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Updated February 5, 2013 - 11:00 PM EST
Justice Dept Memo OKs Drone Hits on Americans
  Senators Ask Obama for Memos on Targeted Killings of US Citizens
54 Countries Helped the CIA Outsource Torture
  20 Facts About Extraordinary Rendition, Torture, Secret Detention
  US Tortured During bin Laden Hunt, Panetta Admits
Obama to Visit Israel in First Visit as President
  Israel's Raids Sabotaging Fatah-Hamas Talks
  Study: Palestinian Schoolbooks Don’t ‘Teach Hate’
  Hagel Right the First Time: Israel Treats Palestinians Like Caged Animals
  Occupied East Jerusalem and the Right of Return
With US Approval, Israel Plans Syria Escalation
  Iranians Refuse Assad’s Request to Bomb Israel
  In Israel Raid, Syria Options Severely Constrained
US Expands Military Reach in Latin America
More Attacks in Iraq: 26 Killed, 55 Wounded
Rand Paul: Foreign Policy Is Congress' Business
Karzai: Afghanistan More Secure Before UK Troops Arrived
Biden: US Backs France on UN Occupation of Mali
No Ban in Place, Air Force Renews NASCAR Sponsorship
Can Elliott Abrams Be Stopped?  by Jordan Michael Smith
The Hagel Hearings: Congressional Politics at Its Worst  by Doug Bandow
Brooklyn College's Academic Freedom Increasingly Threatened Over Israel Event  by Glenn Greenwald
The Republican Obsession  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Can a Realist Be a Republican?  by Daniel McCarthy
The Relentless March of the US Police State  by Robert Higgs

More Viewpoints

Barack Obama, Drone Ranger
by Bill Moyers & Michael Winship
Kerry Pledges to Protect Diplomats on 1st Day at State Dept.
Rip Out Guantanamo Microphones to Prevent Eavesdropping, Judge Says
US Stepped in to Halt Mexican General's Rise
Thur.: Panetta, Dempsey to Testify on Libya Attack
Civil Rights Lawyers: NYPD Spying Violates Rules
Saudi Arabia Slams Israel Air Strike Against Syria
Syrian Opposition Chief Says Offers Assad Peaceful Exit
6 Children Reported Killed in Syria Air Raid
Lebanon Issues Arrest Warrant for Syrian General
After Uniting on Facebook, Syrian Americans Travel to War's Edge
3 Kidnapped Foreigners Set Free by Syrian Forces
Syria Defence Minister: Army Will Beat Rebels
Netanyahu to Arab Parties: I Am PM for All Israelis
Hunger-Striking Palestinian Inmate Said Near Death
State Department Strains to Avoid Israeli-Palestinian Textbook Dispute
Yesh Atid, Bayit Yehudi Deny Forming Unity Bloc
Habayit Hayehudi: Shas Gives Torah a Bad Name
Jewish Home Won't 'Live or Die' With Lapid, Source Says
US, Allies Ready More Anti-Mine Drills as Iran Tensions Simmer
Iran Hedges on Nuclear Talks With Six Powers or US
Iran Strongly Denies Yemen's Claims About Arms Shipment
Iran's President Wishes to Visit Gaza
FBI Arrests Malcolm X Grandson En Route to Iran
Iran Denies Space Monkey Hoax
Ahmadinejad Wants to Be Iran's First Astronaut
Iranian Shi'ite President to Meet Egypt's Top Sunni Cleric
At Least 6 Killed in Fresh Sectarian Clashes in Yemen
3 al-Qaeda Members Arrested by Police in Yemen
Award-Winning Yemeni Film Tackles Terrorism Recruiting
Middle East
Abdullah Ocalan: A Bridge Between Kurds and Turks?
Syria, Mali Crises Overshadow Islamic Summit in Cairo
British Police 'Took the Identities of Dead Children' to Infiltrate Protests
Mini Drones: British Army Deploys Tiny Helicopters
Two Killed in Ecuador Pro-Government Rally: President Correa
Colombian ELN Rebels Capture Two Thought to Be German Citizens
US Military
US Army to Build Soldier 'Resilience' to Fight Suicides, Violence
Ex-Navy SEAL's Killing Puts Focus on War's Psychological Toll
Unmanned Mine-Hunting Systems to Hit Fleet in 2017
Afghanistan and Pakistan Aim for 'Peace in Six Months'
Pakistan Ready for Peace Talks With Militants
David Cameron Invites Taliban to Talks Over Afghanistan's Future
2014 Withdrawal Will Not Affect Afghan Security: ISAF
Afghanistan Stops Pakistan Trucks at Torkham Border
Local Police Detained for Crimes in Kunduz
Bin Laden Town Abbottabad Plans Theme Park
US Reverses Ban on Afghan Airline It Tied to Drug Smuggling
Myanmar Government Reaches Deal With Kachin Rebels
Graffiti Artists Test Edges of Emerging Democracy
39 Conscripted Troops Desert Post in Kyrgyzstan
4 Fruit Merchants Killed in Thailand's Restive South
Kashmir Cleric Says Girl Band 'Un-Islamic'
Bangladesh Islamic Party Enforces Strike Over War Crimes Trial
China Sentences 10 to Prison for Detaining Petitioners Who Sought Redress in Beijing
Two Chinese Ships in Disputed Waters: Japan Coastguard
US Soldiers Accused of Sexually Harassing Korean Woman on Subway
Sailor in Japan Re-Arrested on New Charge After Assault Case Dropped
Beating, Torture Fuel Sense Egypt Police Unchanged
Two Coptic Christians Sentenced in Egypt
US Condemns Violence in Egypt, Urges Government to Investigate
UN Alarm at Mali Army Abuse Claim
Mali Rebels, Now Aiding French, Say They're Holding Militants
French Troops to Quit Timbuktu This Week
Hollande in Mali: French Troops Will Not Stay
Mali Tuaregs Seize Two Islamist Leaders Fleeing French Strikes
UN: 2 Civilians Killed by Land Mines in North Mali
Somalia: Bomb Kills 1 African Union Soldier
Somalia's Al-Shabab Opens New Twitter Account
11 Killed in Local Fighting in Northeast Nigeria
LRA Rebel Group Losing Men Through Defections
French Tanker Likely Hijacked Off Ivory Coast
Darfur Tribal Violence Flares Over Gold Mines
Rwanda Genocide: Court Overturns Ex-Ministers' Convictions
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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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Is Iran a Threat?

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