What Is Bush Protecting?: Ivan Eland

Antiwar Arguments for War: Anthony Gregory

Cheney's Oil-for-Food Switcheroo: Jason Leopold
Don't Believe a Word: Uri Avnery
'Anonymous' Thrives: Tom Engelhardt
I venture to say no war can be long carried on against the will of the people.
– Edmund Burke
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Updated Oct. 12, 2004 – 10:10 pm EDT
Major Assault to Wait Until After US Vote
US Air Strikes Hit Restaurant, Homes, Many Die
Sadr Forces Keeping Most of Their Arms
Wide Attacks Threatened if US Enters Fallujah
Cheney's Oil-for-Food Switcheroo
Report: 11 'Disappeared' in U.S. War on Terror
UK Spies 'Lap Up' Uzbek Torture Confessions
Abu Ghraib Interrogator Tells His Story
Top Israeli Security Think Tank: Iraq War Distracted US From War on Terror
'Anonymous' Thrives in Imperial Press  by Tom Engelhardt
Conservatives Must Face Iraq Facts
by W. James Antle III
Who's the Libertarian Candidate Again?  by Bob Barr

Antiwar Arguments for War
by Anthony Gregory

Don't Believe a Word  by Uri Avnery
The Lamest Casus Belli Yet
by John Nichols

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Iraq Vets Breaking Ranks
Oil Jumps Over $54/Barrel
Pakistan Test Fires Nuke-Capable Missile
GIs Under Daily Fire, No US Help in Sight
UN: Nuke Materials Vanishing From Iraq
CIA Warns Iraq Insurgents Plan Germ Warfare
Base Commander Says Troops Used as Guinea Pigs
Dumbing Down Preemption
Hersh: Neocons Overran Our Govt
US to Double Military Presence in Colombia
Israelis Investigate Army Commander Who Shot Palestinian Girl 20 Times
Polish Commander: Troops Seize $30 Million in Heroin From Sadr Militia
Some Iraq Militants Sell Their Arms to US
Sadr Fighters Disarm, Again?
Zarqawi Network Hurt, but Still Able to Attack
Violence Continues
Three US Soldiers Killed in Iraq Attacks
Mosque Ablaze After US Air Strike
Car Bomb Attack on US Convoy in Mosul
Huge Blast Heard in Fallujah
Hostage Crises
Turkish, Kurdish Hostages Beheaded in Iraq
Lebanese Men Tell of Iraq Kidnap Terror
Kidnapping of Turkish Drivers Plunges Northern Iraq in Fuel Crisis
Iraq Occupation
Did US Play Into Saddam's Plans?
154 Detainees Freed From Abu Ghraib
Iraqi Politics
Iraqi Kurds Disillusioned by Main Parties
Nothing Easy About Being Appointed Mayor of Baghdad
Battle of Britain
UK Labor MPs Attack Blair Over Iraq War
Antiwar Protesters Stage Demonstration Outside Blair's Office
Japanese Fallout in Iraq
Japan Considering Increasing Troops in Iraq
Japan's Koizumi Facing Mounting Criticism on Iraq
Global Iraq Scramble
Polish-Led Force in Iraq to Leave Base
Australia PM: No Plans to Increase Troops in Iraq
Czech Troops Could Remain in Iraq Longer
US to Push Nations on Economic Aid for Iraq
Vatican Calls for More Troops for Iraq
Romanian Govt Hoping to Attract US Military Base
Poland Eyes Arms Deal With Iraq
Exit Poll: Karzai Wins Outright Majority
Main Opposition Candidate Drops Boycott of Afghan Election
Boycott of Afghan Election Totters After Inquiry Pledge
Afghan Officials Agree to Vote Probe
UN to Probe Voter Fraud in Afghanistan
Afghan Exiles Debate Election's Worth
Czech Government to Donate Surplus Ammunition to Kabul
Musharraf Says Bin Laden Is Alive, Somewhere
Pakistan Talks Continue After Chinese Hostage Deadline Passes
Fate of Kidnapped Chinese Engineers Uncertain
Pakistan, Saudi Arabia Agree to Hold Joint Military Exercises
