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Updated November 8, 2017 - 11:28 PM EST
Saudi Airstrikes Kill 30 Civilians in N. Yemen
  Members of Congress Explain Why They Won't Vote on Yemen War
  Houthis Offer Saudi Princes Political Asylum in Yemen
  US Demands UN Action Against Iran Over Yemen Missile
  Lebanese PM Reported Under House Arrest in Saudi Arabia
US Strikes, Civilian Deaths Soaring in Afghanistan
  Casualties in Religious Attacks in Afghanistan Rise Steeply: UN
  NATO to Send More Troops to Afghanistan After US Shift
Trump Sends Mixed Signals on North Korea During Visit
US Strikes in Iraq and Syria Drop as ISIS Territory Shrinks
EU: US Lawmakers Aim to Comply With Iran Nuclear Deal
item Trump's Best New Policy in the Mideast Would Be No New Policy  by Patrick Cockburn
item Did US Politicians Support More Evil Side in WWI?  by Perry Willis
item No Warrantless Searching of Our Emails, Chats, and Browser Data  by Rainey Reitman
item Business as Usual at the Pentagon  by William J. Astore
item It's Dangerous to Call All Mass Shootings 'Terrorism'  by Brian Jenkins & Richard Daddario
item House Leadership Pulls a Fast One for al-Qaeda  by Connor Freeman

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Rights Abuses by Mexican Military Largely Unpunished
Malian Soldiers Killed in French Strike Had Joined Islamists: Source
AMISOM Launches Attack Against Al-Shabaab
UK Sales of Bombs and Missiles to Saudi Arabia Increase by Almost 500%
Taiwan Fighter Jet Goes Missing During Drill
VP Nujaifi Calls Shi'ite Militias Looming Threat; Five Killed in Iraq
Iraq's Christians Worry Over Iraqi-Kurdish Conflict
Germany Says It Would Be 'Wrong Signal' to Withdraw Mission From Iraq
Syria Calls Turkish, US Forces 'Invaders'
At UN, Russia Slams Inquiry Into Toxic Gas Attacks in Syria
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Banks Freeze More Than 1,200 Accounts in Probe, Number Still Rising
In Saudi Arabia, Where Family and State Are One, Arrests May Be Selective
Saudi Reopens Lebanon Front in Struggle With Iran
A New Saudi Blockade Could Worsen Yemen's Cholera Crisis
UN Urges Saudi Arabia to End Blockade on Yemen
EU Foreign Policy Chief: Renegotiation of the Iran Deal Is Not an Option
Britain Says Iran's Treatment of Jailed Aid Worker Is Unacceptable
Turkey Issues Detention Orders for 53 Soldiers Over Gulen Links
Turkey's Yildirim Says US Visa Move Positive, Calls for Extradition of Cleric
Turkish Court Upholds 25-Year Jail Term for Opposition Lawmaker
In Recording, John Kerry Says Israeli Govt Doesn't Wan't Peace
Israel's Explanation for Arms Sale to Myanmar: 'Both Sides Committing War Crimes'
How May Israel Exploit Lebanon's Political Turmoil?
Moody's Warns New Lebanon Political Vacuum Would Be 'Credit Negative'
Venezuelan Journalist Says Freed After Two Days in Captivity, Claims Tortured
Observers Call for Murder Inquiries After Nicaragua Election
Hundreds Block Guatemala Roads to Demand President Step Down
Trump Forced to Abandon Surprise Trip to DMZ Due to Weather
For South Koreans, Trump Is a Headache
South Korea to Start Talks With US on Developing Military Capabilities
Japan to Impose Additional Sanctions on North Korea
China Detains 10 North Koreans Amid Possible Defector Crackdown: Sources
China Curbs Tourism to North Korea Ahead of Trump Visit
Philippines Backs Down in S. China Sea After Beijing Protest
Indian Forces Kill Militant Leader's Nephew in Kashmir, Police Say
Border Crossing Closed as Body of Pakistani Diplomat Shot in Afghanistan Returned
Egypt Western Desert Attack Exposes Front Outside Sinai
Egypt's Al-Sisi Says Israelis 'Can Be Convinced of Peace'
Egypt Leader Urges Calm as Tensions Flare Between Saudis and Lebanon
South Sudan Commander Defects to Rebels Amid Showdown With Ex-Army Chief
Informant Earned $7 Million for Role in Benghazi Prosecution
Tanzanian Police Raid Opposition Party Offices
Zimbabwe's Mugabe Widens Purge, Clearing Wife's Succession Path
Catalan Secessionist Parties Fail to Agree on Unity Ticket for December Vote
Puigdemont Attacks EU Support of Spanish 'Coup D'Etat'
Ex-Catalan Leader Urges Unity as Window for Secessionist Pact Closes
Lithuania Expects NATO to Reach Deal on Baltic Air Shield
German WWII Reparations Unresolved: Polish President
Sweden Seeks to Buy $1 Billion US Patriot Air Defense Missile System
Angela Merkel Convinces German Greens to Drop Environmental Policies as Price of Coalition
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