The Logic of Suicide Terrorism: Pape/McConnell
The Message of Carnage: Norman Solomon
CondiPerfidy: Gordon Prather
Familiar Debate Resumes: Jim Lobe
Nobody Attacks Civilization: Charley Reese

The means of defense against foreign danger historically have become the instruments of tyranny at home.
James Madison
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Updated July 10, 2005 - 11:21 PM EDT
Report: US, UK Readying Iraqi Pullout
An 'Endless' Terror War?
'Trying to Hit al-Qaeda Is Like Trying to Hit Jelly'
Suicide Bombers Kill at Least 48 in Iraq
'Newsweek': Rove Outed CIA Agent
North Korea Agrees to Rejoin Six-Nation Talks
Leaked Dossier Reveals al-Qaeda’s UK Recruits
Police: London Blasts Were Seconds Apart
In London, Islamic Radicals Found a Haven
Death Toll Approaches 80 as Roll Call of Missing Grows
UK Official Says Email Spying Could Have Stopped Killers
Familiar Debate Resumes in Wake of London Bombings  by Jim Lobe
Terrorism, the 'War on Terror' & the Message of Carnage by Norman Solomon
The Failed War on Terrorism
by Anthony Gregory
'The Time of Revenge Has Come'
by Juan Cole
Nobody Attacks Civilization
by Charley Reese
CondiPerfidy  by Gordon Prather

