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Updated November 10, 2017 - 11:29 PM EST
Senate to Hold Hearings on Trump Nuke Authority
  Compromise Bill Would Require Trump Submit N. Korea Strategy
  US Could Lose War Against N. Korea: Former Pentagon Commander
Lebanon Demands Saudis Return PM Saad Hariri
  Saudis, UAE, Kuwait Order Citizens to Leave Lebanon
100s Will Die Within a Week to Saudi Blockade
  Rep. Ro Khanna: Stop All Weapons Sales to Saudi Arabia Now
In Shift, US Scrambles to Build West Iraq Outposts
  Millions Stage World's Greatest Pilgrimage as ISIS Defeated
Pentagon: Drone Strike Kills 'Several Militants' in Somalia
UN Confirms Recent US Airstrike Killed Afghan Civilians
item Why Is Washington Supporting the Saudi Blockade of Yemen?  by Bonnie Kristian
item Retracing the Steps of ISIS's Worst-Ever Atrocity  by Patrick Cockburn
item Trump Exploits NY Attacks to Promote Gitmo and Perpetual War  by Adam Hudson
item The Trump Effect
 by Justin Raimondo
item The Madness of Deterrence  by Winslow Myers
item Saad Hariri's Saudi Resignation: Good News for Iran and Hezbollah  by Aurélie Daher

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The FBI Blindly Hacked Computers in Russia, China, and Iran
Trump and Putin Set to Meet in Vietnam: Kremlin
East Congo Militiamen Go on Trial for Raping Children
Amid Lebanon Crisis, France's Macron Flies to Riyadh to See Crown Prince
Mosul Family Perishes in Booby-Trapped Home; 11 Killed in Iraq
Kurds Displaced by Iraq Advance Fear Reprisals if They Return
Syria Deal in the Works Ahead of Likely Trump-Putin Meeting
Syria Declares Victory Over ISIS
Hours After Withdrawing From Last Syrian City, ISIS Carries Out Attacks
Syria's Eastern Ghouta Faces 'Complete Catastrophe': UN
Britain, Russia Clash Over Syria at Chemical Weapons Body
Turkey Detains More Than 160 ISIS Suspects in Ankara
Pence Voices US Concern to Turkish PM About Arrests
Police Raid 250 Homes in Ankara, Detain 165 ISIS Suspects
Spacex to Launch Turkish Satellites, Minister Says
Turkish Nationalist Opposition Seeks to Secure Parliamentary Future
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Graft Inquiry Spreads Beyond Borders as UAE Examines Bank Accounts
Saudi Arabia Faces Battle to Repatriate Assets After Corruption Crackdown
Saudi Says 208 Questioned in Graft Probe, $100 Billion Stolen
Saudi King Appoints 30 Judges, Promotes 26 in Anti-Graft Purge
Israel Holds Large Air Force Drill With Eight Other Countries
Police Question Netanyahu for Fifth Time in Corruption Case
Middle East
'Millions of Victims' at Risk of Famine in Yemen as Blockade Continues: UN Humanitarian Chief
Leaked Documents Expose Plan by UAE to Wage Financial War on Qatar – and Steal the World Cup
France Sold Two Military Ships to United Arab Emirates: Macron
US Steps Up Pressure on Venezuela With More Sanctions
Ex-Gitmo Detainee Sues Canada for Alleged Torture Role
Trump Says US Upholds and Sticks to 'One China' Policy
Taiwan the Most Important Issue in Sino-Us Ties, China's Xi Tells Trump
In Beijing, Trump Presses China on North Korea and Trade
Despite NATO Pledge to Increase Afghan Support, Troop Shortfall Remains: US
Reporter Reads News Minutes After ISIS Attacks Afghan TV Station
Bomb Kills Three, Including Senior Police Official, in Restive Southwestern Pakistan
Philippines Says Government Militia Killed Italian Priest
Singapore Detains Two for 'Terrorism-Related' Activities
Nigerian Police Arrest Two Suspects, Kill One in Kidnappings
Nigeria Army Denies Forcing Boko Haram Suspects to Drink Urine
Egyptian Lawmaker to Propose Anti-Gay Bill as Part of Crackdown
ICC War Crimes Judges Approve Burundi Investigation
East Libyan Forces Make New Push to End Islamist Resistance in Benghazi
UN Watchdog Tells Congo to Hold Election, Clean Up Human Rights
Uganda's President Boosts Military Unit as Rural Support Slips Away
Political Exclusion Risks Tearing Kenya Apart, Says Opposition Leader
Juncker Calls on Europe to Reject Separatist 'Poison' Amid Catalonia Crisis
Catalan Parliament Speaker Freed on Bail Pending Independence Investigation
Putin Says Doping Allegations Against Russia Meant to Stir Discontent
Iranian Political Activist Shot Dead in Netherlands
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