A Fire Bell for the West? Michael Scheuer
Orange Revolution Turns Red: Anders Aslund
US Stumbles Over Uzbekistan: Jim Lobe
Back to Kosovo: Nebojsa Malic
Spare Russia, China the Sermons: Leon Hadar

The opposite of war is not peace, it's creation.
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Updated May 19, 2005 - 11:25 PM EDT
Bush: Not Enough US Bureaucrats in Iraq
US: Tbilisi Grenade Was Live, Targeted Bush

PATRIOT Expansion: Subpoenas w/o Court Orders

US Held Secret Meeting With North Koreans in NY
Gunmen in Iraq Kill Top Sistani Aide

'War on Terror' at Odds With 'War on Castro'?

Worst Gaza Strip Clash in Three Months

UK's Straw Demands Uzbek Inquiry

A Fire Bell in the Night for the West?  by Michael Scheuer
New Pope a Strong Critic of War
by Michael Griffin
The Orange Revolution Turns
 by Anders Aslund
The True Purpose of Torture
by Naomi Klein
The US and Its 'Special' Dictator
by Pepe Escobar
Not a Pretty Picture by Sydney Schanberg

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US Caught Up Short by Uzbekistan Violence

Posada Arrest Puts Bush in Tough Political Spot

Report: Ex-AIPAC Officials Briefed Israel Embassy Official

Koran Allegation May Long Resonate Despite Retraction

Afghan Clerics Defer Jihad Against US Until Desecration Suspects Extradited

Koran More Than a Book for Muslims

Groups Suing FBI Over Monitoring


Air Force Seeks Bush's Approval for Space Weapons Programs

Iraq Today

Fallujah: The World's Largest Gated Community

Saddam Rallies Defense Team for War Crimes Trial

Iraqi Web Sites Offer Sniper Training

US Trainers Find Flaws, Gaps in Iraqi Forces

New Iraq Laws Would Punish Those Who Provide Aid or Withhold Information

Australian Iraq Hostage 'To Be Freed Soon'

Killing Clerics

Shi'ite, Sunni Clerics Shot Dead in Baghdad

Iraq Sunni Cleric Blames Shi'ites for Killings

Shi'ite, Sunni Leaders in Iraq Trade Terrorism Charges on TV

Iraq Sunni Group Attacks 'State Terrorism'

Civil War Fears as Baghdad Clerics Murdered

The War Goes On

Iraq's Insurgency: Persistent, Deadly, and Flexible

US: Attacks Surged After Insurgents Met in Syria

20 Killed in Latest US Strike on Mosul

Turkey Launches Attacks on Kurdish Bases in Iraq

'Zarqawi' Defends Slaying of Muslims

Official: Zarqawi Ordered Iraq Attacks

Seven More Bodies Found West of Baghdad


Convicted Abuser Apologizes, Takes Responsibility

Britain Probes Iraq Abuse Claims


Pro-Settler Pollard: Sharon Is Exploiting My Case to Advance Pullout

Israel Launches First Airstrike Since Cease-Fire

Gaza Flare-Up Puts Truce in Jeopardy

Israel Threatens to Resume Gaza Incursions

Israel Vows to Crush 'Jewish Terrorism'

Tight Israeli Borders Choke Palestinian Business

Soldier Who Fired at Unarmed Palestinian Sentenced to Prison

Interview: Shimon Peres

Japan Bets on Middle East Peace

Middle East

Moroccan Torture Agent Writes Books to Clear Conscience

US Criticizes Saudi Reformer Jailings

Citizenship Ordeal Casts Spotlight on Qatar's Human Rights Record


US Troops Accused of Killing 75-Year-Old Afghan During Search

Spain May Deploy 500 Extra Soldiers in Afghanistan

Afghans Turn in Homemade Bombs

Police Seize Bombs Throughout Afghanistan

In Other News

Venezuela to Soon Launch 24-Hour TV News Network Telesur

Conference Probes Islamic Stereotypes in Media

Report: Muslim World Largely Anti-American

Vietnam Legislators Mull Shortening Conscription Age, Time

Arming Outer Space

'Star Wars' Could Spark Arms Race, US Warned

Space Could Be Next Battleground

Experts: US Space Assets Vital but Vulnerable


Uzbek Uprising Triggered by Rights Violations, Say Activists

Tales of Uzbek Violence Suggest Larger Tragedy

Muslim Leader Calls for Uprising in Uzbek Town

Democracy in Uzbekistan Not a Priority for West

Islamic Rebels Claim to Hold Uzbek Town

Uzbekistan Leadership Running Out of Options

UN Demands Uzbek Shootings Probe

Refugees Tell of Horror in Andijan

Rice: US Has Pushed Uzbekistan on Human Rights for 'Quite Some Time'

Uzbekistan's Massacre City Opens to the World, but Where Are All the People?

Karimov Faces Pressure From West Over Uzbek Killings

US Military

Bye-Bye Military Base, Hello Prosperity

Antiwar Protesters Show Up at Military Recruitment Seminar

Pentagon Aims to Shift Defense Facilities Out of DC Area

Officers Thrown Out for Mock Executions

San Francisco Students Demand End to Recruitment on Campus

Panel Member Says Military May Need Bases Slated for Closure


Galloway Wins on Points Rather Than Knockout, Say US Papers

Brit Fries Senators in Oil

Galloway Claims Victory Over US

Galloway: The Man Who Took on America


Florida Court Summons 100 Israelis to Testify in Islamic Jihad Terror Trial

Terror Experts: Rift Between Arabs, Asians Probably Damaging al-Qaeda

NJ Man Arrested for Accusing Relative of Being al-Qaeda Member

US Says al-Qaeda Hurting for Funds


Europe, Iran to Resume Nuclear Dialogue

Iran Could Delay Resuming Nuclear Work

Chinese Trade, US Socialism

US Gives China Ultimatum: Change Your Exchange Rate, or Else

China Slams US, EU for Anti-Trade Policies


Eighteen Killed as Police, Displaced Clash in Sudan

Eq. Guinea 'Coup Leader' Faces Extradition to Prison Hell

The Mournful Math of Darfur

United Nations

Four States Make UN Security Council Pitch

Security Council Hopefuls Drop Call for Veto


Spain Indicts 13 Suspected Terrorists

Poland Urges EU to Admit Ukraine

Blair May Scrap EU Referendum if France Vote Fails

Chaos as Beslan Siege Trial Begins


Karimovís American Fan Club

Back to Kosovo

Media Coverage of Intelligence Manipulation Reflects Public Acceptance of Imperial Presidency

Tired of Empire?

Ran HaCohen
The Palestinian Gandhi

Praful Bidwai
India, Pakistan Take a Big Stride Forward

Sascha Matuszak
Laowai and Zibenren

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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