Abolish the CIA!: Chalmers Johnson & Tom Engelhardt
Spiraling Into Occupied Iraq: Dahr Jamail
The American Century Is Over: Paul Craig Roberts
Dissing the IAEA: Gordon Prather
Fallujah and Those Mass Graves: Jude Wanniski
It is far easier to make war than peace.
– Georges Clemenceau
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Updated Nov. 6, 2004 – 11:10 pm EST
10,000 US, Iraqi Troops Ring Fallujah
US Airstrike Destroys Fallujah Hospital
Iraqi Officer Briefed on Fallujah Plans Missing
Anti-Neocon Iraq Advisor Unexpectedly Quits
More Preemptive Strikes on Bush's Table
Sunnis Make Offer to Avert Disaster
US, UK Dismiss Annan's Fallujah Warning
Car Bombs, Attacks in Samarra Kill 37
Nuke Chief Says Iraq War Damaged US Credibility
Marine Surgeon: US Toll in Iraq to Reach Levels Not Seen Since Vietnam
Abolish the CIA!
by Chalmers Johnson & Tom Engelhardt
The American Century Is Over
by Paul Craig Roberts
Bush Will Celebrate by Torching Fallujah  by Robin Cook
Spiraling Into Occupied Iraq
by Dahr Jamail
Dissing the IAEA  by Gordon Prather
Fallujah and Those Mass Graves
by Jude Wanniski

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Hospital Official: Arafat's Condition 'Hasn't Worsened'
Palestinian Politicians Try to Head Off a Power Struggle
Air Force Spends $7.5 Million to Study Psychic Teleportation
Bush Pleased With Administration, Ready to Move Forward
'It's Nothing Personal – We Don't Want You Here'
Warplanes Continue to Pound Fallujah
Is Mosul the Next Fallujah?
Warning From Samarra as Assault on Fallujah Looms
US Urges Women and Children to Flee Fallujah, but Dooms Men Under 45
US Coalition in Iraq Could See Desertions
Allawi: European Troop Pullouts Threaten Iraqi Stability
Analysts Ponder US Basing in Iraq
Two GIs Defend 'Mercy Killing' of Wounded Iraqi
Marines Prepare for Heavy Casualties in Battle to Retake Fallujah
Today in Iraq
Three GIs Killed in Iraq Attacks
Four Buses Plunge Into River Killing 18 Iraqis, After Insurgents Destroyed Bridge
Iraqi Election Rules Spur US, UN Concern
Mercy and Murder at Issue in Iraq Death
US Embassy Guards Get Israeli Counter-Terrorism Training for Iraq
Army Court: Killing of Journalists at Palestine Hotel in 2003 No Fault of US Troops
Fallujah Plans
About 3,000 Insurgents May Be Dug Into Fallujah
Air of Expectation Is Heavy as GIs Itch to Prove Their Mettle in Fallujah
Allawi Rejects Annan Warning Against Fallujah Strike
Allawi Vows to 'Liberate' Fallujah
Marines Go Through Urban Warfare Training in Preparation for Fallujah
Prayers and Tears in Fallujah
Violence Continues
Medic at Abu Ghraib Fatally Shot in Office
Zarqawi Group Admits Killing Three UK Troops
Marines Kill Woman at Fallujah Checkpoint
US Attack Helicopters Fire on Insurgents at Illegal Checkpoint
Saboteurs Hit Gas Pipeline in Iraq
Iraq's Deadly Triangle
Hostage Crises
Zarqawi: We Would Release Hassan
Nepalese Hostage in Iraq Freed
Battle of Britain
Black Watch Relatives Call for UK Troop Withdrawal
Messages Reveal Black Watch Families' Grief, Anger
Black Watch Commanding Officer Sent E-mails Expressing Concern Over Redeployment
UK Govt 'Underestimated' Task Facing Black Watch
Brother of Slain Black Watch Soldier: 'My Brother Died for Oil'
Blair Pays Tribute to Black Watch Troops He Sent to Their Deaths
A Boy Who Just Wanted to Come Home
Labour MPs Want Troops Out of 'Triangle of Death'
UK DM Furious at 'Duplicity' Charge Over Black Watch Deaths
Global Iraq Fallout
Hungary May Speed Up Troop Withdrawal
European Leaders Discuss Larger Role in Iraq
European Leaders Indicate Lack of Support for US Policy on Iraq
EU Downplays Tensions Over Iraq
