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Updated April 8, 2018 - 10:00 PM EDT
Airstrikes, Missiles on Syrian Air Base Reported
US Claims Syria Chemical Attack, Blames Russia
  Timelines of 'Gas Attacks' Follow a Similar Scheme
Skirpal Recovering Rapidly, Hospital Confirms
  Russia Threatens 'Tough Response' Against New US Sanctions
Journalist in 'Press' Vest Killed by Israeli Troops
  Israeli Forces Kill More Gazans at Friday Protests
  Israeli Forces Kill Gaza Protester With Missile Fired From Drone
  Time for Peaceful Resistance, Says Gaza's New Movement
Van Attacker Was German With Psychological Problems
Turkey Stations Troops Atop 8 Mountains in Iraqi Kurdistan
DHS Compiling Database of Journalists, 'Media Influencers'
UN Quietly Steps Up Inspection of Yemen-Bound Aid Ships
US Ramps Up Somalia Strikes, Kills More Alleged Militants
item Did Moscow Really Poison the Skripals?  by Tommy Raskin
item Coll's Directorate S Is Disturbing Account of US Mistakes After 9/11  by Mark Perry
item Where Is the Outrage About Julian Assange's Silencing?  by Teodrose Fikre
item Ahed Tamimi and the Gaza Massacre  by Uri Avnery
item Israel Has Faced Little Criticism Over Palestinian Deaths  by Patrick Cockburn
item Iraq War Fueled the Destruction of the Middle East  by César Chelala

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Mattis OKs 4,000 National Guard Troops for Border, Starting Friday Night
Mexican Marines Admit Helicopter Fire Killed Three Civilians
16 Houthi Militants Killed in Govt Shelling in Southern Yemen
Turkey Claims Airstrikes on PKK in Kurdistan; Three Killed Elsewhere in Iraq
Syrian Rebel Jaish Al-Islam Wants Negotiations: Official
Time for Peaceful Resistance, Says Gaza's New Movement
UN Calls on Israel to Rein in Security Forces at Gaza Border
Kuwait Floats Security Council Statement Urging Probe of Gaza Violence
Trump, Kim Summit May Boost Recovery of US Korea War Remains
China Hopes North Korea Leader's Summits With Trump, Moon Will Defuse Tension
South Korea's Former President Park Sentenced to 24 Years in Jail
Afghan, Pakistani Leaders Meet After Air Strike Allegation
India Opens Contest for More Than 100 Fighter Jets
Vietnam Jails Prominent Human Rights Lawyer, Five Other Activists
Two UN Peacekeepers Killed in Mali as Violence Threatens Regional Stability
14 Jihadist Suspects Killed in Mali Escape Attempt: Army
1,200 People Displaced by Boko Haram Return to Bama
'Millions' of Duplicates on DR Congo Vote Register: Watchdog
Leaving Jail, Puigdemont Calls for Dialogue With Madrid
Catalonia Needs Government Quickly to Resolve Separatism Crisis, Germany Says
Moscow Says New US Sanctions 'Aimed at the Russian People'
Chemical Weapons Body Conducted Inspection in Russia Last Week: Red Star Newspaper
Sanctions on Russian Tycoon Deripaska Will Create Global Ripples
Moscow Wants British Explanations Over Skripal's Niece Visa Refusal
Russian Minister: Sanctioned Companies Will Receive More Govt Support
Russian Arms Exporter Says US Sanctions Aim to Push It From Global Market
Americans Still Dying
Marine From Central (LA) Killed in Helicopter Crash
Childhood Friend Remembers Austin (TX) Soldier Killed by IED in Syria
Weekend Reviews
Vietnam: A War on Civilians
Coll's Directorate S Is a Disturbing Account of US Mistakes After 9/11
The Last Earth: A Palestinian Story Is a Decolonization of the Palestinian Narrative
Overthrow: 100 Years of US Meddling and Regime Change, From Iran to Nicaragua to Hawaii to Cuba
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