North Korea
N. Korea Warns Against Bringing Nuke Issue to Security Council
N. Korea: UN Sanctions Mean War
Stalemate on North Korea Talks May Break After US Election
North Korea Blames US for Stalemate in Talks
Danger of North Korea Missile Launch Fading
China Dismisses Taiwan Peace Overtures
Taiwan Ready for Talks on Flights to Mainland
EU Not Likely to Lift Ban on Arms Sales to China
Jihad Looms in Southern Philippines
Bomb Caused February Philippine Ferry Fire
UN Request for Bosnian Serb Suspect Was a 'Test' for Serbia
Soldiers Against the War
California Guardsman Sues to Avoid 'Backdoor Draft'
Breaking Ranks: Interview With Cpl. Mike Hoffman
GI Chooses 11 Months in Prison Over Return to Iraq
The War at Home
Missile Defense Almost Armed, but Is It Ready?
Nader Says a Vote for Kerry Is a Vote for War
Edwards Admits Mistake on WMD
New Scrutiny of the Flow of Iraqi Oil to American Consumers
Boeing Still Expects to Get Air Force Contract
Manhattan DA: Cops Made Unjustifiable Mass Arrests at RNC Protest
'Homeland Security'
Congress Close to Establishing Homeland Security Rules for Driver's Licenses
Airline ID Requirement Faces Legal Challenge
Lack of Arabic Speakers Is a Crack in US Security
US Spies on Chat Rooms
'War on Terror'
After Three Year US Detention, Hamdi Back in Saudi Arabia
More Gitmo Detainees May Be Freed
Germany Arrests Suspect in Libyan Atomic Case
Libya Arrests al-Qaeda Suspects
Bush Allies Face Doubts From Their Citizens About Terrorism
Britons Fear Spiders More Than Terrorists
From Guantanamo to Waziristan
Terror in Egypt
Attacks in Egypt: Homegrown or Part of Global Jihad?
Local Extremists Main Suspects in Egyptian Attacks
Bedouin Admits to Selling Explosives for Taba Bombing
Egyptian Military Seals Off Bombed Hotel
Bombs Turn Sinai Into Paradise Lost
Knesset Votes Its Symbolic Displeasure With Sharon's Gaza Plan
Sharon Fails to Win Support for Debate on Gaza Pullout
Civilian Toll in Gaza Grows as Assault Continues
EU Ministers Condemn Gaza Raid
Russia Urges Iran to Suspend Nuclear Program
US in Talks With Europeans on a Nuclear Deal With Iran
Middle East
Saudi Women's Voting Hopes Dashed
Israeli Warplanes Buzz Lebanon, Drawing Anti-Aircraft Fire
EU Lifts Weapons Embargo on Libya
Russia & Her Neighbors
Why Chechen Warlord Is So Hard to Capture
Five Children, Three Women Wounded in Ingushetia Gunfight
Will Putin Stay Past His Final Term?
Russian Army Won't Draft Chechens
Russians' Grief Turns to Anger
Revenge Is Nigh, Warn Beslan Families
Oil Prices Hit New Highs as Nigeria Strike Starts
India to Send 3,000 Troops to Congo
Deal to End Guinea-Bissau Mutiny
Canada-UK Sub Fiasco
Inquiry Opens Into Canadian Sub Fire
Canada May Sue Brits Over Subs
Canadian DM: Scrapping Sub Program a Possibility if Boats Not Safe
Canadian PM Treads Hostile Political Ground to Pay Tribute to Lost Sailor
Cambodian Royal Succession Clears Last Legal Hurdle
Militarism on the Rise in Japan

The War Party's Worst Week

Protecting America or the President's Reelection Chances?

Riding the Tiger

Season of Cynicism

Nebojsa Malic
Electing to Abstain

Praful Bidwai
US and India: Unequal Allies, Uneasy Partners

Ran HaCohen
Whose Fault Is It?

Matthew Barganier
Understanding America's Terrorist Crisis: What Should Be Done?

Joseph Stromberg
Inventing Iraq Yet Again?

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