Iraq War Was a Mistake: Rep. Doug Bereuter
Doctor May Get Life for Violating Iraq Sanctions: Madeleine Baran
Kerry Forfeits His Advantage: Helen Thomas
The Outing of Muhammad Khan: Juan Cole
The Sins of Clinton vs. Bush: Paul Craig Roberts
Man must evolve for all human conflict a method which rejects revenge, aggression, and retaliation.
– Martin Luther King, Jr.
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Updated August 19, 2004 – 10:40 pm EDT
Sadr Again Agrees to Leave Shrine
Lancet: US Army Doctors Had Role in Abuse
US Planes Bomb Najaf, Civilian Casualties Feared
Mortar Fire Hits US Embassy in Badhdad
No Contest as Iraqi Opposition Slate Disqualified
GOP Congressman: War Was a Mistake
Poll: War May Sway Swing Voters
Brits Say US Warnings Gave Terror Suspects a Heads Up
Doctor May Get Life for Violating Iraq Sanctions
Iran Warns of Preemptive Strike to Protect Nuke Plants
The Hard Homecoming of Abu Ghraib's Whistleblower
Army Report Clears Top Brass, Implicates Intel Troops at Abu Ghraib
Iraq War Was a Mistake
by Rep. Doug Bereuter
Disengagement Should Be Swift and Full  by Doug Bandow
The Outing of Muhammad Naeem Noor Khan  by Juan Cole
The Sins of Clinton vs. Bush
by Paul Craig Roberts
Uncovering the Coverage by Jeff Taylor
Iraq Stories the Media Won't Touch
by Tom Engelhardt