Shock and Horror of Iraqi Beheadings Inspire Groups Across the World
Afghan Rebels Again Extend Deadline for Hostages
Karzai in Scramble Over Cabinet
Karzai: Opium, Warlords Enemies of the State
Top Hindu Hawks May Face Trial for Demolition of Mosque
Indian Army Launches Anti-Rebel Operations Near Burmese Border
Indian PM Offers to Settle All Disputes With Pakistan
Bush Promises to Strengthen Ties With Pakistan
With Troop Cuts, US-South Korea Relations Uncertain
North Korea Voices Doubts Over Nuclear Talks
Life in North Korea Harsh for American Deserters
China: Damage Control After Criticizing Bush
Fear of Ethnic Uprising Haunts Beijing
China, Indonesia Look for Ways to Boost Military Ties
Banzai! Debunking the Kamikaze Myth
Thai PM Warns of More Violence
In Other News
US to Conduct Weapons Tests in Australia
Dutch Police Link Murder Case to Terror Group
Second-Term Bush
Bush's Counterterror Policy Point Man Resigns
Aides Expect Ashcroft to Leave Cabinet Soon
Bush Gets Ready to Shuffle Pack
US Election: World Reaction
Bush Win Poses Regional Dilemma for Australians
Blair Tells Critics to Accept Bush Win
Blair's Call to Accept Bush Scorned by Chirac
EU Anger Over Blair 'Wake Up' Call
The War at Home
Over 4,500 Votes Lost in North Carolina Due to Mistake in Voting Machine Capacity
Ohio Voting Machines Mistakenly Give Bush Thousands of Extra Votes
Friends Who Died Together in Iraq Mourned
Weapons of Microelectronic Destruction
'Homeland Security'
700 Arrested, Thousands Interrogated in FBI's Pre-Election Witchhunt
Senator Wants Air Guard Flights Grounded Pending Probe of Strafing of New Jersey School
Ailing Arafat
Power Struggle in the Middle East
Israel, Palestine Draw Battle Lines Over Arafat Burial
Sharon Orders Israeli Officials Not to Comment on Arafat Succession
Arafat's Death Could Deliver Push for Peace
Arafat's Death Could Spark Further Turmoil
Israel Shows No Sympathy for Arafat
Qureia, Abbas to Assume Arafat's Duties
Moderate Abbas Eyeing a Comeback
Was Arafat Poisoned?
Arafat's Feud With Israel May Outlive Him
Washington Whispers: Possible New Look at Mideast Policy
Paradise in Biblical Times, Now More Like Hell on Earth
Solana: Europe 'Working 24 Hours a Day' for a Palestinian State
Two Palestinian Boys Shot Dead by Israeli Fire in Gaza
EU Offers Iran New Incentives to Halt Nuclear Program
Iranian Nobel Winner Sues US to Publish Memoirs
Middle East
UN: Traces of Plutonium Found in Egypt
Egypt Charges Five in Sinai Bombing
The Prospects for Middle East Arms Control
Russia & Her Neighbors
Moscow-Backed Chechen Leader Threatens to Invade Georgia
Russian Commando Says Officials Concealing Truth Behind Beslan
Doubts on Number of Beslan Captors
Growing Russian Influence in Central Asia
US Welcomes Russia's Tajik Base
Rights Group Blasts Russia for Forcing Chechen Refugees to Return Home
Jury in Siberia Convicts Physicist of Spying for China
Sudan Refuses to Sign Darfur Peace Deal
Security in Darfur Deteriorating
New Militias Spring Up in Darfur
Darfur Talks Stall Over No-Fly Zone
Ivory Coast
Fresh Air Strikes in Ivory Coast
Ivory Coast Peace in Tatters?
Brazil DM Resigns After Army Declares Military Dictatorship a 'Legitimate Answer'
Chile's Army Accepts Blame for Rights Abuses in the Pinochet Era
Poll: Canadians Oppose Missile Defense
Books and Movies
Film Exposes US Links With Saddam in Days of Infamy
Uncle Sam Is Watching You
Three Kings Director Looks at Iraq War
Blame It on Arafat: Dennis Ross and The Missing Peace
Purple Hearts Shows Aftermath of War
Purple Hearts: Back From Iraq

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