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Updated February 26, 2013 - 11:28 PM EST
Kerry: US to Hasten Syria Regime Change
  Rebels Reject Syrian Govt Calls for Negotiations
  Report: Assad's Army Has Fled Entire Area Bordering Israel
Report: Obama To Tell Israelis of Plans for Iran War
  New Iran Talks Open in Kazakhstan Amid Talks of US War
  Former Insiders Criticize Iran Policy as US Hegemony
  Making Poor, Sick Iranian Civilians Suffer
West Bank Protests Grow, Fears of New Intifada
  Obama's Diplomatic Overture Will Fall Prey to Israel's Hawks
Senate Confirms Hagel After Filibuster Fails
Court Won't Allow Challenge to Surveillance Law
Lawmakers Seek End to Draft Registration
Obama Mulls China Sanctions for Trumped-Up Cyber Threat
Afghans: US, NATO Ignored Complaints of Abuses
Cuts May Impede Pentagon’s Ability to 'Address WikiLeaks'
Impunity Forever? Iraq and the Betrayal of a People  by Hans von Sponeck
Why Massive National Security Leaks Are Good for Us  by Chase Madar
Eyes Wide Shut on the Iraq War  by Ray McGovern
Infantile Conservatism  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Shenzu Abe Does DC  by John V. Walsh
Which New War to Fight?  by Eric Margolis

More Viewpoints


by Andy Worthington
GOP Rep. Walter Jones Hits Dick Cheney Over Iraq War
Pentagon to Keep Gen. Allen Probe a Secret
Vote on Hagel Set for Tuesday
John Boehner: Obama Using Troops as 'Props' on Sequester
Bahrain Bans Import of Plastic Guy Fawkes Masks
John Kerry: US Won't Back UK on the Falklands
West Bank Streets 'Boiling' as Abbas Accuses Israel of Stoking Unrest
Abbas to Palestinian Authority Security Officials: Don't Get Drawn Into Israeli Violence
US Calls for 'Maximum Restraint' in West Bank
Palestinians Bury Man Who Died in Israeli Custody
Lieberman: Bennett, Lapid Our Natural Partners
Eager Israelis Send Invites to Obama Ahead of Tour
Palestinian Boy Seriously Injured in Clashes With IDF
Israel Successfully Tests Arrow 3 Missile Interceptor
Syrian Government Accused of Targeting Hospitals, Health Workers as War Rages
Syrian Rebels Storm Police Academy Near Aleppo
Car Bomb Kills Five Soldiers in Damascus
Photographer Killed in Syria Spoke of Adrenaline
UN Staffer Missing on Israel-Syria Border
Syrian Refugees Riot in Jordan Camp; 3 Hurt
Two Killed, 13 Wounded Across Iraq
Return of Sectarian Threats in Iraq Raises Alarm
Sadr Calls on Demonstrators to Preserve Iraq's Unity, Renounce Sectarian Slogans
Iraq Says Turkey Rejects Kurd Export Pipelines
Iraq, Kuwait to Resume Flights After 22-Year Halt
Iran Divided Over Oscar-Winning 'Argo'
Report: Nasrallah Flown to Iran for Cancer Treatment
United Arab Emirates
United Arab Emirates Set to Buy US Predator Drones
Dubai Officials Block Bahrain-Based AP Journalist
UAE Bars British Scholar Over His Views on Bahrain
Middle East
Tunisia Arrests Suspect in Killing That Sparked Unrest
Kurdish Peace Process to Start After PKK Leave Turkey
Violence Grips Southern Yemen Provinces – Point of No Return Say Separatists
Qatari Poet Life Sentence for Insulting Rulers Reduced to 15 Years
German Intel Paid Neo-Nazi Informer $240,000
Family Targeted in North Belfast Blast Bomb Attack
UK: Abu Qatada's Family Win Injunctions Against Demonstrators
The War at Home
Homeland Security Chief Threatens Long TSA Lines From Sequester
Listen Up Ladies! Next Time There's a Draft, Uncle Sam Might Want You Too
UN Removes Osama bin Laden From Sanctions List
War Is Hell on US Veterans' Job Prospects – Fed Paper
Military Is Required to Justify Shooting Animals in Medic Training After Pressure From Activists
Men Say Their Breast Cancer Was Caused by Contaminated Water at Camp Lejeune
NATO Says No Evidence for Afghan Misconduct Claim
US Marine Killed in Afghanistan Is First February Casualty
4 Civilians Killed in Helmand IED Blast
Afghan Police: BBC Uncovers Corruption in Helmand Bases
Afghanistan's First Female Mayor Proves Critics Wrong
Shikarpur Shrine Blast Leaves 4 Dead, 12 Injured
Balochistan: The Rise of Human Rights Violations and Upcoming Election
India Arrests Man Accused of Spying for Pakistan
Philippine Ship Sailing to Malaysia to Try to Fetch Filipinos Locked in Territorial Standoff
Philippine President Urges 180 Filipinos Locked in Territorial Standoff in Malaysia to Return
Philippines Law Gives Compensation to Marcos Victims
2 Tibetan Monks Self-Immolate as Anti-China Protests Continue Despite Heavy Crackdown
BBC World Service Shortwave Radio Blocked in China
Vietnam Says It Will Be Ready to Participate in United Nations Peacekeeping Operations
Egypt's Morsi Uses TV Interview to Burnish Image
Egypt Condemns Israel for Prisoner's Death
Police: More Than 20 Killed in Nigeria After Muslim, Christian Youths Argue Over Soccer Field
Boko Haram Claiming to Hold French Family: French PM
Nigeria Losing Ground in Changing Oil World
DR Congo
Despite Peace Accord, Eastern Congo Appears on Brink of Renewed Conflict
Mexican Official Accuses CIA of 'Managing' Not 'Fighting' the Drug Trade
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