From Lebanon to Iraq and Back: Leon Hadar
Who Will Read to the President?: Ray McGovern
Sandbagging the EU: Gordon Prather
Why Israel Fears Iranian Nukes: Roger Howard
Democratization or Disintegration?: Jim Lobe

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James Madison
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Updated March 6, 2005 - 11:02 PM EST
State Dept: Syria Move 'Not Enough'
Sistani's Pushes, Shi'ites Vow New Govt by 15th
Drawn-Out Talks on Govt Upset Iraqis
Kurds Seek Shi'ite Assurances of Democratic Iraq
New Rule Lets CIA Send Suspects to Foreign Jails
US Under Pressure to Explain Italian Convoy Shooting in Iraq
Israel: Iranian Guard Must Withdraw From Lebanon Along With Syrians
From Lebanon to Iraq and Back
by Leon Hadar
Who Now Will Read to the President in the Morning?
By Ray McGovern
Taysir Doesn't Deserve This
by Ramzy Baroud
Why Israel Really Fears Iranian Nukes, Part Three  by Roger Howard
Sandbagging the EU  by Gordon Prather
Is the AIPAC/Neocon Scandal About to Blow Up?  by David Corn

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China: No Independence for Taiwan
Moldava's Pro-Western Communists Lead Vote
Chalabi Seeks Anti-US Coalition, Kurds Demand Kirkuk
US 'Friendly Fire' Incidents Increasing Dramatically
US-Italy Relations Chilled by Killing of Agent
Militant Groups Scour Europe for Iraq Fighters
Lies Military Recruiters Tell
Women Fear Losing Rights in New Iraq
Freed Hostage Attacked
Freed Italian Hostage Says US Shooting Was Not Justified
Surviving Kidnapping and US Attack, Journalist Returns Home
Italian Hostage Tells How Rescuer Saved Her Twice
US Attack Against Italians in Was Deliberate: Companion
Bush Promises Full Investigation Into Hostage Shooting
Dead Italian Agent Brokered Other Releases
Release of Italian Hostage Good Omen for French Journalist
Body of Slain Italian Agent Gets Hero's Welcome
Journalist's Shooting Stirs Italian Anger
Today in Iraq
New Photos Believed to Be Zarqawi
Kirkuk - Kurds' Bottom Line in Coalition Talks
A Man of Candor and Caution
No One Safe on Baghdad's Roads, Iraqis Say
Iraqis Increasingly Turn Anger on Insurgents
Recent Crackdown Has Paralyzed Insurgent Cell, Leader Admits
Car Bomb Making Factory Raided in Mosul
Murder and Torture
Four UK Soldiers Face Charges Over Death of Iraqi in Custody
UK Troops to Quit in Protest of Murder Charges
Fallen From the Ranks
RAF Dragged Into Abuse Row
Attacks Continue
Violence Continues to Plague Iraq
Four US Soldiers Killed in Action in Iraq, Another Dies in Accident
Seven Iraqi Soldiers Killed in Attacks
Americans Keep Dying
Maine Soldier Dies in NY Hospital on Return From Iraq
Titusville (FL) Girl Knows Her Soldier Dad Was a Hero
Soldier (FL) Loved in Neighborhood Is Killed in Iraq
Korean-Born Soldier Killed in Iraq
Family Mourns for Soldier (TX) Killed in Iraq
Weston (MO) Mourns Fallen Soldier
Iowa Soldier From Oelwein Injured in Iraq Dies
National Guard Soldier From Meridian (MS) Killed in Iraq
Two Ft Carson GIs With Puerto Rican Roots Mourned
South Florida Man Killed While Serving in Iraq
South Carolina GI Killed in Iraq
Two Army Specialists From Queens Dead in Iraq
Son of North Aurora (IL) Man Killed in Iraq
Grand River (OH) Mourns Marine as Policeman, Friend and Son
Tripoli (IA) Native Killed in Iraq
GI (PA) With Arkansas Ties Killed
Oklahoma Soldier Killed in Iraq
Springfield (IL) Native Dies in Iraq
India Begins De-Mining of Kashmir Bus Route
Pakistanis Raid Suspected Al-Qaeda Hideout
Two Foreign Militants Killed in North Waziristan
Congress Hints at US Retaliation if EU Lifts China Arms Ban
China's War Talk on Taiwan Heightens British Arms Feud
China's Premier 'Seeks Peace With Taiwan, Stable Economy'
China Seeks to Modernize Army
Indonesia Says 30 Aceh Rebels Killed in a Week
Indonesia Urges Respect for Court Decision on Cleric
Poll: Smaller Majority of Indonesian Muslims Now Oppose US War on Terror
Anti-Base Activist Forced to Rent Land for Use by US Navy on Okinawa
North Korea Shrugs Off US Rights Report
Three Militants, Two Afghan Civilians Killed
Kyrgyz Protests at Ballot 'Fraud' Continue
Mayor Fears More Violence After Arroyo Junks Ceasefire Call
