The Devastation: Dahr Jamail & Tom Engelhardt
Where's the Justice?: Les Dell
East Asia: A Sinocentric View: Sascha Matuszak
ElBaradei and North Korea: Gordon Prather
No Peace in Palestine: Charley Reese

To some degree it matters who's in office, but it matters more how much pressure they're under from the public.
– Noam Chomsky
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Updated January 9, 2005 - 11:30 PM EST
US Mulls 'Salvador Option' for Iraq
US Admits It Hit Wrong Target After Bomb Kills 14
Troops Kill 8 Iraqis in Another Mistaken Attack
GI Given Six Months for Murdering Iraqi
Eight Coalition Soldiers Killed in Iraq Explosion
Allawi Party Leader Assassinated in Baghdad
State Dept Paints Bleak Picture of Iraqi Forces
Military, Sunni Leaders Far Apart on Elections
US Holding 325 Foreigners in Iraq Without Geneva Protection
Exit Polls: Abbas in Landslide Victory for PA President
Iraq: The Devastation
by Dahr Jamail and Tom Engelhardt
Gonzales at Justice and Lynndie in the Trash  by Les Dell
Drug Prohibition Is a Terrorist's Best Friend  by Ted Galen Carpenter
ElBaradei and North Korea
by Gordon Prather
No Peace in Palestine  by Charley Reese
Learning From the Saudis
by Martin Sieff

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Afghan High Court Judge Arrested for Kabul Bombing
Germans Say Militants Send Fighters From Iraq to Europe
Departing Top CIA Man: Let bin Laden Stay Free
US Is Haunted by Initial Plan for Iraq Voting
Shia Chief's Promise to Sunnis
Three Senior Iraqi Officials Abducted
US Army Stretched to Breaking Point
Crumbling at the Seams in Iraq
Sailor Dies as US Nuclear Sub Runs Aground Off Guam
Quiet Man of Palestine Prepares to Take a Step Out of Arafat’s Shadow
Today in Iraq
As Iraqis Return to Fallujah, Many Find Everything They Knew Destroyed
Iraq Hit by Deadly Car Bombing, Abductions
US: Zarqawi Aide Held in Iraq
Security Forces: Iraq Guardsmen Face Big Test as Vote Nears and Attacks Increase
Britain to Send 650 More Troops to Iraq as Poll Violence Worsens
Troops Search for 7 Dead Friends
Iraqi Elections
Samarra Election Commission Members Resign
Iraqi Elder Statesman Again Calls for Postponement of Elections
Iraqi Poll Jitters
Iraqi FM: Shi'ites Post-Election Dominance Exaggerated
Iraqi Communists Heavily Campaign for Jan. 30 Elections
Allawi Woos Iraqi Voters by Taking to the Talk-Show Sofa
SF Bay Area Iraq Natives Say They Won't Vote
More Iraq Stories
Chirac Warns French Journalists After Reporter Disappears in Iraq
Missing Iraq Reporter Said to Be Alive
UN Oil-For-Food Audits to Be Released Next Week
Paying Ex-Weapons Scientists to Resist Temptation
Iraq Oil Revenues Fall 15 Percent Short of Target
Battles of Britain
UK Minister's 'Advice' on Iran Jet Deal
Scots Fusiliers 'Heading for Iraq'
Iraq War Critics Conduct Their Own Hutton Inquiry
Americans Keep Dying
Six Louisiana National Guardsmen Killed in Iraq
Aspiring History Teacher (NJ) Is Cut Down in Iraq
Soldier (AR) Engaged to Be Married, Dies in Iraq
Pharr (TX) Marine's Ambitions Cut Short by Iraq War
Soldier From Spanaway (WA) Killed in Iraq
Evening Shade (AR) Soldier Remembered as Loving Father
Guardsman's (AR) Wife Remembers Her Husband
Haitian Émigrés' Son (NY) Killed in Iraq
PR GI (PR) Killed in Afghanistan
Shelby Co. (IN) Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
Beech Grove (IN) Man Dies in Iraq Attack
Iowa Marine Killed Near Fallujah
Guardsman (OR), 26, Killed in Iraq Is Remembered
Soldier Killed in Non-Hostile Vehicle Accident
Taliban Fighters Kill Two Soldiers on Drugs Raid
Drug Runners on Fast Track in Afghan 'Desert of Death'
Sectarian Attacks Kill 11 in Pakistan
Japan Wants US Military Presence on Okinawa Cut, 'but Without Hurting Security'
China Ready to Take on More Active Role in Mideast Politics
Abuse, Torture, Murder
UK Soldiers Accused of Abuse in Iraq
US Lawyer Finds Guantanamo Bay Conditions Atrocious
Soldier Apologizes in Iraqi Drowning Case
3 Iraqi Detainees to Testify in Abu Ghraib Abuse Case
Soldiers in Crisis
Drug Addicted US Troops Sent to Scotland for Help
Father and Son Deployed Together
Cleric Accused of Spying Gets Honorable Discharge
Iraq Veteran Upset After Military Takes Away Purple Heart
US Deserters Flee to Canada to Avoid Service in Iraq
War on Terror
Mysterious CIA Jet Tied to Torture Flights
Texas Audit Cites Improper Use of Millions in Homeland Security Funds
Briton Accused of Aiding Most Wanted Terrorist
Antiterrorism Is an Industry
Palestinian Elections
Fear of Weak Mandate Has Abbas Scrambling for Votes
Rumors Swirl Around Mustafa Barghouti
Some Restrictions Eased for Palestinian Vote
History Is Likely to Link Bush to Mideast Elections
Abbas Expected to Win PA Vote; Israel to Offer Prisoner Release for End to Qassams
Hamas Hints at Ceasefire as the Palestinians Vote
Militants Likely to Be Abbas' Biggest Woe
Palestinians to Hold July 17 Parliamentary Election
Israel May Scrap Checkpoint Deal
International Observers Tour Mideast Roadblocks
Israel's Barrier Deepens Divide
Sudan Set for Historic Peace Deal
Sudan Split or United? Southerners Will Decide
Powell Sidesteps Question About Sudan Genocide
Nigerian Leader Vows AU Will Secure Darfur Peace
UN Warning Over Darfur Violence
DR Congo
DR Congo's Election Faces Delay
DR Congo Abuse Claims Upheld
EU Has Close Eye on 'The Most Important Arab Election So Far'
Northern Ireland Peace Process in Crisis After £26.5m Bank Raid
Lithuanian Foreign Minister's KGB Past
Belarus President Waves Iron Fist
Spain in EU Constitution Ad Blitz
North Korea
US Says No Deadline Set on North Korea Talks
North Korea Says Any Return to Talks Hinges on Bush
In Other News
New Exiled Cabinet for Somalia
Pope Calls for Lifting of US Embargo on Cuba

Gonzales and the Torture Cult

Issues for East Asia: A Sinocentric View

Faint Hopes for Peace

Mortgaging the Future of Our Armed Forces

Nebojsa Malic
Train of Abuses

Ilana Mercer
The Neoconnerie’s Plan For Iran

Praful Bidwai
Hopes for Indo-Pak Peace in '05

Ran HaCohen
The Third Intifada

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

Joseph Stromberg
Inventing Iraq – Yet Again?

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