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Updated August 4, 2004 – 9:00 pm EDT
Ridge on Defensive Over Terror Alert
Officials: Alert Based on New al-Qaeda Activity
US: Al-Qaeda Suspect Reveals Web Strategy
Feds: Plots Against Banks May Be Inside Jobs
'Jane's': New North Korean Missiles Threaten US
Source: Terror Attack to be in Early September
US Raids Police Station, Arrests Iraqi Colonel
Fallujah Tribesmen Raid Home, Free 6 Hostages
Account Offers Most Detailed Allegations of Gitmo Abuse
Gen. Karpinski Says Conspiracy Kept Her in Dark Over Prison Abuses
They're Offended by the Offensive
by Juan Cole
The Revolution of 1800 and the USA PATRIOT Act  by William J. Watkins
Iraq: Not as Bad as the Media Says – It's Worse  by Tom Engelhardt
Let's Play 'Sovereignty'!
by Col. Daniel Smith
The Draft: My Nightmare
by Miles Harwell
9/11 Panel vs. Liberty  by Mike Whitney

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Oil Prices Hit Another New High
US Alert Leads Back to a Computer Nerd in Pakistan
Pakistan Produces al-Qaeda on Demand
Humanitarian Groups: US, UK Subverting Afghan Aid
Rumsfeld Defends Aide From Attack by Gen. Franks
Sadr Army Owns the Streets
Sadr's Militia Kidnaps 18 Policemen
Iraq to Offer Amnesty; No Killers Need Apply
Kerry on Iraq Rings of Nixon
The Washington Post's Creeping Hawkishness
70 Militants Killed in Afghan Battle
Witness: Lynndie England Said Abuse Photos Taken 'For Fun'
Tales of Torture
MPs Blamed for Abu Ghraib Abuse
Abu Ghraib Abuser Faces Possible 38-Year Jail Term
Woman With Leash Appears in Court on Abu Ghraib Abuse Charges
Executive Grilled on Firm's Role in Iraq Torture
Violence Continues
Six US Soldiers Killed in Iraq
Bomb Kills Baghdad Police Colonel
Seven Iraqi Security Personnel Killed
Iraqi Christians Packing Their Bags
Iraq Church Bombings Pose Threat to 'Stability'
Two Mortar Rounds Hit Baghdad
Oil Pipeline Attacked, Exports Cut
Hostage Crisis
Indian Hostages in Iraq 'Alive and in Good Condition'
Indians Lured Into the Jaws of Terror
What Could Break the Hostage Taking Cycle
Kenyan FM Asked to Resign Over Hostage Release Hoax
Iraq Occupation
With Long-Term Eye on Iraq, Army Pushes Revamped Basic Training
$1.9 Billion of Iraq's Money Goes to US Contractors
US, Iraqis Crack Down on Porous Syrian Border
Indian Truckers in Iraq Not Impressed by American Valor
Iraqi Culture Minister: US Forces Are Destroying Historical Sites
The New Iraq
Despite Insurgents' Attacks, Mayor Wants Baghdad Open
Iraq's New Form of Justice Seems to Satisfy Few
Iraq: Tuned to the Sound of Freedom
Saddam's Daughter Conflicted in Role
Global Iraq Fallout
Islamic Group Warns Saudi Arabia Not to Send Troops to Iraq
Ukraine PM Wants to Cut Soldiers in Iraq
South Koreans Protest Iraq Deployment
Pakistan Busts 'al-Qaeda Ring'
More al-Qaeda Arrests in Pakistan
Pakistan: Terrorists to Be Eliminated Soon
Arrests Show Ease of Hiding in Pakistan
Policeman Arrested in Pakistan for al-Qaeda Links
Pakistani Troops Exchange Fire with Militants in South Waziristan
Four Die in Clash at Taliban Stronghold on Pakistan Border
US Troops 'Shame' Taliban Into Fighting
The Woman Who Wants to Be Afghan President
Refugees Sink Korea Talks
North Korea Fears Mass Defections
Hungry North Korea Increases Military Spending 40%
At Home in Korea's DMZ Village
Senators: US Won't Back Down from Taiwan Arms Sales
Japan Eyes Easing Ban on Military Exports
Philippines Arrests Militant Bombing Suspects
