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Elections and Torture: Alan Bock
Exhuming the Truth: Sibel Edmonds
The War Party's Achilles' Heel?: Thomas Knapp
Losing Feith: Jim Lobe

I'd like to see the government get out of war altogether and leave the whole field to private individuals.
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Updated January 29, 2005 - 12:21 AM EST
Iraqis' Big Issue: US Exit Plan
Bush: We'll Leave if Iraqis Ask, but They Won't
5 GIs, 4 Iraqi Police Killed, Copter Crashes in Iraq
Commander: US Underestimated Insurgency
Iraqi Expats Begin Voting
Hamas Wins Overwhelming Victory in Gaza Vote
FBI Wants to Expand Intel Gathering
The War Party's Achilles' Heel?
by Thomas Knapp
Journalists' Objectivity Needs Balance of Truth  by Chris Hedges
The Dangerous Families of the Fallen  by Cindy Sheehan
Exhuming the Truth
an interview with Sibel Edmonds
Searches and Seizures
by Jacob G. Hornberger
'They Can't Throw Us All in Jail'
by Geov Parrish

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Rice Takes Office With Vow of 'Bold Agenda'
Losing Feith
Bush's Stake Is Huge in Iraqi Elections
Insurgents Attack US Troops, Polls, 20 Killed
From Holocaust to Hyperpower
Gonzales' Unanswered Questions
Report: PR Spending Doubled Under Bush
Insult to Injury: Wounded Vets Pay Their Own Way
Why Was Study of Iraqi Civilian Deaths Ignored?
US Missile Shield Finds Few Takers in Canada
Marines Organize to Stop Iraq Election Attacks
Today in Iraq
'Fallujah Is Fine, Now Go Back to Sleep'
Who the Shi'ites Are and What They Believe
In Baghdad, Women Fear Everyone
Voters in Mosul Need a Shield of Snipers
DOD Releases Names of 16 Marines Killed in Helicopter Crash
Across Baghdad, Security Is Only an Ideal
Violent Intimidation Campaign Nearly Paralyzes Baghdad
Occupying Iraq
The Global Impact of the Iraq War
US Troops Step Up Operations in Baghdad
Danes, Facing an Election, Turn Against Iraq War
Saddam General Offers Exit Strategy
Coalition Pull-Out From Iraq Gathers Pace
100 Companies Receiving the Largest Dollar Volume of Prime Contract Awards
Gadhafi Son Says Iraqi Resistance Is Legitimate
Improvised Bombs Baffle Army
Iraq Elections
The Dollar Campaigns for Allawi
13 Million Iraqis Sign on to Vote
Iraqi Election Candidates Finally Revealed
Iraqi Political Lists to Watch
Iraq Election Issues
Ballot Boxes Dispatched in Iraq
How Iraq's Election Will Work
Shi'ites Set to Flex Political Muscle in Sunday's Vote
Sistani-Backed Candidates Bid to Edge Allawi Out of Iraq Top Job
One Candidate Has a Simple Solution: Crown Him King
Saddam Has 'Right to Vote,' but Won't Be Allowed To
Network Anchors Head to Baghdad
Iraqis May Have to Wait Weeks for Election Results
Expats Vote
Lowered Expectations for Iraqi Expatriate Turnout
Frustration Mixes With Joy for Iraqi-American Voters
20,166 Iraqis Residing in Jordan Register to Vote
American Iraqis Replace Debates With Ballots
'Low Turnout' Dismays UK Iraqis
Fearing the Vote
Retaken Iraqi Cities Fearful as Vote Nears
Election Workers in Cross Hairs
Wealthy Iraqi Families Flee Before Elections
Neighbors' Bated Breath
As Shi'ites Inherit Iraq, the Arab World Trembles
Arab Media Give Iraq Election Center Stage
Iran Watches Iraq Vote Closely
Turkey's Erdogan Says Iraq Vote Undemocratic
Turks Fear Civil War if Kurds Win in Iraq
Attacks Continue
Massacres and Brutality: The New Model for Iraq
Terror Blitz as Iraq Seals Borders for Election Day
Zarqawi Group Kills Allawi Aide, Shows Video
Saboteurs Target Iraq's Power and Water Supplies
Car Bomb Explodes Near US Base in Ramadi
Marine, Nine Others Killed on Eve of 3-Day 'Election Holiday'
Before Sniper Struck, Platoon Leader Was Encouraging Iraqis to Vote
Kurds Returning to Kirkuk
Turkish PM: US Bears Responsibility for Kirkuk
Cracks Surfacing Fast in Iraq's North
South Asia
India's US-Pakistan Suspicions Deepen
Bomb Kills Three at Bangladesh Rally
26 Hurt in Kashmir Election Office Attack
SE Asia
Philippines Army Bombs Militants
Indonesia Offering 'Olive Branch' to Rebels

