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Updated September 11, 2017 - 11:06 PM EDT
Senate Leaders to Limit Debate on AUMF Repeal
Saudi Govt Allegedly Funded a 'Dry Run' For 9/11
  Will the 9/11 Case Finally Go to Trial?
  Why Did Robert Mueller Obstruct Congress's 9/11 Probe?
US Orders S. Syria Rebels to Retreat Into Jordan
  US Airstrikes Hit ISIS Prison in Eastern Syria, Killing 23
  Russian Airstrikes Kill 34 Civilians in East Syria
US Troops Mass in Kirkuk for New Anti-ISIS Push
  Iraq Holding 1,400 ISIS Family Members in Prison Camp
Trump Review Leans Toward Proposing Mini-Nuke
Ex-Georgian Leader Barges Across Ukraine Border
Instead of Missile Test, N. Korea Has Anniversary Party
item How the Pentagon Snatched Innovation From the Jaws of Defeat  by Alfred McCoy
item Haley's Dishonest Speech About the Iran Agreement  by Paul R. Pillar
item Why the War Party Loves to Call Foreign Leaders Insane  by Ryan McMaken
item Why Did Robert Mueller Obstruct Congress's 9/11 Probe?  by Justin Raimondo
item Deep Shame on Suu Kyi and Myanmar  by Eric Margolis
item UN Enablers of 'Aggressive War'  by Robert Parry

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Russia Berates German DM for War Games Remarks
Venezuela's Government Is Turning Trump's Threats Into a Call to Arms
USAF Pilot Fatally Injured in Crash on Nevada Range
Palestinians Release Activist Jailed for Facebook Post
Khalifa Haftar Kicks Off Forced Signatures Campaign to Rule Libya
ISIS Families Detained; 68 Killed in Iraq
Iraq Steps Up Strikes on ISIS-Held Hawija Ahead of Offensive
Slow Recovery for Iraq's Mosul After ISIS Ouster
Shattered by War, Sunni Arabs Despair Over Future in Iraq
Iraqi Kurds 'Prepared to Draw Own Borders', Barzani Warns Baghdad
Civilians Fleeing Syria's Raqaa Find Shelter in Ruined Town
Syrian Army Seizes Oilfield From ISIS in East: State TV
Satellite Images Show Aftermath of Alleged Israeli Strike in Syria
Rights Organizations Rally to Reveal Fate of Syria's Disappeared
Turkey Kills 99 Kurdish Militants in Two Weeks of Latest Operations: Military
US Needs to Review Charges Against Former FM: Erdogan
Turkey Cautions Citizens About Travel to 'Anti-Turkey' Germany
Mass Trial Over Turkey's Coup Plot Becomes an Arena of Emotion
Amid Tension, Trump and Turkey's Erdogan Agree to Strengthen Ties
We Can Endure Siege for a Long Time: Qatar Envoy
Qatar to Continue Efforts to Resolve Disputes Peacefully
Russia Urges Dialogue to Solve Gulf Crisis
Five Suspected al-Qaeda Militants Killed in Yemen Drone Strikes
10 Yemeni Civilians Injured by Houthi Shelling
US Denies Iran Report of Confrontation With US Vessel
Iranian Vice President Salehi: Our Partners Have More to Lose Than We Do
Israeli Jets Break Sound Barrier in South Lebanon Causing Damage
Hezbollah Claims Finding Israeli Spying Equipment Hidden in Rock
Israel's Netanyahu Says Will Meet Trump in New York Next Week
Israel Working to Thwart Palestinian Bid to Join UN Tourism Body
Palestinian Authority Suspends Funds to Prisoners' Rights Group 'Due to Israeli, US Pressure'
Settlers Move in After Palestinians Forced From Their Jerusalem Home
Stuck Between Trump and Netanyahu, Abbas Is Running Out of Options
Israel Makes It Increasingly Difficult for Palestinians' Foreign Spouses to Stay in West Bank
Israeli Soldier Seriously Injured by Grenade During Training
Hundreds of Thousands to Rally for Catalan Independence From Spain
Spanish Police Raids Aim to Halt Catalan Independence Vote
Catalan Independence Vote Divides Region's Mayors
Catalan Leader Says 'Everything Ready' for Contested Vote
US Formally Requests UN Vote on North Korea Sanctions
North Korea Warns US of 'Greatest Pain' Over Fresh Sanctions
John McCain: Redeploying Nuclear Weapons in South Korea Should Be 'Seriously Considered'
France Discusses Increased Pressure on North Korea With Trump, Abe
Japan Says Jet Fighters Conducted Drills With US Aircraft Over East China Sea
Koreans in Japan Wary of Tensions With North, Worry About Backlash
Rohingya Insurgents Declare Temporary Ceasefire Amid Humanitarian Crisis
After Insurgents' Truce, Myanmar Says 'We Don't Negotiate With Terrorists'
Little US Pressure Amid Talk of Ethnic Cleansing in Myanmar
Rohingya Exodus to Bangladesh Nears 300,000
Myanmar 'Allows Rebels With Wooden Clubs to Watch Over Fleeing Rohingya'
Rohingya Fleeing Burma Being 'Deliberately Targeted' With Landmines
Fires Destroy More Villages in Myanmar's Rohingya Region: Sources
Australia to Send More Troops to Help Philippines Fight Islamist Militants
Philippine Leader Says 'No Way' He'll Do Deal With Islamist Rebels
Cambodian Opposition Party to Boycott Parliament Vote on Leader
Egyptian Security Forces Kill 10 Suspected Militants in Cairo Raids
Hamas Leader in Cairo to Discuss Gaza Blockade
Nigeria's Buhari Urges Calm After Herdsmen Kill 19 in Central Plateau State
Nigeria Claims Boko Haram Plot Thwarted as Army Fights Criticism
South Sudan
Red Cross Says Staff Member Killed in South Sudan Ambush
South Sudan's Civil War Without End Leaves All Sides Weary
Suicide Bomber Kills Six in Central Somalia
Angola's Opposition Appeals Election Results
Mali Inaugurates HQ for Five-Nation Anti-Jihadist Force
Togo Opposition Unconvinced by Reform Bill Proposal
Mugabe Accuses Zimbabwe Opposition of Western Plot
UK Police Release Two of Group Arrested Over Suspected Far-Right Terrorism
New Kosovo PM Pledges Dialogue With Serbia, Graft Fight
Prominent Russian Journalist Leaves Country After Threats
Prosecutor Links Suspect Arrested Last Week Near Paris to ISIS
Polish Seaman Drowns in Sweden Where Naval Drill Being Held
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