Coexisting with a Rising China?: Ivan Eland
Time to Oppose the Draft Is Now: Kevin Zeese
The Real Threat From Bolton: Jude Wanniski
WMD Doomsday Distractions: Alan Reynolds
Jail (or Worse) for Journalists: Aaron Glantz

We must not confuse dissent with disloyalty. When the loyal opposition dies, I think the soul of America dies with it.
Edward R. Murrow
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Updated April 12, 2005 - 11:29 PM EDT
US Slams Iraqi Amnesty Plan
Military Spending Bill Is Ripe for the Stuffing
Sharon Warns of 'Civil War' in Israel
Lebanon Leaders Delay Cabinet Formation
20 Iraqis Killed by US Air Attack in Western Iraq
US Plans Retreat From Iraq as Pentagon Claims Progress
Newly Released Papers Expose Negroponte's Contra Role
Iraqi Ambassador Urges UN to Lift Saddam-Era Sanctions
How Many Divisions Does the Pope Have?  by Robert Higgs
Regime Change Was an Immoral Excuse for War   by Jacob G. Hornberger
Bomb, Bomb, Bomb,
Bomb, Bomb Iran
 by Stephen Bender
The Real Threat From John Bolton
by Jude Wanniski
The Time to Oppose the Draft Is Now  by Kevin B. Zeese
Torture Air, Incorporated
by Jeffrey St. Clair

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Rumsfeld Makes Surprise Visit to Baghdad
Bolton Ducks and Weaves as Dems Come Out Swinging
As Syria Pulls Out, Lebanon Again in Flux
The Evolution of an Insurgency
Cover the Resistance, Go to Prison or Worse
US, Iraqi Troops on the Retreat in Iraq
Hezbollah Flies Spy Drone Over Israel
Amid Tehran's Protests, Washington Gives $3m to 'Boost Democracy in Iran'
Bush and Sharon in Sync on Gaza but Not Over Thorny Issue of West Bank
Today in Iraq
Marine Base Attacked in Iraq; New Tactics in Play
US-Led Forces Arrest 65 Suspected Insurgents in Baghdad Raid
Fallujah Sees Limited Progress Toward Rebuilding
US: Iraq Insurgent Push in North Waning
Hostage Crises
US Contractor Kidnapped in Iraq
Pakistani Kidnapped in Iraq Safe, Pakistan Says
Romanian Journalists Campaign for Hostages in Iraq
Foreigners Still Held Hostage in Iraq
Iraq: Focus on Increase in Kidnappings
Attacks Continue
Bomb Kills at Least Two in Iraqi Market
Three Suicide Car Bombs Hit US Military Position in Iraq
Two Car Bomb Blasts in West Iraq
Iraq Occupation
With Zarqawi Elusive, US, Iraqi Forces Hunt Anopther Alleged Insurgency Leader
Marine Commander Claims: 'We Almost Caught Zarqawi'
Laptop-Triggered Mines Heading to Iraq
Anti-Proliferation Group Holds Talks in Pakistan
Mullahs Target Women Runners
US Air Strikes Kill 12 Suspected Taliban
NZ Troops in Afghanistan Could Be War Criminals for Working With US
Vicenza Families Anxiously Await News From Afghanistan Helicopter Crash
Vigilantes May Be Nepal's Secret Weapon Against Rebels
Maoist Terror Atack Kills One, Injures Seven in Nepal
China Builds a Smaller, Stronger Military
Chinese Village Protest Turns Into Riot of Thousands
China: Religious Repression of Uighur Muslims
Rift Over China Aid Bank Application
Noth Korea
US Says No Deadline, Concessions for North Korea
US Says Talks Still Best Way to Disarm North Korea
North Korean Parliament Approves Budget
US Warns Philippines South Could Become 'New Afghanistan'
Philippines Downplays US Warning on Extremists in Mindanao
Revolution, Interrupted: Author Tom Bissell on Kyrgyzstan
Kyrgyzstan Formalizes Akayev Resignation
Kyrgyz MPs Set Election Date
Japan Calls for Dialogue After Violent Protests in China
Japan and India Face New Hurdle in UN Fight
India, China Forge Link Hoping to 'Reshape World Order'
India and China Finally End Their Historic Rivalry
Myanmar Dodges ASEAN Row
Aceh Rebels Split Over Peace Talks
Colombia's Peace Process at Risk
FARC Poised for New Battle in Long War
Colombia Shrugs Off Paramilitary Threat Over Talks
Gen. Myers: War vs. Colombia Rebels Being Won
US Military
War's Toll on US Military Gear May Be $8 Billion a Year
Pentagon's Long List of Bases to Close
Wanted: A New School for Spies
US Air-Launches Ballistic Missile as Target in Missile Defense Test
Recruiters Fight Long Odds
Prewar Fragger's Mental Health Issues
Groups Provide Disabled Iraq Vets Housing
Bolton to the UN
Bolton Reacts Mildly to Democrats' Barbs
Bolton Pledges to Strengthen UN as US Envoy
America's Legacy of Unlikely UN Envoys
The War at Home
Immigration Issues Seek a Ride on Iraq Bill
Recent Washington Scandals Test 'Honesty Is the Best Policy'
Intelligence Chief Is Urged to Assert Powers Quickly
National Guard Eyed in Fire Season
US Audit Probes $212 Mln in Halliburton Iraq Work
Study: Nuclear Plants Not Keeping Track of Waste
War on Terror
Omaha to Get Terror War Think Tank
Australian Security Checks Spark Diplomatic Row
Political Limbo Fuels Fear of Militia Revival in Lebanon
Lebanese Mark War Anniversary With Show of Unity
Bush Opposes New Israeli Settlements, Endorses Pullout
Israel to Disarm Settlers Before Pullout
Palestinians Urge Sharon to Heed Bush on Settlements
What's Going to Happen to Israel's Settlers?
Invited to Bush Ranch, Sharon Beds at Hotel
Palestinians Pledge to Trade Guns for Jobs
Palestinians Slam Israeli Incursion Into Nablus
Israel Holds Fire but Issues Warning
Egypt Police Follow Extremist Trail Behind Attack
Govt: Cairo Bomb Exploded Prematurely
Middle East
Army Preparing to Close Camp Doha, Shift Operations to Other Kuwait Bases
OPEC Set to Boost Supplies in May
Russia and US Reach Deal to Save OSCE
Oil Booms, but Investors Flee Russia
Europe Parliament Almost Completely Empty
Polish President Offers Support for Ukraine's EU Entry
Italian Business Chiefs Urge Early Elections
German Ruling Says Dresden Was a Holocaust
US Official Ties Sudan Aid to Darfur
Annan Calls for Urgent Sudan Help
Algerian Troops Clash With Muslim Fundamentalist Gunmen, One Killed
Uganda in Court Over DR Congo Claims
Thugs Desert Mugabe Camp

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Et Tu, Pat?

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