Indonesian Soldiers Accused of Taking Bribes for Tsunami Evacuation

Japanese Military Lands in Aceh for Relief Work

16 Vietnamese Troops Die in Helicopter Crash

East Asia
South Korean Paper: North Korea Bought a Nuke

Air Links for China, Taiwan

US War at Home
Homeland Security May Not Get Funding Boost
Returning Veterans Paint Grim Picture of War's Toll
Two Live Grenades in Luggage of Soldier Returning From Iraq
Lawyer: Reservist Will Make Plea Deal in Abu Ghraib Case
Rumsfeld's Attendance at Security Conference Uncertain

Kennedy: Pull Troops From Iraq

San Diego to Host Huge Warfare Tech Conference and Expo: Open to the Public
UK War at Home
UK Sends 220 More Troops to Iraq
Blair Under Fire for Sending More Troops to Iraq
War on Terror
US Truckers Recruited in Terror War
Rights Group: Spain's Counterterrorism Measures Infringe on Rights
UK Home Secretary: Citizens Have Reason to Fear House Arrest Without Trial
UK Home Secretary Faces Backlash Over Terrorism Laws
Blair Defends House Arrest Without Trial
UK Could Punish Families, Friends of Terrorists
UK Abuse Scandal
Witness: UK Soldier Bragged About Shocking Detainees
UK Soldier Took Abuse Pictures 'For His Mum'
With Four Brits Released From Guantanamo, Activists Call for More
UK Agreed to Monitor Freed Gitmo Four
US: Those Gitmo Britons We Freed Are Still a Threat
Gitmo Soldier Details Sexual Tactics
Gitmo Translator Describes Interrogation Practices

Israeli AG: Land Held by Jewish Org Must Also Be Sold to Arabs

US Official: Israel Must Stop Building in the Settlements

Israel Disbands Ultra-Orthodox Army Units to Prevent Mutinies

Palestinians Vote in Municipal Gaza Election

Rights Group: Israeli Army Doctor Used Palestinian Corpse for Anatomy Lesson

Mideast 'Breakthrough'

Sharon: Conditions Ripe for 'Historic Breakthrough' With Palestinians

Sharon Pays Tribute to Abbas as Rice Plans Visit to Middle East

Palestinians Ban Citizens From Carrying Weapons

Sharon Praises Abbas for 'Disarming' Civilians

US Names New Commander in Afghanistan
Afghan Parliament Elections Face Delays

Afghan Soldier Kills Five Others on Shooting Spree

US to Supply Helicopters for Afghan Anti-Poppy Farm Missions

Afghan Jew Becomes Country's One and Only

Middle East
Assad Warns Middle East States Face Break-Up Threat
Libya Plans Sweeping Reforms
Syria Wants Greater Russian Role in Middle East Peace
US Issues Terror Alert for Kuwait
Iran: European Carrot, American Stick
Iran Says 10 Million Ready to Fight US
Khatami Stresses Common Interests With Afghanistan
DM: Russia Can Only Afford Half Its Army
Russians Battle 'Islamists' in Kabardino-Balkaria Apartment Building

Rebel Attacks Spread From Chechnya

Russian Officers Suspected of Helping in Plot to Seize Beslan School

In Russia, Disrespect for State, Reporting Unpleasant Truths Grounds for Expulsion

Monitors: 100 Killed in Darfur Air Raid
Sudan's Bombing of Darfur 'Breaks Cease Fire'
Sudanese Peace Pressures Uganda
In Other News

Diplomats Urge EU Action in Kosovo

Venezuelan Opposition Candidate Charged With Treason Over US Funding

Blair Urges Increased Focus on Africa
Riggs Bank Agrees to $41 Million in Penalties

Payola Pundits for War?

Elections and Torture

The ICG Strikes Again

His Rhetoric, Our Reality

Ivan Eland
Should Iran Be The Next Target?

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part One

Ran HaCohen
The Threat of Peace

Sascha Matuszak
Issues for East Asia: A Sinocentric View

Praful Bidwai
Hopes for Indo-Pak Peace in '05

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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