Govt Spending Can't Buy Security: Ivan Eland
Mass Murder, the Unknown Ideal: William Raspberry
Bravo, American Dissidents!: Mendo Henriques
Bereaved Parents' Trip to Iraq: Jim Lobe
More Secrecy for Homeland: William Fisher

In order to rally people, governments need enemies...if they do not have a real enemy, they will invent one in order to mobilize us.
– Thich Nhat Hanh, Vietnamese Buddhist monk
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Updated December 28, 2004 - 11:15 PM EST
Top Sunni Party Pulls Out of Iraq Vote
Shi'ite Leaders Split: Religious vs. Secular Govt
Blitz of Attacks on Iraqi Security Forces Kills 42
US, Brits Holding 10,000 Prisoners in Iraq
Yushchenko Urges Blockade Renewal
Bin Laden Tape Urges Vote Boycott, Names Zarqawi Deputy
US Commander: More Troops Needed in Mosul for Iraqi Poll
CIA Refuses Disclosures on Abuse
Mass Murder, the Unknown Ideal
by William Raspberry
Four Ways to Find Out What's Really Up in Iraq  by Doug Ireland
You Can Criticize War and Support Troops  by Mike Norton
Bravo, American Dissidents!
by Mendo Henriques
Osama Must Be Pleased
by Arnaud de Borchgrave
Conservative Sadists  by Matt Welch

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Dept. of Homeland Security Pushes More Secrecy
24 Iraqi National Guards Abducted, Officer Says
Iraqi Official: Vote May Be Delayed in Some Areas
Trust Becomes an Issue on Base
US Officials: Iraq Civil War Imminent
Tank Girls: Iranian Feminists Plot Revolution
Yanukovich Won't Go Quietly
Fury Over Arrest of Palestinian Candidate
Shi'ite Leader Survives Attack, 15 Killed
Today in Iraq
Powell Continues to Push for Sunni Presence in Iraqi Govt
In Mosul, US Troops and Iraqis on Edge
Attacks on Shi'ite Leaders Raise Fears of Sectarian Violence
Iraqi Shi'ite Leader Urges No Retaliation for Attack
Bereaved Parents Lead Humanitarian Trip to Iraq
Iraqi Election
Problems Mount for Iraqi Vote
Iraq Officials Reject US Election Proposal
Doubts Remain on International Monitoring of Iraqi Elections
Attacks Continue
Five Shot Dead in Ramadi
US Soldier Killed by Roadside Bomb in Iraq
Three US Soldiers Wounded in Mosul Attack
Kurd Families Flee Murder Wave in North Iraq Town
Hezbollah Slams Attempt Against Iraqi Cleric
Global Iraq Fallout
Iraq Releases More Iranian Prisoners
Iraqi Minister Says He Will Air Footage of Iranian Meddling
El Salvador May Extend Iraq Troop Deployment
Japanese Group Recognized for Aiding Iraq Children
US Marines Battle Taliban Attack
Karzai Holds His First Cabinet Meeting
Textbooks Help Afghans Turn a New Page
US Spied on Pakistan's Nuclear Scientist for Three Decades
Pakistan Tells US How High to Jump
Pakistan Offers Tsunami Aid to India
Nuclear Rivals Hold Kashmir Talks
India to Invite More Pakistani Journalists to Kashmir
In China, a Move Toward the Rule of Law
Russia and China to Hold Joint Military Maneuvers
China Vows Arms Upgrade
Foreign Observers Call Uzbek Election Undemocratic
Korea-Japan Talks Stall on Abductee Dispute
Armenia Increases Military Spending 35 Percent
Thousands Rally for Nepal Talks
US Boosts Aid for Bomb Removal in Laos
US Armed Forces
Poll: Most Troops Blame Congress for Lack of Body Armor
Recruits Face Tough Choice
Pentagon Channel Targets Troops
Navy Renews CACI Contract
Army Chief of Staff Is Third Major Visitor to Troops in Iraq
Court-Martialed Commander Is Released
Injured Soldier Critical of War in Iraq
The War at Home
Rumsfeld: 9/11 Plane 'Shot Down'
Pentagon: Rumsfeld Misspoke on Flight 93 Crash
Intelligence Overhaul to Allow Justice Department to Root Out War Criminals
Author Sniffing Out Draft-Dodging Tales for Book
War on Terror
Jordan Acquits 13 'Terror Plotters'
Spain Holds Fourth Terror Suspect
Ukrainian Transport Minister Shot Dead
Somber Mood in Ukraine's East After Vote
Yushchenko's Daunting Future
Russia's Liberals Hail Ukraine Poll Result
What Happens Next in Ukraine?
Ukraine Looks West
Israel Arrests Palestinian Candidate in Jerusalem
Israel Admits 'Failure' on Egypt Deaths
Israel Releases 159 Palestinian Prisoners
Palestinians: Inmate Release a PR Ploy
Two Firebombs Thrown at Tel Aviv Mosque
Palestinian Man Seriously Injured by Israeli Fire in West Bank
Report Shows Israel's Children Are Getting Poorer
Middle East
Censors Ease Up on Syrian Press
Saudi Diplomat Confident of Dissident's Extradition
Serbia Pressured on 'War Criminals'
Serbia Appoints Armed Forces Head
France Places Ballistic Missile Order With Defense Firm
Challenging New Year Awaits EU
In Other News
Colombian Troops Hunt for Hostages
In Libya, Critics Remain Silenced

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Et Tu, Pat?

Joseph Stromberg
Inventing Iraq Yet Again?

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