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NY Crude Smashes Past 48 Dollars for First Time
Sharon's Party Says No to Labor Coalition
Feds to Keep Evidence of Mistake Secret in NY Terror Case
Former Arms Inspector Blasts NSC, CIA, Rice
Appearance and Reality in the New Baghdad
Protesters Blast Hijacking of Iraq's Interim Legislature
US Troops Training for Iraq in Israel
Vanunu Risks Jail to Give American Interview
Army Deceives Congress with 'Unmovable' Stryker Vehicle
Flashpoint: Najaf
Sadr Deal May Be Too Late to Protect Shrine
Sadr Agrees to Disband Militia
Najaf Police Chief Deals With Attacks on His Family
Besieging Holy Sites: Past Lessons
Steadfast in Defiance, Sadr Gains Stature With Iraq Masses
Violence Continues
US Troops Attack Sadr City, Kill 50
Two Marines Killed in Iraq
US Soldiers Kill Two Abu Ghraib Prisoners
Four Iraqis Killed During Shootout in Kut
British Soldier Killed in Basra Was Platoon's 'Backbone'
At Least Nine Iraqis Killed in Mosul
Mortar Round Hits Iraq Foreign Ministry
Seizing Journalists
Group to Kill US Journalist if US Doesn't Quit Najaf
Journalist Kidnapped Tracking Looters' Raids
US Troops Arrest AFP Journalist in Iraq
UN in Iraq
One Year Later, Security Still Key for UN in Iraq
UN Halts Return of Iraqi Refugees
Battles of Britain
Former UK Envoy to Iraq: 'War May Be a Total Waste'
UK Voters Unconcerned About Iraq
Sister of Soldier Killed in Iraq Calls on Blair to Bring Troops Home
MI5 Accused of Witch Hunt Against Nine Algerians
UK Knew About Khan's Nuke Network
Global Iraq Fallout
Oil Surges Past $47 a Barrel on Fresh Iraq Threat
Pakistani Shi'ite Rally Held Against Desecration of Iraq's Holy Sites
Salvadoran President Defends Presence of Troops in Iraq
Bush Focuses on Iraq in Talks With World Leaders
Karzai Seeks Help of Neighboring Countries in Stopping Militants
Annan: Afghanistan Needs Security Help
100,000 Troops Deployed Along Afghan Border
Pakistan Offers Rewards of Over $1 Million for Six al-Qaeda Suspects
Police Raid Islamabad Seminary
Pakistan Opposition Accuses Govt of Rigging Elections
Pakistan Turns on Domestic 'Islamists'
Afghan Cleric Dies in Pakistan Police Custody, Signs of Torture
India: Pakistan Yet to Curb Kashmir Militants
Five Killed in Kashmir Violence
North Korea Peace Efforts in Peril
UN: North Korean Food Prices Skyrocket
China Puts Korean Spat on the Map
China Detains US-Based Buddhist Leader
China Says Taiwan Spy Also Operated in US
US Base Plans for Uzbekistan Could Rile Radical Groups
Maoist Blockade Disrupts Food, Other Supplies in Nepal Capital
Russia & Her Neighbors
US to Move Military Bases Closer to Russian Borders
Putin Faults Georgia on Past Tactics
Putin Declines to Visit Georgia
Russian Rights Groups See Threat in Putin Oversight
Chechen Rebels Kill Five Russian Soldiers
In Other News
For Iraqi and Afghan Olympians, Victory Is Just Being There
Quebec Separatists Split Over Tactics
Kosovo in Limbo as Violence Continues
The War at Home
Stop-Loss, an Army About-Face
Kerry: Bush Troops Withdrawal Would Hinder War on Terror
Military Records Counter a Kerry Critic
'Secret Pentagon' Hidden Under Mountain
NYC Offers Peaceful Protesters Big Big Savings
Washington Post Editor Again Admits Fumbling Pre-War Iraq Coverage
Army Boosts Boeing's Future Combat Program Value by up to $6.4 Billion
Bush Speaks of 'Soviet Dinar'
Pentagon Corruption
Halliburton Gets Reprieve on Army Contracts
Army Official Criticizes Halliburton Oversight
Defense Worker Charged With Corruption
Star Wars
Bush Takes Credit for Advances in Missile Defense System
Rumsfeld Awaiting Missile-Defense Assessment
Raytheon Delivers Key Missile Defense Component
'Homeland Security'
Five Reporters in Contempt in Wen Ho Lee Case
Homeland Security 101
Homeland Security Dept to Take Over Air Passenger Screening
Senators Pitch Changes to Intel Leadership
Doctor in Anthrax Probe Fired
For Post-9/11 Material Witness, It Is a Terror of a Different Kind
Pakistani Immigrant Deported After Fight Against Terror Allegations
Britons Reminded of Fingerprint Plans at US Airports
US Border Crackdown May Hit Canadians
'War on Terror'
UK Says Terror Suspects Plotted Nuke Attack
Terror Threat Thwarted?
London Court Is Told of Wide Terror Investigation
Bomb Defused After Blair's Italy Visit
Aussie Terrorist Seeks Deal for Testimony
El Salvador Probes Alleged Terror Threats
Al-Qaeda and Cyberterrorism
Guantanamo Hearings to Open Next Week
Palestinian Hunger-Strikers
Palestinian Hunger Strike Gains Strength
Some Palestinian Prisoners Reportedly Back to Eating
Jordan Supports Hunger-Striking Prisoners in Israel
Sharon Rebuffed by Party, as Arafat Admits Making Mistakes
Scant Praise for Arafat Mea Culpa
What's Behind Israeli Construction Permits?
Israel Military Police Investigating Over 600 Cases of Abuse Against Palestinians
Gaza Settlers Building Hothouses to Boost Compensation
Hamas Attacks Gaza Settlement
Israeli Air Strikes Continue in Gaza City
One-Third of Israeli Conscripts Seek Psychological Help
Middle East
Pentagon Hawk: Iran Says Can Make Uranium for Nuke in a Year
US Denies Involvement in Saudi Detention of Citizen
Iran Returns Artifacts to Kuwait
Israel to Send Aid Teams to Darfur
African Union Troops Push to Protect Darfur Civilians
Invasion Alert in Congo Town
Burundi, Rwanda: Troops May Enter Congo
US Cool on Annan's Congo Peace Force Plan
Horn of Africa Commander Lauds Counterterror Success
South America
Operation Condor Still Alive in South America
US 'Welcomes End' to Chavez Crisis
Opposition Rejects Audit Plan in Venezuela Recall Dispute
Colombian Government Won't Halt Offensive

Rise of Empire

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Parsing the Libyan Myth

Sino-Japanese Grudge Match

Nebojsa Malic
Summer of Discontent

Praful Bidwai
India-Pakistan Hope Gives Way to Uncertainty

Ran HaCohen
Don't Call it a Wall

Matthew Barganier
The Honest Case for War

Joseph Stromberg
Inventing Iraq Yet Again?

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