The Present Danger: Justin Raimondo
Neocons the Real Present Danger: Paul Craig Roberts
9/11 Panel: Security Overhaul Needed: Jim Lobe
Halliburton Ignores Sanctions: Jason Leopold
Fly the Hysterical Skies: Patrick Smith
What is morally wrong can never be advantageous, even when it enables you to make some gain that you believe to be to your advantage.
– Marcus Tullius Cicero
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Updated July 23, 2004 – 9:00 pm EDT
9/11 Panel: Deadlier Attacks Likely
Congress Debates $100 Billion Iraq Cost
Halliburton Ignores Sanctions
2,000 Marines Pull Out of Taliban Stronghold

US Military Says It Got Afghan Prisoner from Vigilantes

Pentagon Reports 94 Cases of Prisoner Abuse
Violence Surges in Baghdad and Sunni Area to the West
Officials: CIA Officer Named Twice Prior to Novak Column
Neocons the Real Present Danger
by Paul Craig Roberts
9/11 Truth Too Much for Both Parties  by James Ridgeway
US Should Change Taiwan Stance, Quickly   by Ted Galen Carpenter
Fly the Hysterical Skies  by Patrick Smith
The Forgotten Anthrax Panic
Richard Cohen
The Smear Is Gathering Steam
Joseph C. Wilson IV

