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Updated April 14, 2017 - 11:18 PM EDT
US Drops Largest Non-Nuke Bomb in Afghanistan
  MOAB Never Used Before Due to Civilian Casualty Concerns
  MOAB Attack Was a Baffling Choice in Cold-Blooded Terms of Cost
Pentagon Denies US Plan To Attack North Korea
  China Warns of North Korea Conflict 'At Any Moment'
US Airstrike Kills 18 Syrian Kurdish Fighters
  Report: McMaster Wants to Send 50,000 US Troops to Syria
  US Denies Hitting ISIS Poison Gas Depot in Eastern Syria
  Airstrikes and Civilian Casualty Claims in Iraq and Syria: March 2017
MIT Scientist Disputes 'Evidence' of Sarin Attack
  Chemical Weapons Agency Sends Fact-Finding Mission to Syria
CIA Director: WikiLeaks a 'Hostile Intel Service'
Doubling Down on US Misadventure in Yemen
US Insurers Sue Saudis for $4.2 Billion Over 9/11
The True Cost of Israel  by Philip Giraldi
Trump Isn't the New Hitler, He's the New Kaiser Bill  by Andrew J. Bacevich
Palestine's Tragic Anniversaries Are Not Only About Remembrance  by Ramzy Baroud
Trump Walks Into Syria Trap Via Fake 'Intelligence'  by Justin Raimondo
From Deterrence to Doomsday?  by William Astore & Tom Engelhardt
Syria and the Call of the Quagmire  by Paul R. Pillar

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Libya's Haftar Says Russian Base Not Being Discussed
The Strangers Who Got Snowden's Secrets in the Mail
US Says Countries Must Punish UN Troops for Sexual Abuse
Clashes After Fifth Person Dies in Venezuela Unrest
Displaced Persons Return to Anbar Province; 61 Killed in Iraq
'Be Strong': Iraqis Wounded in Mosul Try Trauma Counseling to Cope
Erdogan and Putin Back Investigation Into Syria Chemical Attack
More Than 20 Inmates Escape in Yemen Prison Break
Rebel Court Sentences Yemen Journalist to Death
Turkey Slams UN for 'Politically-Motivated' Interference in Referendum
In Historic Referendum, Turkey's Erdogan Faces His Biggest Test
Victims of Turkey Purges Fear Heavier Crackdown After Referendum
Turkey Detains 412 Suspected Kurdish Militants
Middle East
Jordan Says Guard Who Killed Three US Soldiers Did Not Follow Rules of Engagement
US Sanctions Brother of Iran's Quds Force Commander: White House
Germany Arrests 'Islamist' Suspect Over Dortmund Bus Attack
Man Arrested After Borussia Dortmund Attack 'Led ISIS Unit in Iraq'
Crimean Wine Confiscated From Italian Drinks Fair as It 'Violates Sanctions Against Russia'
Polish Leader Welcomes NATO Troops, Hails 'Historic Moment'
UN Envoy: Cyprus Talks 'At Crossroads', Only Few Issues Still to Be Resolved
UN Experts Condemn Killing and Torture of Gay Men in Chechnya
North Korea
State Paper Says China Would Protect a Denuclearized North Korea
China Says Its Trade With North Korea Has Increased
China Overtakes US as Top Direct Foreign Investor in Pakistan
Pakistani Student Accused of Blasphemy Beaten to Death on Campus
Japan Scrambles Jet Fighters at Record Pace as Chinese Military Activity Rises
Malaysia Central Bank to Support Agencies Probing Flow of Funds to North Korea
Bangladesh Executes Three Militants Over Failed Attack on UK Envoy
Thai Junta Warns Against Contacting Critics of the Monarchy
Egypt Says Second Church Suicide Bomber Identified
Egypt Lawyer Sentenced to Ten Years in Prison Over Facebook Insult Post
Nearly 100 Migrants Feared Missing After Boat Sinks Off Libya: Coastguard
'Genocide' Has Begun in South Sudan, UK Says
Nigeria in Talks to Release Remaining Captive Chibok Girls
Venezuela Opposition Seeks to Strain Security Forces With Protests
Man Suspected of Shooting US Border Agent Arrested in Mexico
UN Votes to End to Haiti Peacekeeping Mission in October
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Robert Gates, Pro and Con

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Biden in Belgrade: A Trip Down NATO-Invasion Memory Lane

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