Time to Engage Iran?: Patrick J. Buchanan
Commissar Aaronovitch: Justin Raimondo
Feeding the Iraq Moloch: Ilana Mercer
Neglect Follows Siege of Fallujah: Dahr Jamail
Canada Wins Battle of Toledo: Mike Ferner
We know more about war than we know about peace, more about killing than we know about living.
– General Omar N. Bradley
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Updated Dec. 1, 2004 – 7:50 pm EST
Pentagon to Boost Iraq Force by 12,000
Four Subpoenaed After FBI Raids Israeli Lobby
US Toll in Iraq at Highest Monthly Level
Wounded, Disabled Soldiers Kept on Active Duty
FBI Translation Scandal Heats Up
Ukraine Rivals Agree to Wait on Court's Ruling
25-Year 'War on Drugs' Fails on the Streets
Barghouti Reversal: Will Run for Arafat Seat
Secret Report Gave Early Warning of Abu Ghraib
Former US Official: Billions of Iraq Oil Money 'Squandered'
Time to Engage Iran?  by Pat Buchanan
Ukraine: The Danger of Double Standards  by Katrina vanden Heuvel
Soros, Bush in Lockstep on Ukraine
by Mark Almond
Worse Than Ashcroft  by Nat Hentoff
Joy-Riding Over Iraq
by David Hackworth
Canada Wins Battle of Toledo
by Mike Ferner
US Govt Puts Aid Workers at Risk
by Tiziana Dearing