Thailand to Pay Compensation to Families of 32 Slain in Mosque Massacre
Nepal Victims of Maoist Attacks Plea for Help
First Indian-made Tank Due This Week
Russia & Her Neighbors
Chechen Newspaper Closed Over Critical Articles
Rebel Leader Vows to Kill Chechen Election Victor
Wave of Jews Returning to Russia
In Other News
Nine Policemen Killed by a Car Bomb in Colombia
Spain: UK Gibraltar 'Occupation' Damaging EU Relations
Finnish Soldiers' Internet Addiction Makes Them Unsuitable for Service
NYC/DC Terror Alert
Security to Get Tighter in NY, DC
US to Scrutinize Financial Employees in Terror Search
US Officials Defend Warning of Possible Terror Attacks
Old Data, New Credibility Issues
Is Terror Alert System Working?
In Age of Terror, How Long Should Security Stay Tight?
Terror Warnings: How Much to Reveal?
Capitol Police Focused on Terror
Safety Precautions Transform Appearance of Capitol Hill
Street Closing Irks DC Leaders
Intelligence Czar
An Intelligence Chief Without Power?
Agreement on Focus on Intel Czar May Be Unachievable
9/11 Panelists Say Intelligence Chief Needs More Power
Senate Seeks to Give New Intel Director More Power
UK Terror Alert
London Also Faces Terror Alert
13 Arrested in UK Terror Raids
American Banks in London Beef Up Security
'Homeland Security'
Visiting Iraqi Leaders Banned From Memphis Hall
Ashcroft Tells Libraries to Destroy Some DOJ Publications
Saudi School in Virginia Draws Criticism
University of Washington Employee Detained; Father Blames Saudis
Statue of Liberty Reopens, But With Limited Access
New Private Database on Federal Project Procurement Worries Researchers
'War on Terror'
Al-Qaeda Growing Despite Pressure
Human Rights Lawyers Try to Halt Guantanamo 'Sham Trials'
CIA's New Form of Spyware
Echoes of War
Egypt Denies Telling US General That Saddam Had WMDs
Franks: Architect of Wars at Peace with Self
Unmasked: The War Against Iraqi Children
Gulf War Syndrome Linked to Brain Damage
Cronkite: Gulf of Tonkin's Phantom Attack
The War at Home
Halliburton Settles S.E.C. Accusations
Cheney Blames Democrats for Gas Prices
Accused Army Chaplain Resigning
Space Invaders
IBM Raking in Taxpayer Money
Antiwar Music Video Gets Airplay on MTV
Lockheed Wins $6 Billion Spy Plane Contract
Battle of Britain
British MPs Demand Info on Arms to Israel
Labor Party Membership Halved Since Blair Came to Power
US Urges Americans to Flee Gaza
Israeli Military Extends Gaza Operations
Hamas Issues Video Threat Against Israel
Israeli Border Block Strands Handicapped Gaza Kids in Egypt
US Deeply Concerned About Stranded Palestinians
Militants Attacking Bulldozer Accidentally Kill Three Other Palestinians
War of the Weak
Time for Palestinians to Adopt Nonviolent Resistance
Jordan's King Slams Palestinian Concessions to Israel
Middle East
Irishman Shot Dead in Saudi Arabia
Lebanese Court Summons Gadhafi
Tories Urge Blair to Intervene in Sudan
Sudan to Double Troops in Darfur
Annan Visit Fails to Help Sudanese
UN: Mass Graves Found in Ivory Coast

Revenge of the Mahdi

What Color Is the Wolf Today?

Sino-Pak Policy: Carrot and the Stick

Out-Toughing the Republicans

Nebojsa Malic
The Choice: Bush's Empire or Kerry's

Praful Bidwai
India-Pakistan Hope Gives Way to Uncertainty

Ran HaCohen
Don't Call it a Wall

Matthew Barganier
The Honest Case for War

Joseph Stromberg
Inventing Iraq Yet Again?

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