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9/11 Report (pdf)
Search the 9/11 Report
9/11 Panel: Security Overhaul Needed
Egyptian Diplomat Kidnapped in Iraq
CIA Secrecy at Issue in Afghan Beating Case
Two GIs Killed in Iraq Blast
Mean Streets of Fallujah
Ramadi: The New Fallujah
Israel's Role in Iraq Intelligence 'Errors'
Israel's Dangerous Kurdish Intervention
Rage & Danger in Kurdistan
Israeli Spy Case Twist
Serbia: No Independence for Kosovo
Afghanistan's Dostum: The Warlord Who Would Be President Announces Candidacy Against Karzai
Violence Continues
Marines Kill 25 Insurgents in Ramadi
Hostages in Iraq Plead for Their Lives
Iraq Hostage Video Released
Beheaded Body Found in Northern Iraq
US Forces Clash With Insurgents in Baghdad
Iraqi Police Overworked
Allawi: Iraq Wants Arab Troops
Tribal Sheikh Warns Iraqi Govt to Share Control, or Lose It All
US: Two-Thirds of Iraqi Security Forces Trained
Battlefield Tech for Aid Workers
Tales of Torture
Army Report on Prison Abuse Sets Off Partisan Uproar
Idema: Pentagon Offered Us Contract
Teaching Torture
Saddam's Lawyers Still Seeking Access to Client
Shadow of Saddam: Two Have Mixed Feelings About Testifying Against Him
Battle of Britain
British Bank Takes Majority Share in Iraq Bank
Blair Determined to Stay on Another Five Years
Blair Admits to 'Testing Times'
Britain to Trim, Not Slash Armed Forces
UK: Muslim Clerics Must Speak English
Global Iraq Fallout
India Will Do 'Whatever Possible' to Secure Hostages' Release
Desperate Filipinos Still Going to Iraq Despite Govt Ban
Kenya Orders Citizens to Leave Iraq
Malaysian PM: Instability Keeps Medics out of Iraq
Aussie Intel Agencies Under Fire
Aussie PM Escapes WMD Blame
Blair: UK Troops in Sudan Still an Option
US, Sudan Trade Accusations
US Seeks UN Arms Embargo on Sudan Militias
Sudan: UK Troops 'Welcome' in Darfur, But Could Face Iraq-like Situation
Sudan FM: US/UK Pressure Unfair
Russia Under Fire for Arming Sudan
Sudan Tells Blair to Back Off
Annan Warns Sudan Over Darfur
UN Report Accuses Rwanda of Breaking Congo Arms Ban
Pope Appeals for End to Sudan Abuses
IGC: Sudan Fits Criteria for Genocide
Hundreds Flee Congo City Amid War Threats
Pakistani Army Killing and Torturing Farmers to Steal Their Land
Waziristan Roads Reopened
China & Her Neighbors
Chinese Military Steps Up War Preparations
US Urges Caution in China, Taiwan Military Drills
Beijing's Balancing Act in Hong Kong
Russia & Her Neighbors
Russia Cuts Off Georgia Gas Supplies Over South Ossetia
Two Explosions Rock Base in Dagestan, Near Chechnya
Russia Launches Rocket with Military Satellite
A New Era of Military Force for Japan
Five Killed in Kashmir Gun Battle
India and Israel Build Barriers to Peace
Yes Means No for al-Jazeera in Canada
Colombian Kidnappings 'Halved'
US Warns Cubans Against Crossing to Florida
This Week's Red Herring
Report: 'Hijackers' Scouting Jets for New Attacks
Feds: They're Musicians, Not Terrorists
9/11 Revisited
Panel Finds No Saudi Backing of 9/11
Pakistan's Possible 9/11 Ties
Panel: Flight 93 Crashed Without Cockpit Struggle
9/11 Families Urge Quick Action on Panel's Report
9/11 Report Hits Media Coverage Before 9/11
CIA Accepts Criticism from 9/11 Commission
Al-Qaeda Easily Faked Passports
9/11 Panel: No FBI Shakeup Needed
Bush: 9/11 Report Constructive
9/11 Report: Israeli Tried to Foil Hijacking
Berger Told Archives Guards to Leave Him Alone
Archives Staff Was Suspicious of Berger
House Panel to Investigate Berger Case
Bush Calls Berger Incident 'Very Serious,' House Panel Will Investigate
Halliburton & Competition
How Halliburton Makes a Killing on War
Former Halliburton Employees Testify About Contract Abuses
US Army Criticized Over Halliburton Contract
Halliburton Faces Friends and Foes in Congress
Wider Support Prompts US Rethinking on Iraq Contracts
The New Army
Fewer Army Recruits Lined Up
Army Running Low on Ammo
US Army Food... Just Add Urine
The War at Home
State Dept. Criticizes Focus of Iraq Effort
Congress OKs $417 Billion Defense Bill
US Investigators Conclude Navy Pilot Died in Gulf War
Cynthia McKinney Makes Comeback Win in Congressional Primary
Libertarian Candidate's Prescription Against Terror: Stop Meddling in Foreign Nations
Defense Major Issue in US Presidential Election
Ballplayer Delgado Should Be Cheered, Not Jeered
'War on Terror'
Amtrak Train Searched After Note Threatening Jews Is Found
FBI to Join Probe of Los Alamos
Guantanamo Review Offers Hope to British Prisoners
Military Action Would Delay, Not Stop Iran Nuke Plans
Tehran Warns Against Nuclear Double Standards
Saudi Arabia
Six Militants Surrender as Saudi Amnesty Expires
More Saudi Militants Willing to Surrender
Hardcore Militants Ignore Saudi Amnesty
Palestinians in Crisis
Arafat Agrees to Cede Some Power to PM
Gaza Militants Warn Arafat of More Protests
EU Pressures Arafat to Reform
Group Says New Israeli Expansion Breaks Vow
Israel's Wall Keeps on Growing
Israeli Settlements Growing Rapidly
Egypt, Israel, US Push for Mideast Peace Talks
EU Insists on Role in Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations
Israel: It Will Be Difficult to Include EU in Future Peace Talks
EU Defends Vote Against Israeli Wall
Missile Strike in Gaza City Kills 3
Israeli in New Zealand Passport Case Worked for Government
Living Beside the Checkpoints

The Present Danger

Power and Justice

Oops, They Invaded the Wrong Country?

Toward More Intelligent Intelligence

Sascha Matuszak
The US Stumbles Over North Korea, Taiwan

Praful Bidwai
Pakistan, India Try Peace

Ran HaCohen
Don't Call it a Wall

Matthew Barganier
The Honest Case for War

Joseph Stromberg
Inventing Iraq Yet Again?

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