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Updated September 28, 2018 - 9:39 PM EDT
US Vastly Underreports Civilians Killed in ISIS War
  Turkey-Backed Rebels Hopeful Jihadists Will Leave Idlib Buffer Zone
Trump To Sign Spending Bill Despite Lack of Wall
  US Will Soon Spend More on Debt Interest Than on the Military
House Bill Aims to Stop US Support of Yemen War
Israeli Army Kills 7 in Gaza, Wounds 500
Netanyahu Claims Iran Has Secret Nuclear Warehouse
Rand Paul Wants Sanctions Eased on Russian Lawmakers
Pompeo Details Egypt Abuses, Says US Aid Will Continue
Trump Says North Korea Nuclear Deal Could Take Years
item Syria Is a Lost Cause and America Must Move On  by Doug Bandow
item Hired to Drain the Swamp, Fired in Less Than a Year  by Mark Perry
item Behind the Israel Lobby's Covert Propaganda  by Eli Clifton
item In the Heart of a Dying Empire  by Tom Engelhardt
item Trump's Dirty War in Yemen  by Conor Friedersdorf
item Trump's Messy Messaging on Iran  by Bonnie Kristian

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'Killer Robots' Ban Blocked by US and Russia at UN
Mapping Erik Prince's Private Mercenary Empire
Saudi's MBS Takes Over bin Laden Group
Kristinn Hrafnsson Replaces Assange as WikiLeaks Editor-In-Chief
Social Media Star Among 21 Killed in Iraq
Iraqi Shiite Factions Offer Kurds an Ultimatum Over Presidency Dispute
HRW: Iraqi Forces Disappeared Dozens of Mostly Sunni Arabs Since 2014
A Year After Failed Independence Bid, Iraq's Kurds Vote for Parliament
Factbox: Iraq's Kurds to Elect a New Parliament
Israel Prepared to Reopen Golan Crossing With Syria: Def. Chief
Iran Says Israel Will 'Regret' Further Attacks on Syria
Far From Home, a Syrian Rebel Group Starts Over
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Demands Canada Apologize: We're Not 'A Banana Republic'
Three Saudis Accused of Terrorism Killed in Shi'ite Muslim Qatif Region: Security Official
Trump: Two-State Solution Will Be 'Like a Real Estate Deal'
Whatever His Intentions, Trump's Endorsement of Two-State Solution Changes Reality
Jeremy Corbyn Backs Recognition of Independent Palestine as Labour Calls for Halt of UK Arms Export to Israel
Palestinian Refugee Agency Gets $118 Mn in New Funding
Palestinians: 'Israel Owes Us $360 Million From 17 Years of Unpaid Taxes'
Abbas Says 'Biased' US Cannot Be Sole Mideast Mediator
'Jerusalem Is Not for Sale,' Abbas Urges Trump to Rescind Israel Capital Decision
Egypt's Sisi Urges Peace Talks Restart at Meeting With Israel's Netanyahu
Middle East
Erdogan: Turkey to Keep Buying Iranian Oil Despite US Sanctions
Israel Releases Images Alleging Hezbollah Missile Project in Beirut
UN Envoy to Announce Reopening of Sanaa Airport Next Week
Amnesty Slams 'Medical Negligence' in Bahrain Prisons
US Military
Lockheed F-35 Jet Used by US in Combat for First Time: Official
Mattis: 'The Jury Is Out' on Obama-Era Policy Shift Allowing Women Into Infantry Units
Boeing Wins $9.2 Billion Contract for New Air Force Training Jet
Erik Prince: I Can Win Afghan War With Six Months and 3,600 Men
Rockets Hit Afghan City During President's Visit
China Demands US 'Dispel Obstacles' to Military Ties and Stop Slander
Trump's Election Meddling Charge Against China Marks US Pressure Campaign
China Says Does Not Interfere in Other Countries' Internal Affairs
Those Responsible for Myanmar Crimes Could Face Genocide Charges: US
Canada MPs Vote to Strip Suu Kyi of Honorary Citizenship
Protests in Kashmir After Civilian Shot Dead by Indian Troops
Six Dead in Kashmir Violence Ahead of Polls: Indian Officials
Russia: Ease North Korea Sanctions in Exchange for Gradual Disarmament
Japanese Carrier Drills With British Warship Heading to Contested South China Sea
Dutch Police Foil 'Major Terror Plot' in Raids
Twenty-Seven Killed in Clashes Within Tuareq Tribe in Mali
Seven Mali Soldiers, Driver Killed After Vehicles Hit Explosives
Egyptian Rights Group Says Authorities Disappeared Two Lawyers
Cameroon Separatists Free 100 Prison Inmates Before Election
UN Envoy Wants Transparency Over Central African Republic Arms Imports
Colombia President Hopes to Pass Agenda Without Deal-Making in Congress
Colombia May Purchase New Anti-Aircraft Missiles
Colombia Rejects Venezuela as Guarantor of Peace Talks With ELN Rebels
Bolivia's President Read Trump a History of US Foreign Policy Failures. 'Thank You, Mr. President,' Trump Responded.
UN Asks Venezuela to Accept Humanitarian Aid
Guatemala's Military Carried Out Genocide, Court Rules
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