Nepal Regime Cracks Down on College Teachers
UN: Women, Children Among Congo Militias
UN to Replace Congo Mission Head
Congo Tribal Killings Create a New Wave of Refugees
In Congo, Suffering and Abuse That Know No Bounds
Local Militia Threatens Kenya-Based Somali President
Niger Begins Enforcement of Ban on Slavery
Former Ally Set to Fight Mugabe
Bush Plays Down Canada's Missile Defense Decision
Chavez: Days of Cheap Oil Over
Democracy Summit Set for Havana
New Leftists Emerge in Latin America
Bush: Syria an Obstacle to Middle East Peace
Syria Vows Troops to Quit Lebanon 'As Soon as Possible'
Sharon: Partial Syrian Pullout Not Enough
Russia Says Syria Will Quit Lebanon
What's Happening in Lebanon: Interview With Fadi K. Agha, Foreign Policy Advisor to President Emil Lahoud
US-Engineered Lebanese Elections of 1957
Key Players in Lebanon's Power Struggle
Shooting Erupts in Beirut Christian Sector
Lebanon Troops Deploy Briefly Near Syrian Intel HQ
Change Heartens Lebanese Opposition Leader
US Military
National Guard Will Rethink Threatening Recruitment Letter
Patriot Missile Problems Led to Friendly Fire Deaths
NORAD Expansion Possible
Military Dismantles Cold War Radar Systems
Largest Military Training Exercise in US History Begins in Nevada
US Prepares to Close MacDill AF Base, HQ for Central Command
Stratcom Chief Says Defense Requires a Global Approach
The War at Home
Montana Governor, Anticipating Wildfires, Wants Guard Troops Back
Congressman Says Syria Nuke Comment a Joke
Ex-CIA Director Says He Wasn't Overwhelmed
War on Terror
Analysts See bin Laden, Zarqawi as Independent Operators
Welcome to a Town Called Terror
Swiss Police Hold Suspected Militants
UK Homeland Security
Top Ex-Cop: Up to 200 Al-Qaeda Terrorists in Britain
UK Terror Suspects to Be Kept in Jail Despite High Court Demands They Be Freed
UK Plans New Terror Law Following Election
UK Legal Expert in Iraq Joins Critics of Terror Laws
From Gloucester to Afghanistan: the Making of a Shoe Bomber
Iran Warns Against UN Sanctions
Iran Warns of Oil Crisis
Mideast Peace?
NATO May Be Part of Israel-Palestine 'Peace Force'
Abbas: No Order in Palestinian Areas Until Handover
Mideast Faces a Quandary: Is a Halt in Killings a Truce?
Palestinians Seize Weapons in New Crackdown
Sources: Israel to Release Jordanian Prisoners Later This Month
Fatah Members Slam Resignation of Party Officials
Witnesses: Israeli Units Target Palestinian Boys
Israeli Police May Use New Tactic in Clashes With Anti-Barrier Protestors
Saudi Arabia
Candidates Backed by Sunni Clerics Win Saudi Municipal Poll
Saudi Private Sector Plays Major Role in Mending Fences With the West
Middle East
Yemen Monitors Religious Schools for 'Twisted Ideas'
Jordanís FM Visits Israel After Four Years
Russia & Her Neighbors
Russian Troops on Alert in Moldovan Region
Russian Duma Demands Sanctions on Moldova
Russia Wonít Elaborate on Preventive Strikes Against Terrorists
Russia Says Caspian Sea Agreement Must Cover Military Activities
French Workers Threaten EU Vote
Kuchma Returns to Storm in Ukraine Over Ex-Minister's Death
IRA Faces Revolt From Families
Sinn Fein Struggles to Defuse IRA Crisis
UK DM's Study Reveals Potential Impact of Nuclear Sub Accident
Weekend Reviews
Gunner Palace Shows Surreal Side of Iraq War
Brokedown Palace
Inside 'Gunner Palace'
Shooting the Action in Iraq Without Taking Sides
Evidence of a White House 'Cult'
Bracing Critique of the 'Terror War'
When Presidents Lie: A History of Deception and Its Consequences

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Lebanon: Hope and Trepidation

Consequences of the Hague Inquisition

George W. Bush Fails to Learn from Jimmy Carter's Naive Human Rights Policy

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Democracy, a Free Press, and Other Fantasies

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India Talks Down to Its Neighbors

Ilana Mercer
Syria Out Doesn't Mean U.S. In

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An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

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Issues for East Asia: A Sinocentric View

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