The Battle for Minds (Forget the Hearts): Tom Engelhardt and Jonathan Schell
Slash and Burn: Dahr Jamail
Politics of Destruction: Nebojsa Malic
Sign Here, Kid: Mike Ferner
Preventing War Crimes in Iraq: Jim Lobe
The supreme excellence is to subde the armies of your enemies without even having to fight them.
– Sun Tzu
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Updated Nov. 18, 2004 – 9:50 pm EST
US General Says Insurgency 'Broken'
Powell: Iran Is Pursuing Nuclear Bomb
Putin: Russia to Deploy New Kind of Nukes
Threat of 'Nukes to Spare' in North Korea
Israeli Hand Seen in Ivorian Clash
Commander Says Zarqawi HQ Not Located
Military Chiefs: Bush's Postwar Plan Lacking
The Battle for Minds (Forget the Hearts)  by Tom Engelhardt & Jonathan Schell
Caught Between Sunni Rebels and Shi'ite Rulers  by Matthew Parris
Why Goss' Shakeups Are Bad News
by Fred Kaplan
Slash and Burn  by Dahr Jamail
Sign Here, Kid  by Mike Ferner
Meet the New Boss, Worse Than the Old Boss  by James Ridgeway

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Group Says Iran Has Secret Nuclear Arms Program
Israeli Tank Mistakenly Kills Three Egyptian Police
How the US Counts Enemy Dead
City of Mosques in Ruins
US Racing Insurgents for Influence in Fallujah
47 Parties Boycott Elections in Iraq
Neoconservatives Gain Strength in New Bush Team
Gitmo Trials Continue Despite Ruling
US Offers $1 Billion Weapons Deal to Pakistan
Sunni Triangle Explodes Again
Today in Iraq
31 Iraqi Police Kidnapped
Protesters Demand Release of Shi'ites Held by US Forces
Iraqi Freelance Journalist Held by US Troops
Over 400 US Soldiers in Hospital in Germany
GIs Find Belongings of Once-Missing Marine
Killings of Wounded Iraqis
US Officer Charged With Murder in 'Mercy Killing' of Wounded Iraqi
Amnesty Calls for Prevention of War Crimes in Iraq
Allawi 'Very Concerned' About Marine Shooting, Wants Investigation Into Other Killings
Fellow Marines Blame Stress for Kill
Arabs Enraged at US Soldier Shooting Wounded Iraqi
Murder of Margaret Hassan
Hassan Murder a Blow to Iraq Relief Efforts
Fallujah Offensive May Have Doomed Aid Chief
Mourners Pay Respects to Margaret Hassan
Marine Officers See Risk in Cuts in Fallujah Force
Fallujah Fighting Still Rages After US Declares It 'Pacified'
Escape From Fallujah: Refugees Flood Nearby Towns
Surprise Test Nets Suspects — and Enrages Fallujah Residents
US Soldiers Treat Wounds of Foreign Fighters in Fallujah
Guerrilla's Paradise
Violence Continues
US Claims Success in Mosul, but Violence Ignites Elsewhere
Suicide Bomber, Clashes in Iraq Kill 27
Three US Soldiers Hurt in Beiji Suicide Car Bombing
Black Watch Soldier Seriously Injured by Roadside Bomb
French Hostages 'Far From Combat Zones'
Increasing Dangers in Iraq Make Reporting the Whole Truth Tough
Global Iraq Fallout
Chirac Doubts World Is Safer Post-Saddam
Chirac Visits Britain Amid Iraq Row
NATO Approves Iraq Training Plan
UK Military Accused of Whitewash by Relatives of Dead
Report: Russia Agrees to Send Small Number of Troops to Iraq
Fiji Troops Head for Iraq Mission
Indian Troops Leave Kashmir
India PM Rejects Kashmir Proposal
India Firm on Status Quo in Kashmir
Hundreds of Maoists Reported Killed in Nepal Clashes
Eight Nepali Police Killed by Maoist Mine
East Asia
Long Allied With US, South Korea Now Looks Eastward to China
China Plans to Have Over 100 Eyes in the Sky by 2020
Asia-Pacific Powers Target Terror, Nuclear Arms, Trade
Blast at Movie Theater Kills 2, Hurts 29 in Pakistan
Treasure Trove of Afghan Culture Recovered
Russia & Her Neighbors
Abkhazian Police Defy Government
Russia's Trial Balloon Leaves Japan Cold
Putin Woos Ukraine With a Russian Common Market
Russian Army Off-Duty Deaths Rise
The War at Home
Rumsfeld Gets His (Non-Military) Man in as Army CEO
Departing Air Force Secretary, Acquisitions Chief Criticized on Boeing Deal
Man With Pot Given Choice: Jail or Military
Iraq Veteran Marine Sergeant Speaks Out Against War
Air Guard Outlines NJ Strafing Inquiry
Man Who Set Himself on Fire Informed Against Charitable Groups
Terrorism Informant in Serious Condition After Self-Immolation
The Power of Light: An Airborne Laser for Missile Defense
Homeland Security
Cops Slam Ashcroft for Saying America Safer
Missing New Hampshire Oil Delivery Truck Raises Terror Hysteria
Report: 9/11 Fund Disbursements Could Have Been More Fair
'War on Terror'
Germany May Ban Islamic Sermons in Arabic
Spanish Teen Gets Six Years for Part in Madrid Blasts
Arafat's Legacy
Abbas Fails to Win Election Truce Pledge From Militants
The Absentee Candidate
French Paper: Cirrhosis Killed Arafat
French Hospital: Arafat Not Poisoned
Gaza Evacuation Plans
3,000 Israeli Soldiers Refuse in Petition to Evacuate Settlements
Gaza Settlers May Go to W. Bank
Sharon Moving Ahead With Plan for Gaza Withdrawal
US to Give Palestinians $20 Million to Jump-Start Peace Process
Israeli Troops Protect Palestinian Olive Harvesters From Settler Attacks
Reaping a Dangerous Harvest in the West Bank's Olive Groves
NATO Invites Israel to Joint Military, Anti-Terror Exercises
Iran's Nuclear Deal Viewed With Suspicion by Iranians
Did Khan Give Iran Uranium?
Iran's New Alliance With China Could Cost US Leverage
Middle East
Formerly Horrific Kurdish City Now at Ease in Turkey
Saudi Policeman Dies in Shoot-Out With Militants
Ivory Coast Leader Rejects Talk of War With France
Security Council Makes Sudan Priority at Nairobi Summit
Gunmen Attack Home of Elite-Chosen Somali 'President' in Nairobi
Children of War: Africa's Civil Conflicts Harm 100,000 Young Lives
One Million Mozambicans Still Vulnerable to Landmines
Macedonia's PM Departs in Disgust
Kostov's Resignation Letter
Capitalism Calms Kosovo Town
In Other News
Child Soldiers Still on the March
Violent Anti-Bush Protest in Chile Injures Three
Explosions Rock Argentine Banks
Czechs, Slovaks Celebrate 15 Years Since Revolt Against Communists

Triumph of the Neocons

Politics of Destruction

Liberation Has a Body Count

Politics and the CIA

Alan Bock
Fallujah: Force First, Yet Again

Ran HaCohen
How to Remember Arafat

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

Sascha Matuszak
Riding the Tiger

Praful Bidwai
US and India: Unequal Allies, Uneasy Partners

Joseph Stromberg
Inventing Iraq Yet Again?

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