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Updated August 23, 2017 - 11:29 PM EDT
No End in Sight for US War in Afghanistan
  Mattis Undecided on Number of US Troops Heading to Afghanistan
  Antiwar Conservatives Decry Trump's Afghanistan Surge
  Trump's Challenge: A Wall of Public Skepticism on Afghan War
  NATO Chief 'Fully Committed' to US War in Afghan
US, North Korea Clash at UN Forum Over Nukes
  Can North Korea Actually Hit the US With a Nuclear Weapon?
US Airstrikes Kill 100 Syria Civilians in Raqqa
Saudi Airstrike Destroys Yemen Hotel, Kills 60
Latest Navy Collision Fuels Speculation About 'Hacking'
Haley Demands New Inspections of Iran Military Sites
item The Mini-Skirt Deception: How McMaster Got His Afghan 'Surge'  by Justin Raimondo
item The Conflict in Afghanistan Is Trump's War Now  by Andrew Bacevich
item The Folly of Sending More US Troops to Afghanistan  by Rob Givens
item Avoiding War With Pyongyang  by John Feffer & Tom Engelhardt
item War President Trump Threatens Korea  by Jonathan Marshall
item Anti-War Awakening on a Bus Trip From Baltimore  by James Bovard

More Viewpoints

DoJ Drops Request for IP Addresses From Trump Resistance
Trump Talks Tough on Pakistan's 'Terrorist' Havens, but Options Scarce
Journalist Murdered in Mexico, 10th of 2017
US State Dept Slams Israeli Stagnation on Religious Freedom Reform
Security Forces Pierce Tal Afar City Limits; 65 Killed in Iraq
Iran Denies Joint Operation Against Kurds With Turkey in Iraq
More Talks Likely on Kurdish Independence Vote, Negotiator Says
Mattis: US, Coalition 'Steadfast' With Iraq for ISIS Defeat
Mattis Asks Iraqi Kurds to Put Off Vote on Independence
UN: Iraq Must Ensure ISIS's Victims of Sexual Violence See Justice
Next Round of Syria Talks in Astana Delayed for Technical Meeting
Back to Back US Drones Crashes in Turkey as Tensions Simmer Between the Two Countries
Erdogan Says Top Turkish General Must Accept Demotion
Germany's Gabriel Hits Back at Erdogan With Call to Back Turkish Democracy
Row Over Haj Pilgrimage Helps Fuel Qatar Rift
Senegal Reinstates Qatar Ambassador, Hopes for End to Gulf Feud
Palestinians Wait for US Envoy Kushner to Break His Silence
Israel to High Court: Law Seizing Palestinian Land Is Humane Response to 'Distress' of Thousands of Settlers
Mossad Accused of Assassinating Palestinian Man in Sweden
19 Israelis to Have Citizenship Revoked for Fighting With ISIS
Middle East
Bahrain Rights Groups Accuse National Security Agency of Torture
Jordan Opens First Job Center in Syrian Refugee Camp
Saudi Crown Prince Discusses Mideast Peace With US Officials
World Bank Says Not Currently Looking at Financing Projects in Iran
US to Withhold Up to $290 Million in Egypt Aid
Egypt Set to Reopen Its Gaza Crossing on Regular Basis in September
The US Military Is Cozying Up to Sudan, of All Countries
Boko Haram Nigerian Child Bombings This Year Are Quadruple 2016's: UNICEF
Tanzania to Grant Citizenship to Burundians
Venezuela-US Relations at Lowest Point Ever: Maduro
Venezuela Seeks Cross-Border Arrest of Ex-Prosecutor
The War at Home
US Navy to Relieve Admiral of Command After Collisions
Gitmo Judge Blocks 9/11 Defense Attorneys From Viewing 28 Pages
Researcher Behind Salacious Trump Dossier Questioned by US Lawmakers
Army Identifies Missing Black Hawk Crew After Suspending Search
Some Remains of Navy Sailors Found on USS John S. McCain
Germany Not First in Line to Send More Troops to Afghanistan: Minister
Russia Thinks Trump's New Afghan Strategy Will Not Bring Benefits: IFAX
Britain Welcomes Trump's Renewed Commitment to Afghanistan
Rolling Back Taliban Grip on Afghan Territory Key Aim of Trump Plan: Official
The Taliban Says Trump's Afghanistan Plan Is 'Just Wasting American Soldiers'
Afghan President 'Grateful' for Trump's Commitment to Fighting Taliban
Trump's Afghan Decision May Increase US Air Power, Training
Here Are Six Costly Failures From America's Longest War: #1, Cashmere Goats.
Pakistan Foreign Office Rejects Trump's 'Disappointing' Allegations of Alleged Terror Support
China Defends Ally Pakistan After Trump Criticism
North Korea
North Korea Photos Suggest New Solid-Fuel Missile Designs
US Imposes Sanctions on China and Russia Over North Korea's Nuclear Program
Tillerson Sees Possible Pathway to North Korea Dialogue 'in Near Future'
Japan Urges Pressure on North Korea, Military to Seek Record Defense Spending
After US Destroyer Collision, Chinese Paper Says US Navy a Hazard
China Warns US Ahead of Taiwan Defense Minister's Brief Visit
China Asks US to 'Correct Its Mistake' After New Sanctions
Amid Outrage, Philippine Opposition Presses Duterte to Stop Killings
Indonesia to Buy $1.14 Billion Worth of Russian Jets
Rohingya Villagers Blockaded Amid Fresh Tensions in Myanmar's Rakhine
Bangladesh Upholds Death Sentences on Politician, 14 Members of Elite Force, for Murders
Barcelona Van Attackers Plotted Major Bombings, Spanish Court Hears
Two Arrested in Morocco Over Suspected Links to Barcelona Attackers: Report
Two Suspected Members of Barcelona Plot Tell Court Imam Was Instigator: Source
France Was Unaware of Existence of Barcelona Attack Cell: Minister
Merkel Challenger Advocates Removal of US Nuclear Weapons From Germany
Moroccan Who Admitted Killing Two in Finland Knife Attack Was Refused Asylum
Russia Says European Leaders Support Truce in East Ukraine
Macedonia Denies 'Intelligence Actions' Against Irate Serbia
Australia Inquiry Says Defense Force Failed to Stop Sexual Abuse of Teen Recruits
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Biden in Belgrade: A Trip Down NATO-Invasion Memory Lane

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