador
US: Too Soon to Call Libya Attack 'Act of Terror'
Middle East Riots Fueled by Competition Between Radicals, Moderates
Egypt's Prime Minister Says Some Were Paid to Protest
Hezbollah Warns US Over Film as Toll Rises
UAE Bans Anti-Islam Video
Pakistan Blocks YouTube Over Anti-Islam Film
Russia Backs Ban of US Anti-Islam Film Innocence of Muslims
NATO: Afghan Soldier Shoots at Vehicle on Base, Wounds 1 in Latest Insider Attack
Panetta Calls Insider Attacks on US Troops 'Last Gasp' of Frustrated Taliban
50,000 Vehicles, 100,000 Metal Containers: US Troops Pack Up Gear to Ship Out of Afghanistan
US, Japan Announce Expanded Missile Defense System
China Reins in Rowdy Anti-Japan Demonstrations
Japan Brand-Name Firms Shut China Plants After Protest Violence
China Files Trade Case Against Washington
Secret Hearing for Police Chief in China Scandal
Myanmar Releases 500 Prisoners in Amnesty
Putin Watches War Games, Tells Soldiers to Boost Russian Defense
132 Inmates Escape From Prison Near US Border; Search Under Way
Mexican Police Say Agents May Have Missed Diplomatic Plates, Shot at US Agents' Vehicle
Prominent Cuban Dissident and Others Pass 1 Week on Hunger Strike
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