Jail the War Party: Justin Raimondo
Rethinking Secession: Alan Bock
Palestinian Girl, Interrupted: Teresa Whitehurst
The Quiet of Destruction and Death: Dahr Jamail
Iran: Even Paranoids Have Enemies: Tom Engelhardt and Dilip Hiro
If there is no sufficient reason for war, the war party will make war on one pretext, then invent another...after the war is on.
– Senator Robert M. La Follette
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Updated Dec. 3, 2004 – 9:30 pm EST
More Troops Mean More Trouble
Ukraine Court Orders New Vote
30 Killed in Two Baghdad Attacks
Rumsfeld to Remain Defense Secretary
Navy Probes New Iraq Prisoner Abuse Photos
Germany Arrests Three in Plot to Kill Allawi
White House Getting Used to Idea of Shi'ite Govt
Sadr's Preelection Power Play
Multiple Bombs in Spain, Basques Claim Credit
Feds Admit Using Evidence Gained by Torture
Govt Lawyers: Detainees Have 'No Constitutional Rights'
Bush Calls for New World Order, More Preemptive Strikes
Rumsfeld Acknowledges Failure to Predict Insurgency
Iran: Even Paranoids Have Enemies
by Tom Engelhardt and Dilip Hiro
Ukraine: Diary of a Dissident Observer  by Christine Stone
What Did We Do to Deserve Condoleezza Rice?  by Sheldon Richman
The Quiet of Destruction and Death
by Dahr Jamail
Palestinian Girl, Interrupted
by Teresa Whitehurst
No End in Sight  by Ashraf Fahim