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US May Launch Offensive in Afghanistan
Iran Says It Will Suspend but Not End Nuclear Program
Labor Likely to Join Likud Coaltion After Sharon Dismisses Ministers
US Downplays Report on Guantanamo Prisoner Abuse
Did Saddam's Govt Raid Explosives Sites?
Shi'ite Parties Break Off Talks With Sistani Group
Allawi Heads to Jordan for Talks With Sunnis
Romanian Opposition Demands Revote
Colombian Officials Recant Claims of Plot to Kill Bush
Iraq's Neighbors Prepare to Meet in Iran
Today in Iraq
Danish Officer Jailed for Leaking Secret Iraq WMD Reports to Media
Iraqi National Guard Abuses Anger Public
Fear of Ethnic Conflict Charges Mosul Unrest
A Police Uniform With a Big Target on the Back
US Envoy: Iraq Vote Is on Track
Neglect Follows Siege of Fallujah
Fallujah 'a Horror' After US-Led Offensive
US Blocks Aid Convoy for Fallujah
Using Tunnels, Insurgents in Fallujah Attack Daily
His Son Is Gone, but an Insurgent's Fervor Remains
In Fallujah's Ruins, Big Plans and Risk of Chaos
Jordanians Held by US Forces Near Fallujah
Iraq Occupation
US Building Big Army Base Near Iran Border
US Division Sets Up Shop in Saddam's Tikrit Palace
One Soldier's Fateful Path From Nigeria to Iraq
More Moves for Black Watch Not Ruled Out
UK Troops Face More Trouble Spot Roles
Violence Continues
Explosions Target US Troops in Iraq
Bomb Detonates Near US Convoy in Iraq
Car Bomb Kills Seven, Wounds 20 in Iraq
Not Rebuilding Iraq
Charity Says War Has Destroyed Iraq's Health System
Iraq Health Care System Worse Than Under Saddam
Oil Well and Pipeline Fires in Iraq Drain Potential Billions
Global Iraq Fallout
Russia Defiant Over Iraq Inquiry
Netherlands Withdrawing From Iraq on Schedule
Japan Appears Ready to Extend Iraq Mission
Saudi Arabia Committed to Major Cut in Iraq Debt
Battles of Britain
UK DM Accused of Contempt for Black Watch
UK Armed Forces Minister Announces Independent Review of Deepcut Abuse Claims
Family Outraged as UK Govt Refuses Public Inquiry Into Deepcut
Karzai Grills British Officials Over Illegal Poppy Spraying
Plane Carrying Six Americans Crashes in Afghan Mountains
Afghan Hostage-Takers Disband After Ransom Dispute
Pakistan Enshrines Musharraf's Dual Role in Law
10 Police Hurt in Quetta Grenade Attack
India Launches Second Missile Test
India to Finalize French Sub Deal Early Next Year
North Korea
Shifting Signs in North Korea
North Korea Waiting for Change in US Policy Before Talks
Putin Vows to Continue Fight Against Big Business
Russia Tests Modernized Missile Defense System
Rwanda/Congo Tensions
Congo to Send 10,000 Troops to Rwanda Border
Rwanda Hints at Congo Assault
Report: Congo, Rwanda on Brink of War as Rwandan Troops Cross the Border
Rwanda: Congo Invasion Started
In Other News
Cuba Frees Political Dissidents
Aussies May Have 'Innocently' Exported WMD Technology
Bush Goes to Canada
Bush Dismisses Strains in Canada Visit
Bush Defends Iraq Invasion, US Action on Threats
5,000 Anti-Bush Protesters Scuffle With Police in Ottawa
Hundreds Protest Against Bush Visit in Vancouver
40 Protest Bush in Small Prince Edward Island Town
Gitmo/Abu Ghraib Justice
US Torture at Guantanamo 'Increasingly Repressive'
Gitmo Torture and Rumsfeld's and Tenet's War Crimes
Abu Ghraib Abuse Complaint Names Rumsfeld
Pentagon Brushes Off Criminal Complaint Against Rumsfeld
Gitmo Panel Orders 17 More to Remain Held Without Charges
United Nations
UN Calls for Sweeping Changes, Including an Updated Council
UN Panel Challenges US Right to Attack Others
UN Panel Calls on Countries to Ratify International Criminal Court
The War at Home
GI Threatens Suicide Over Return to Iraq
Portland to Pay $300,000 to Abused Antiwar Protesters
Interview with an Antiwar Veteran From the Iraq War
US 'Hurting' Anti-Mine Campaign
Homeland Security
Homeland Security Chief Tom Ridge Resigns
TSA Reconsiders Non-Competitive Bid
War on Terror
US General: Internet a Haven for al-Qaeda
Age of Terrorism? Brazilians Don't Buy It
Indiana Professor Says Terrorist Charges 'Shameful' and 'Absurd'
Policy Change al-Qaeda's 'Last Advice' to US
Europe Using Tougher Tactics in War on Terror
Author Attacks White House 'Gestapo Tactics' in War on Terror
Everybody Knows What's Best for Ukraine
Ukraine, Russia, and Black Sea Intrigue
Softer Tone From Bush on Ukraine Points to a Quandary for US
Russia: Ukraine Heading for Breakup or Bloodshed
Ukraine Opposition Rejects Compromise
Election Hope Buoys Opposition
Jockeying Continues in a Tense Ukraine
EU Policy Chief Flies to Kiev
Rights Groups Condemn Ukraine Media Attacks
Likud in Crisis
Israeli Coalition Crisis May Force Early Election
Budget Dispute Endangers Sharon's Coalition
Sharon Approaches Labor Party to Join Coalition
Israelis Shoot Four-Year-Old Gaza Child
Palestinian Violinist Rejects Israeli Army Claim He Was Playing Voluntarily
Settler Arrested for Stealing Palestinian Olives Had Sharon Death Threat in Voicemail
Israeli Women Monitor Soldiers' Treatment of Palestinians
Sharon Criticizes EU's 'Pro-Palestinian Bias'
Donor Countries Won't Fund Separate Road System for Palestinians
EU Urges Mideast Cooperation for Palestinian Vote
Iran Still an Enigma for US
Iran Hails UN Nuclear Victory
Middle East
Lebanese March for Syrians to Stay
Three Kuwaiti Soldiers Killed in Training Exercise

Commissar Aaronovitch

Feeding the Iraq Moloch

Failure after Falluja?

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Once Upon a Peace

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Sascha Matuszak
Chinese Dreams, American Dreams

Ran HaCohen
How to Remember Arafat

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

Joseph Stromberg
Inventing Iraq Yet Again?

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