DHS Reform Unlikely: Ivan Eland
The Real Oil-for-Food Scandal: Jude Wannski
New Labour and the Police: Andrew Gilligan
Liberty During Wartime: Orange County Register
Targeting Tehran: Aaron Glantz

No protracted war can fail to endanger the freedom of a democratic country.
Alexis de Tocqueville
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Updated April 19, 2005 - 11:26 PM EDT
Crisis That Wasn't Exposes Iraqi Splits
Benedict XVI: German Conservative Elected Pope
Vote on Bolton's Nomination is Delayed
Talabani Won't Sign Saddam's Death Warrant
Moussaoui Planning to Admit 9/11 Role
Army Circulated Torture 'Wish Lists' in Iraq
State Dept. Won't Continue to Publish Terror Stats
12th Anniversary of State-Terrorist Raid at Waco
Secret FBI Report Highlights Domestic Terror
Senseless Death of the Woman Who Fought Bush on Iraq
Postwar Iraq Could Become 'The Biggest Corruption Scandal in History'
The Neocons' Unabashed Reversal
by Michael Kinsley
Preserving Liberties in
a Time of War
Orange County Register
What Realism Isn't, What Libertarianism Is  by Justin Logan
The Real Oil-for-Food Scandal
by Jude Wanniski
Mourning Marla Ruzicka  by Jill Carroll
New Labour and the Police
by Andrew Gilligan

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Taliban on Its Way Out?
Top GOP Lawmaker May Vote Against UN Nominee
Senate Asks Bush for Iraq War-Cost Estimates
Italy Plunges Back Into Political Chaos as Berlusconi Stands Firm
US Freezes Israel Out of Jet Development Over China Cooperation
Georgia's President: One More Country on the 'Velvet Revolution' List
Our Fight Is Over, Say India and Pakistan
Japan Emerges as America's Deputy Sheriff in the Pacific
Blast Set By Militants Damages Iraqi Oil Pipeline
Today in Iraq
Iraqi Defense Official Assassinated by Gunmen
Iran's Role in the Transformation of Iraq
Shi'ite Alliance: Saddam Should Be Executed if Convicted
Fallujah Clampdown Hinders Economy, Daily Life
Iraqi Troops Stumble Upon Car Bomb Factory
Attacks Continue
10 Iraqis Killed in Attacks Across Iraq
The Grim Reaper, Riding a Firetruck in Iraq
Ordeal for Iraqi Journalists Continues With Reports of Five New Killings
Iraq Bomb Kills US Soldier, Wounds Another
Militants Say Kill Three Iraqis Working at US Base
The New Iraq
In Iraq, Security in Name Only
Iraq: Doctors Fear Hepatitis Outbreak
For Relief in Iraq, a Soldier Marathon
Taliban Return to Afghanistan's Air Waves
Dutch Commandos Depart for Afghan Anti-Terror Mission
Blast Kills Two Children in Southeast Afghanistan
US Forces Arrest 24 Suspected Taliban
China/Japan Tensions
Japanese Official's Trip to China Fails to Ease Disputes
Rallies Raise Doubts Over Beijing Control
Japan and China Consider Top-Level Meeting Over Crisis
Japanese Businesses Feel Heat of Chinese Rage
Japanese Companies Play Down Protest Worries
China-Japan Ties at '30-Year Low'
China Curbs Civil Society Groups
Sex Is a Bust in China's Army
North Korea
N. Korea Nuclear Reprocessing Delays Talks, US Says
US Sees Possible UN Action on North Korea
North Koreans Think the Unthinkable
India, Pakistan to Defy US on Iran Pipeline
Indo-Pak Leaders Say Peace 'Irreversible'
India and Pakistan to Create 'Soft Border'
Musharraf Warns India on Kashmir Dispute
Zardari Pledges Campaign for Democracy in Pakistan
Beachfront Protesters Mark Year Blocking US Air Base in Okinawa
Much Looks Familiar in Kyrgyz Regime
Maoists Slaughter 10 Nepalese Civilians, Bomb, Burn Village
Philippines Resumes Peace Negotiations With Muslim Rebels
Basques Attempt to Find Coalition
EU Considers Binding Rules on Arms Sales
Macedonian Denies Guilt at Hague
Turk Cypriot Election Clears Way for More Peace Moves
Chirac Cabinet Tears Itself Apart Over EU Constitution
Germany's War Children Now Counting the Cost
Belgrade Steps Toward Joining EU
In Other News
Russian Regions Vote to Unite
Ecuador's Congress Sacks Judges
US Military
Guard Recruiters Shunned
US Military's Elite Hacker Crew
Combat Role for Women Confused
Changing Defense Needs Likely to Limit F/A-22 Raptor Production
Soldier Blogs Bring the Front Line to the Folks at Home
Truman Carrier Group Returns From Iraq
The War at Home
Panel Sets Vote Today on Bolton Nomination to UN
Marla Ruzicka: A Disarming Presence in a Dangerous World
Houston Oilmen Plead Innocent to Oil-for-Food Charge
Homeland Security
Decision on Domain Registry Signals Post-9/11 Priorities
Government Workers to Get Biometric IDs
Judge Won't Block DC Ban on Hazmat Rail Shipments
Doctor in Anthrax Case Is Left With Broken Pieces of a Life
War on Terror
Germany, Russia Silent on 'Spying Consul' Report
US Offers to Help Bangladesh Combat Terrorism
Madrid Bomb Suspect Sent to Italy
Lebanon, 30 Years On
Lebanon PM-Designate Vows Quick Govt., Elections in May
UN Chief to Report on Syria Pullout From Lebanon
Hariri Bombing Claims 20th Victim
200 Arrested in Iran Ethnic Unrest
Al-Jazeera Reporters Banned From Iran
Iran Looks East for Alliances Based on Oil
Sharon May Delay Gaza Pullout to Mid-August
Israel Seeks Bids for New West Bank Settlement Homes
US Again Warns Israel Against Expanding West Bank Settlements
Israeli Court Rejects Petitions Against Gaza Pullout
Peres Says Israel Will Help Abbas Defeat Hamas in Vote
Israeli Soldiers Who Killed Gaza Teens Didn't 'Aim at Legs'
Fatah: Gaza Attack Revenge for Killing of Three Boys
Middle East
Egypt's Judges Take a Stand Against Electoral Fraud
Saudi Shura Council Enjoys Free Speech
Shot BBC Reporter Back at Work
Five Marines Injured in Kuwait Road Accident
Ivory Coast Pullback Plan Agreed Ahead of Disarmament Talks
Weapons Ban on DR Congo Fighters
Offering Olive Branch to a Brutal Uganda Foe
Opposition Group Says Togo Voters Need Peacekeepers
Rwanda Ex-Leader's Appeal Begins
Mugabe Rejects Western-Style Democracy
Hundreds Ready to Surrender Under Algerian Amnesty
Colombia Rebels Attack Town Twice in Week
Colombia’s Peace Talks Near Collapse

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India, Pakistan Take a Big Stride Forward

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Is Iran Next?

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Democracy, a Free Press, and Other Fantasies

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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