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Updated March 8, 2019 - 8:52 PM EST
General: Afghan 'Conditions' Don't Merit Pullout
  1 Year or 5 Years, US and Taliban Spar Over Pullout
US Open to NK Talks Despite Rocket Site Activity
  At Summit, North Korea Offered Everything, Trump Said 'More'
General: 'No Pressure' to Withdraw From Syria
  'Waves' of People Continue to Leave Tiny ISIS Enclave in Syria
  Iraqi, Kurd Authorities Torture Children to Confess ISIS Membership
US Airstrikes Displacing Many Somali Civilians
House Votes to Condemn 'Hate' Amid Omar Controversy
Russia OKs Law Banning 'Fake News' and 'Disrespect'
Judge Lifts Injunctions Against Transgender Military Ban
item Let's Withdraw From Afghanistan, and Learn the Hard Lessons  by John Glaser
item What Happened When We Kept Out of the India-Pakistan Fracas?  by Doug Bandow
item Hypersonics Speeding Up Great Power Competition  by Lyle J. Goldstein
item Shameful Attacks on Rep. Ilhan Omar Are Backfiring  by James Zogby
item Elliott Abrams' Bloody Lies  by Jefferson Morley
item Can US Win Cold War With China Without Risking Nuclear War?  by Hugh White

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Thai Party Banned for Nominating Princess
Leader of Hardline Hindu Group in India Defends Beating of Kashmiris
Germany Risks Harming Industry With Unilateral Arms Embargoes: Minister
China Calls US-North Korea Summit an 'Important Step'
Over 18 Million Struggle to Get Drinking Water in War-Torn Yemen
1 Killed, 5 Injured in Gunmen's Attack on Police Patrol in Yemen's Aden
Militia Forces Ambushed in North; Ten Killed in Iraq
Iraq Leader Says ISIS Foreign Fighters May Face Death Penalty
ISIS Militants Attack Iraqi Shiite Militia, Kill Six
Commission: Over 4,700 Bodies So Far Discovered in Mosul
Landmine Blast Kills Five Civilians in West-Central Syria
Syria Rejects OPCW Report on 'Toxic Chemical' Used in Attack
US Urges UN to Restore Tough Missile Restrictions on Iran After Tests
Hardline Cleric Named to Lead Iran Judiciary
Armenia Made Political Deal for More Iranian Gas Imports
Ministry: Israeli Fire Kills Gaza Teen at Border Skirmishes
Palestinian Leader Calls for Boycott of New US Embassy Unit
Three Israeli Soldiers Convicted of Abusing Palestinian Detainees
Abbas Party Backs Candidate for New Palestinian PM
Israeli Army Demolishes Home of Palestinian Assailant
Israeli Army Artillery Bombs Hamas Military Post in Southern Gaza
Middle East
Lebanon's President Says Hezbollah Part of Lebanese People
Europe, Canada, Australia Issue First Rebuke of Saudi Arabia at UN Forum
Radicalized in Jail, Troubled French Teen Who Became a Jihadist Killer
The War at Home
US Military Asked to House 5,000 Child Migrants: Pentagon
Safety Hazards Remain at Private Military Housing as Trump Looks to Pull Construction Funds for Wall
Militant Bus Attack in Jammu Kills One, Wounds 32
China Praises Pakistan's 'Restraint' Over Kashmir Tensions
Pakistan Seizes Schools in Crackdown
Afzal Kohistani: 'Honor Killing' Whistleblower Shot Dead in Pakistan
India Holds Kashmir Separatists Under Law Allowing Imprisonment Without Charge
Afghan President Supported Start of US-Taliban Talks: US General
Attack on Shi'ite Muslim Gathering in Afghan Capital Kills Three
27 Taliban Militants Killed in Kunduz Operation
Three Indonesian Soldiers Dead in Clash With Papuan Fighters
US Soldiers Wish for Masks as Air Pollution Smothers South Korea
UN Considering Drawdown of DR Congo Mission
Egypt Police Officer Wounded in Cairo Raid That Killed Seven Suspected Militants
Somalia: Al-Shabaab Claims Car Bombing That Killed Four in Somalia Capital
Sudanese Protesters Defy Emergency Measures to Rally in Khartoum
Algeria's Bouteflika, Facing Demands to Quit, Warns Against Infiltration of Protests
US Says Zimbabwe Failed to Make Needed Political, Economic Changes to End Sanctions
Venezuela Hit by Major Blackout, Government Blames 'Sabotage'
Trump's Venezuela Envoy Vows Sanctions on Banks Backing Maduro
US Journalist Detained in Venezuela Says He Was Pushed to Support Maduro
Brazil's Bolsonaro Says Democracy, Liberty Depend on Military
Bolsonaro Says Military Should Have Benefits Reduced
Bombing Causes Fire on Colombia's Trasandino Crude Oil Pipeline
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