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20,000 Evacuated in UK City Terror Alert
Many Suddenly Fearing Attacks on Two Fronts
The Battle to Stop Freedom Falling Victim to Terrorism
Radical Cleric Warned of a 'Big Operation'
Marines Target Rebels in Fallujah Region
American Filmmaker Freed by US Forces in Iraq
Blair: London Bombings Linked to Mideast Conflict
Bush Likely to Get Increased Support for Iraq War, at Least for Now
London Police Give Warning That Bombers May Strike Again
Today in Iraq
Secular Shi'ites Press for Autonomy in South Iraq
Iraq Constitution Drafters Short on Time
Iraqis Worry That Diplomats May Flee Violence
Iraq Envoy 'Remarks' Anger Egypt
Zarqawi Rejects Call for Peace
Saddam Smokes Cuban Cigars in US Jail
Attacks Continue
Soldier Killed by IED Near Balad
Official of Largest Shi'ite Group Wounded
Three Iraqis Wounded in Blast in Mosul
Iraq Karate Official Kidnapped
Fighters Set Ablaze Iraqi Oil Refinery
Iraq Rebels Attack Key Infrastructure
Plan to Blow Up Iraq's Ministry of Interior Stopped
Security Incidents in Iraq, July 9
Americans Keep Dying
Corinth (NY) Soldier Dies From Injuries Suffered Last Year
Navy Seal From DC Died Leading Rescue Mission
Two Pompano Beach (FL) Soldiers Killed in Afghan Crash
First Hawaii Guardsman to Die in Iraq
Clarksville (TN) Soldier Among 17 in Afghan Copter Crash
Navy Seal From Boulder City (NV) Dies in Afghan Helicopter Crash
Danville (OH) Soldier One of 16 Killed in Afghan Crash
Raleigh (VA) Native Killed in Afghan Copter Crash, Family Says
Indiana Man Among 16 Killed in Afghanistan
Family Remembers Navy Seal From Florida Killed in Afghanistan
LI Navy Seal, Missing Since Attack in Afghanistan, Is Dead
Brooklyn (NY) Soldier Dies in Iraq
Fallen Soldier (AL) 'Knew the Job'
Town Grieves Loss of 'Fun-Loving Kid’ (MO)
Minnesota Native Killed in Helicopter Crash
Salvadoran-Born Soldier (CA) Dies in Fallujah
Kentucky National Guard Soldier Killed in Iraq
Seattle (WA) Soldier Killed in Iraq
Navajo Family Mourns Death of Soldier (NM) Killed in Iraq
Boys Ranch (TX) Alumnus Dies in Iraq
Long Beach (CA) Marine Killed in Iraq
Fallen Georgia Soldier Saluted
Taliban Claims to Kill 'Captured’ American
US Has No Proof on Taliban Claim of Killing US Soldier
Downed US Seals May Have Gotten Too Close to bin Laden
Drug Menace More Dangerous Than Terrorism for Afghanistan: Karzai
US-Led Forces Release 76 Afghan Prisoners
Afghans Say bin Laden More Likely in Pakistan
Kyrgyzstan to Elect New President
Russia Warns West on Kyrgyz Vote
South Asia
India, US Likely to Enhance Nuclear Cooperation
Fresh Violence in Kashmir as Hindu Pilgrimage Begins
Jaish Leader, 2 Others Killed in Kashmir
Four Rebels Dead in India Attack
Nepal Bans Passengers on Back of Motorcycles to Avert Rebel Attacks
East Asia
Rice Has No Plans to Improve Offer to North Korea in Arms Talks
Rice: China Intent on Pressuring North Korea
Chemical Weapons Test Site Fuels Rage Over Japanese Wartime Atrocities
Ex-Leader Likely Victor in Albania
Luxembourg Heads to the Polls in Tight Race Over EU Constitution
Hardline Serbs Defiant Before Srebrenica Memorial
Sudan Leader, Ex-Rebel Chief Join Forces
Sudan's Garang: From Rebel Leader to Statesman
US Welcomes Sudan Unity Government
Darfur to Get More Peacekeepers
Report: New al-Qaeda-Linked 'Jihadi' Group in Somalia
Somalia: Start of New Army Recruitment
African Heads Force Mugabe Into Talks
UN Envoy Ends Zimbabwe Fact-Finding Mission
G-8 Leaders Unveil $50b in African Aid
Congo Opposition Holds Rally Under Heavy Security
Finding Refuge in Nigeria, White Zimbabwe Farmers Sow First Crops
Timetable Set for a Truce in Ivory Coast
US and Rights Group Criticize Venezuela Trial Move
Brazil: Lula Raises Profile With Foreign Policy
In Other News
Report Says Mitterrand Approved Sinking of Greenpeace Ship
Has the G8 Summit Outlived Its Usefulness?
Blair Passes G-8 Torch to Putin
Group of Four Wants UN Vote July 20
Who Did It?
Mastermind of Madrid Is Key Figure
Terror Suspect: Mi5 Asks for Deportation
Who Were the Bombers?
Who Did It?
Who Did It - and What Was Their Motive?
Was This Work of the Gang With No Name?
Police Hunt 'Mercenary' Terror Gang Recruited by al-Qaeda
'Foreign Terrorist Cell' Was Behind London Bombings
Bombers May Be British Born
Second Islamic Group Claims London Bombs
Sifting Through the Clues
Killers Are Still Alive Say Police as Evidence Indicates Time Bombs
Clues in Carnage: the Path to Bombers Lies Amid Bits of Debris
Six Key Clues to Attacks
The Desperate Search
Bomb-Hit London Line to Yield More Bodies
Hope and Despair in the Search for the Missing
Relatives and Friends of the Missing Carry on a Desperate Mission
Photos Plead: Have You Seen This Person?
Rescuers Battle Horrific Conditions to Recover Bodies From King's Cross
Search for Bodies Continues in Temperatures of 140F
The Horror
Thursday: Minute by Minute, the Horror Emerges
Terror in London
The Horror
The Horror - Part Two
The Politics
Now That Terror Has Struck London, Will the British Blame Their Leader?
Blair Is Left Stronger After Toughest Week of His Career
Tories Hope London Bombs Will Put Pressure on IRA
The Aftermath
The City That Will Not Die
The Woman in the Mask Is Safe
Fans Undeterred by Bombings
For a Decade, London Thrived as a Busy Crossroads of Terror
Muslims in Britain
Islamic Leaders Will Issue 'Fatwa' on Terrorists
Inside the Minds of Britain's Young Muslims
London Bombers Have Nothing to Do With Islam: Saudi Cleric
Longtime Haven for Arabs Now Must Ask: Why Us?
Fears of Attacks 'On Anyone Who Looks Like a Muslim'
UK Security Reactions
The Secret War on Terror
UK Moves to Tighten Security Controls
Did Soft Touch Britain Make It Easy for the al-Qaeda Killers?
UK Nuclear Power Stations on Alert Over Terrorist Attacks
Anti-Terror Drill Revealed Soft Targets in London
'Dirty Bomb' Report Forces Us to Think the Unthinkable
Global Security Reactions
142 Arrested in Italy Terror Sweep
Ireland Put 200 on List of Terrorists
Saudi Ready to Help London Track Down Bombers: Interior Minister
Kuwait Heightens Security After London Blasts
Global Political Reactions
Europeans Ask Who's Next After London Bomb Blasts
The Bombings Elicit Shock and Shrugs From War-Weary Iraqis
Arab View: 'Enough, Enough'
IOC Official: No Olympic Link to Bombings
US Reactions
Bush: London Attacks Show Need to Stay on Offense
Govt: No Intelligence of Attacks on US
US Official Sees Zarqawi Spectre in London Attacks
Muslims React: Bay Area, US Groups Denounce Attacks as Barbaric
The War at Home
Navy: Guantanamo Commanding Officer Relieved of Duty
Abu Ghraib Suspect's Statements Inadmissible
Mystery Thickens in Secret Source Case
Lawmakers Protest Plan to Cut Military Jobs in Capital Area
Spielberg's Take on Terrorism Outrages the Critics
Netanyahu Warns West It Must Halt Iran Nuclear Plans
Iran-Iraq War Vet Named Iran Police Chief
Iran Reiterates Friendship With Gulf States After Spat
PA to Prevent Looting in Evacuated Settlements
PA Rallies Hundreds of Police to Secure Smooth Gaza Pullout
Abbas: Syria Is a Cornerstone in Our Causes
In Pictures: Jerusalem Homes Razed
Guard Admits Shooting Palestinian Teen by West Bank Barrier
Israel Reports Sporadic Violence in Gaza
Middle East
Lebanon's Aoun Reconsiders Decision Not to Join Government
Jordan's King Says Arab Frustration Fuels Extremism
OPEC Cannot Meet Demand, Saudi Say
Riyadh Says Wanted Militant Detained in Yemen, 12 Saudis Extradited

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