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Tenet: The Internet Must Be Controlled
Putin Opposes Ukraine Rerun
Bush Dismisses Iraq Vote Delay
US Bans Use of Baghdad Airport Road
Mosul Ill-Prepared for Vote
Bush Picks Top NYC 9/11 Cop as Homeland Chief
FBI Files on Protest Groups Sought
Bush Sidesteps Question of Annan's Resignation
Key Nations Reject UN Shake-Up
US Soldiers Seek Asylum in Canada
Top Palestinians Try to Discourage Barghouti Run
Today in Iraq
200 in Iran Say Willing to Carry Out Suicide Attacks Against Americans, Israelis
Soldiers Face Hearing in Smothering Death of Iraqi General
Pentagon Debate Rages Over 'Information Operations' in Iraq
Marines Find Alleged Iraqi Torture Chamber
Joint Kurd-Shi'ite List Set for Iraqi Elections
Allawi: We Don't Need German Troops
US: Resistance Creeping Back Into Fallujah's Secure Zones
At Least 200,000 Fled Fallujah, No Early Return Seen
UN: Fallujah Refugees in Desperate Need of Aid
Iraq Occupation
Increase in Troops in Iraq Means More Offensive Operations
US Marines Change Policy on Disclosing Iraq Deaths
Tough Holiday Season for 82nd Airborne
Huge Pay Drawing New Zealand Soldiers to Iraq
Report: Raytheon 'Heat Beam' Weapon Ready for Iraq
A Teacher Returns as a Soldier
US Soldier Dies in Iraq Accident
Attacks Continue
Suicide Bomber Kills One in Attack North of Baghdad
Mortar Rounds Kill Two in Baghdad
Ten Killed in Mosul Clash
Eight Killed in Iraq Attacks
US Soldiers Wounded in Car Bombing Near Beiji
Trying to Survive
Iraq's Last Aid Workers Defy Death
Growing Up in War, Iraqi Kids Are Hopeful but Wary
Battles of Britain
Galloway Wins $300,000 in Telegraph Libel Case
How the Telegraph Slipped Up in Race for a Scoop
Despite Cutbacks, UK to Set Aside Over $1 Billion for Military Involvement
US Spy Plane Crashes Into Afghan School
General Reports 'Opportunity' for Abuse in Afghanistan
US Offers Amnesty for Taliban Who Disarm
Cheney to Lead US Delegation to Afghanistan
Indonesian Cleric Denies Knowledge of Bali Bombing
Militant: Bin Laden Inspired Bali Hotel Attack
Militant Says Bashir Not Part of Marriott Blast
Al-Jazeera to Tone It Down for Asia
A US Military Offer India Can't Refuse
Nepal Congresswoman's House Bombed
Tamil Rebels Strike in N. Sri Lanka
N. Korean Defectors Called Spies
Rwanda Denies Invading Congo
UN Reports a Possible Push Into Congo by Rwandans
Ugandan Troops Deploy Along Congo Border
Rwandan Leader Explains Invasion
UN to Hold Emergency Session on Rwandan Invasion of Congo
Congo Struggles to Create Single Army
Mugabe Rules Out Regime Change, Slams Britain
Mugabe Purges Challengers
Watchdog: Equatoguinean Coup Trial Was Unfair
The War at Home
UN Ambassador Danforth Resigns After Five Months
Intel Bill Gets Fresh Bush Support
Toxic Rocket Fuel Chemical Found in US Food and Water
US Family Sues 'Hamas-Linked' Charities
Troop Increase May Spur Pentagon Critics
Republican Aide Takes Fall for Tax Return Provision
SF to Pay $835,000 After Police Broke Antiwar Protester's Arm
Union-Tribune Vet Goldsborough Quits After Column Is Spiked
Homeland Security
50 Cities at 'High Risk' of Attack Get $854 Million
ACLU Seeks FBI Files on Antiwar Activist Probes
Mall Security Gets Anti-Terror Training
'War on Terror'
Fate of Guantanamo Detainees Is Debated in Federal Court
Bin Laden Guard May Be Moussaoui Witness
UK to Spend $200 Million on Tightened Border Screening
Ukraine Supreme Court Likely to Issue Order Friday
Bush Warns Against Meddling in Ukraine Election
Don't Wobble Now, Ukrainian Radicals Tell Yushchenko
The Great Game in Ukraine
Palestinian Politics
Barghouti's Candidacy Highlights Split in Fatah
Barghouti Galvanises Battle to Win Palestinian Election
Will Barghouti Change the Palestinian Race?
Sharon: Barghouti Must Run Election From Prison
Clash of Generations Emerges in Palestinian Race
Ten Vie for Palestinian Presidency
Va. Man Certified as Candidate to Replace Arafat
Islamic Jihad Joins Palestinian Election Boycott
Hamas: Truce With Israel Likely
Mubarak: Sharon Is Palestinians' Best Chance for Peace
Mubarak Predicts Abbas Victory
Israeli Politics
Sharon to Seek Unity Govt With Labor and Ultra-Orthodox Parties
Sharon Vows to Save Govt, Gaza Pullout
Labor Party Open to Joining Israeli Govt
Israeli Major 'Would Have Nixed Hamas Raid' if He'd Known 16 Civilians Would Die
Israel Clears Soldiers After Palestinian Forced to Play Violin
Charges Dropped Against Soldier in 1995 Killing of Palestinian
World Bank: More Money Won't Help Palestinian Economy
Arafat's Brother Dies in Egypt
Opposition: Iran Developing Long-Range Missile
Diplomats: UN Lacks Right to Inspect Sites in Iran
Iran Arrests 'Spy' Faking Nuclear Company
Why Iran Wants Its Own Nuclear Deterrent
Iran Bans National Geographic Over Map
Middle East
Saudi Police Arrest Nine Who Seek to Attend Reformers' Trial
Syria Rejects Sharon's Preconditions for Talks
In Other News
NATO or EU Occupation, Bosnians Unlikely to Notice a Difference
Powell: World Must Help Haiti Take on Armed Individuals
Turkey Knocks, but Will Europe Open the Door?

Jail the War Party

Rethinking Secession

Democratic Terrorists, and Other Lies

Feeding the Iraq Moloch

Ivan Eland
Failure after Falluja?

Praful Bidwai
Dubious Source for New Iran Charges

Sascha Matuszak
Chinese Dreams, American Dreams

Ran HaCohen
How to Remember Arafat

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

Joseph Stromberg
Inventing Iraq Yet Again?

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