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Updated April 26, 2013 - 11:28 PM EDT
Chemical Weapons ‘Red Line’ in Syria is Bogus
  Former WMD Czar: No Good Military Options for Syria
  Should Use of Chemical Weapons in Syria Be a 'Game Changer?'
  The Convoluted Path to ‘Chemical Weapons’ Belief
  Hagel: Syria Has Likely Used Chemical Weapons on a 'Small Scale'
Attacks Grow in Iraq, 200 Killed in Three Days
  Iraqi Premier Urges Calm but Vows to Continue Military Strikes
  Third Day of Iraq Unrest Leaves 96 Dead
Iran: Ready to Resume Talks With World Powers
  US: Canada Train Plot Suspect Went to Eastern Iran
Israel Shoots Down Drone; Hezbollah: Not Ours
  Israeli Army to Stop Using White Phosphorus
Report: Tamerlan Vowed to Die for Islam in 2011
UN Approves 12,600 Troops for Mali
Bahrain Blasts US State Dept Report on Human Rights
Burn Pits: IG Says $5mln Wasted on Unused Incinerators
Despair Drives Guantanamo Detainees to Stage Revolt
Korematsu and the Dangers of Waiving Constitutional Rights  by George F. Will
Breaking Out the Bush Playbook on Korea  by Conn Hallinan
The Cops' Military Toys Aren't Just for Catching Terrorists  by Lucy Steigerwald
Drone Strikes Make al-Qaeda Stronger  by Conor Friedersdorf
The Ethics of the Pressure Cooker  by Pierre Lemieux
A Necessary Reckoning With Torture  by Philip Giraldi

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by Joseph Massad
Serbia President 'Apologizes' for Srebrenica Massacre
Rand Paul Defends Himself Against Drone Backlash
FBI Temporarily Loses Track of Miss. Man Investigated in Ricin Case
Woman Indicted in Cuba Spy Case Is in Sweden and Out of US Reach
US 'Spy' Timothy Hallet Tracy Detained in Venezuela
The War at Home
Bloomberg: Tsarnaev Brothers Planned Times Square Bombing
Anti-Terror Task Force Was Warned of Tamerlan Tsarnaev's Long Trip to Russia
Parents Say Boston Bombing Suspects Are Innocent
Student Wrongly Tied to Boston Bombings Found Dead
Defense Department Blocks Baptist Website, Calls Content 'Hostile'
George W. Bush Library: More 9/11, Less Cheney and Rove
50 US Helicopters in Afghanistan Badly Damaged in Hail Storm
Armed RAF Afghan Drones Now Flown From UK
Police Take First, Faltering Steps in Fight Against Corruption
Blast Near MQM Election Offce Kills 6 in Karachi
Musharraf 'Arrested' in Benazir Murder Case
PTI Doubts Integrity of Gallup Pakistan
Taliban, Taboos Bar Millions of Pakistani Women From Vote
China Urges US to Condemn Xinjiang 'Terrorism'
US Calls for Transparent Probe Over Xinjiang Clashes
A Look at North Korea's Military Capabilities
Myanmar Mine Protest Leads to Clashes With Police
Nigeria Military: At Least 11 Killed in New Attack
UN Keeps Peacekeeping Force in Western Sahara but Without Rights Monitoring Sought by US
16-Year-Old Protester Killed at Demonstration in Guinea
William Hague Opens New British Embassy in Somalia
German Ship Operator Says 4 Crew Members Kidnapped by Pirates Off Equatorial Guinea
UNIFIL Denies Drone Flew Over Areas Under Its Control
Culture War in Israel Targets Ultra-Orthodox Jews
State Won't Press Charges Over Mossad Spy Zygier Death
Haredi Group: Resist Draft With All Your Soul
Canada's Potashcorp Drops Takeover Bid for Israel Chemicals
Some US Lawmakers Told Last Week About Syria, Sarin
Syria's Industrialists Join Exodus From Country
Algeria Cracks Down on Syria Recruiting Networks
Third Day of Iraq Unrest Leaves 96 Dead
Executions Surge but No Action on Reform
Middle East
Guantanamo Strike Sparks Outcry in Yemen
'Something to Hide?': Bahrain Blocks Visit From UN Torture Investigator
German NGOs Worried About Russian Partners
ETA 'Top Commander' Gets Life Sentence in France
Gunmen Kill 5 Workers Loading Sand Near Acapulco; Clash in Michoacan Kills Cop, 4 Attackers
Mexican Newspaper Photographer Found Dead
Venezuela's Opposition Leader Says He Will Boycott Audit of Election Results
Colombia's FARC Guerrillas Thank US Lawmakers for Supporting Havana Peace Process
Documents: Canada Suspect Born to Palestinian Parents, Arrived in Canada From Germany in 1993
Argentina's Congress Limits Judicial Independence
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Aiding Dzhokharís Syrian Comrades

Nebojsa Malic
Consenting to Rape

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What Has Bibi Been Doing?

Ivan Eland
Government Response to Terrorism Needs to Be Dialed Down

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People Vanishing from Iraq War History

David R. Henderson
Randís Stand

Ran HaCohen
Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

Charles V. PeŮa
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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