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Updated August 14, 2018 - 11:22 PM EDT
Trump to Ignore Multiple NDAA Provisions
  Trump Signs $716 Billion Military Spending Bill
  America's Lengthening Enemies List
Afghanistan Scrambles Reinforcements to Ghazni
  20 Civilians, 100 Troops Killed in Ghazni, US Conducts Air Strikes
  Afghan Officials Confirm Surrender of Faryab Base to Taliban
Israeli DM Mulls Lifting Some Gaza Restrictions
  Palestinians and Jews in Solidarity Against Nation-State Law
Iran's Khamenei Says No War, but No US Talks
  On Iran, the Neocons Are No Ronald Reagan
Rival Korea Leaders To Meet Sept in Pyongyang
US Deeply Complicit in Saudi Crimes in Yemen
UN Report: 20,000-30,000 ISIS Left in Iraq and Syria
Russia Favors Trade With Nat'l Currencies, Not US Dollar
London Car Ramming Treated as Terror Incident: Police
item America's Lengthening Enemies List  by Patrick J. Buchanan
item Senator Richard Burr: A Longtime Fan of Torture  by Ray McGovern
item It's Now Every American Jew's Duty to Oppose Israel's Government  by David Rothkopf
item Trump vs. His Own Administration?  by Ron Paul
item Trump's War on Turkey for Pastor Brunson  by Jacob G. Hornberger
item On Iran, the Neocons Are No Ronald Reagan  by Barbara Slavin

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Google Tracks Your Movements, Like It or Not
Hackers Found a (Not-So-Easy) Way to Make the Amazon Echo a Spy Bug
Israel's Shin Bet Detains Peter Beinart at Airport Over Political Activity
Putin Has Not Yet Ordered Retaliatory Sanctions Against US: Kremlin
Key Afghan City Turned Into 'Ghost Town' by Deadly Battles
Families Flee Ghazni, Seek Refuge in Kabul
Policeman Killed in Suicide Bomb Blast Near Afghan Election Office
China Has Prevented 'Great Tragedy' in Xinjiang, State-Run Paper Says
China Unloads US Soybean Cargo Amid Public Worries About Cost of Trade War
Egypt Raid Kills Six Suspected Militants, Interior Ministry Says
Rights Group Demands Probe of 2013 'Rabaa Massacre'
At Least 40 Killed by Paramilitaries in Eastern Ethiopia
Low Turnout in Mali Election Due to Security Fears, Opposition Charges Fraud
Mnangagwa Urges Zimbabweans to Move on After Post-Election Unrest
Ugandan Govt Critic Alleges Police Shot Dead His Driver
Mozambique Police Name 'Ringleaders' Behind Islamist Threat
Romania to Probe Alleged Police Violence at Protest
Azeri Human Rights Activist Freed After Serving Five Years
Cuba Begins Public Debate on Modernizing Cold War-Era Constitution
Egypt Voices Concern Over Red Sea Security After Houthi Attack
US Wheat From Pacific Northwest Heading to War-Torn Yemen
Child Injured in Checkpoint Attack; Six Killed in Iraq
Iraq to Respect Dollar Ban but Not All US Sanctions on Iran
Death Toll in Syria Blast Climbs to 69: Observatory
Erdogan Vows Action Against 'Economic Terrorists' Over Lira Plunge
Turkey Has Done Enough to Repair Ties With US: Foreign Minister
Trump Aide Bolton Met Turkish Envoy to Discuss US Pastor: White House
95 Pct of Gaza Industrial Factories Shut Down Due to Israeli Crossing Point Closure
Palestinian Shot During May US Embassy Protest Dies: Ministry
Defense Minister's Office Clarifies: Not All Gazans Killed on Fence Were Hamas
Palestinian Bedouin Village Braces for Forcible Transfer as Israel Seeks to Split West Bank in Half
Middle East
Jordan Minister Says Militants Who Attacked Police Support ISIS
Lebanon's Army Receives Eight Bradley Fighting Vehicles From US
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