Bizarro Basra: Justin Raimondo
Before It's Too Late: Alan Bock
Policing Basra Is an Illusion: Boris Johnson
Not Your Father's Antiwar Movement: S. Gottlieb
Why 'Out Now' Makes Sense: Schwartz/Engelhardt

The release of atomic energy has not created a new problem. It has merely made more urgent the necessity of solving an existing one.
Albert Einstein
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Updated September 23, 2005 - 11:19 PM EDT

EU Reports Iran to Sec. Council After All

Poll: Majority Think US Will Lose Iraq, Want Out

Report: GIs Kill Dep. Mayor, Two Police in N. Iraq

Bush Rules Out Iraq Withdrawal

Bush: US Expects New Insurgent Violence in Iraq

American Mother Has Iraqi Audience

Top Dems Won't Attend DC Antiwar Rally

15 Killed, 80 Wounded in Blast at Hamas Rally
So Far, Iran Is Only Clear Winner of War on Saddam
Not Your Father's Antiwar Movement  by Sanford Gottlieb
The Occasional Media Ritual of Lamenting the Habitual  by Norman Solomon
The Backdoor to Military Rule in America  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Badr vs. Sadr  by Robert Dreyfuss
The Porn of War  by George Zornick
The War Was Based on a Lie – and Policing Basra Is an Illusion
by Boris Johnson

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Iran's Nuclear Dispute Sparks East-West Rivalry

Two More GIs Die in Iraq; Bombing Kills Five Iraqis

War Protesters Face Federal Conspiracy Charges

Commandos in the Streets of DC?

Atta Files Destroyed by Pentagon

Hurricanes Sap Support for Iraq Policy

Sistani Backs Iraq Constitution

Syria Seeking Deal in UN Hariri Probe

Ukraine Parliament OKs New Premier After Rivals' Deal
Oil Pipelines on Fire in Northern Iraq After Attack
The War Goes On

2 US Soldiers, 8 Iraqis Killed in Attacks

Two Murders in Mosul Bring Total of Journalists Killed in Iraq Since 2003 to 71

Chronology: Journalists Killed in Iraq

Who Are the Insurgents in Iraq?

Security Incidents in Iraq, Sept. 23

Security Incidents in Iraq, Sept. 22

Basra Aftermath

Taking a Screwdriver to the Truth in Basra

Basra Authorities Halt Cooperation With British Troops

British Play Down Demands for Apology Over Basra

Basra Police Gang's Free Rein of Terror

Iraq Today

Iranian President Backs Iraqi Democracy

Prospects Growing Worse for Iraqis, Saudi FM Warns

IMF Chief Says Iraq Could Get Credit Deal by Year-End

Iraq Pleads for International Support at UN Summit

Najaf Imagines Itself as Shi'ite World's Vatican City

Iran-Iraq War

Iran and Iraq Remember Conflict

Chronology of Main Events in Iran-Iraq War


In Response to Karzai, US General Defends Afghanistan Tactics

NATO-Controlled Afghan Regions Record Huge Increase in Opium Production

Low Afghan Voter Turnout a Possible Sign of Disillusionment

Only One-Third Voted in Kabul

North Korea

US Envoy Wants to Visit North Korea

North Korea Asks UN to End Humanitarian Aid


Maoists Abduct Hundreds of Students in Nepal

Nepali King Promises National Elections


Kashmir Conference for Troop Cut on Both Sides

Seven Killed in Kashmir Violence


China Rejects Democracy, Defends One-Party System

Indonesian Militant Jailed for Attack at Australian Embassy

Kyrgyz Revolution Figure Shot Dead


Killings Exacerbate Tensions in Thai Region

Insurgents Plunge Thailand Into Security Crisis


Eritrea Warns of Renewed Conflict

Eq. Guinea Dictator's Damages Claim Over Attempted Coup Thrown Out

UN Urges Burundi Rebels Not to Disrupt Elections

Constitutional Violence Rocks Kenya

Concert for Peaceful Liberian Election

Nigeria Militia Storms Chevron Oil Station


EU Moves to Log Internet, Phone Communication

Referendum Will Test Swiss-EU Relationship

Turkey Slams EU Declaration on Cyprus

With Simple Tools, Activists in Belarus Build a Movement

Russian Oil Tycoon's Conviction Upheld, but Sentence Reduced

UK Muslim Leaders Call for National Body

Americans Against War

Washington Girds for War Protesters

War Protesters Seek to Put Heat on Bush With Million-Dollar Campaign

Antiwar Rally Will Be a First for Many

NY Civil Liberties Group Tackles Army Recruiters

Military Recruiting at Schools Under Fire

When Rose Met Cindy

Students Can Now Sign Form to Deny Military Their Data

United States

New Indictment Added in Calif. Terror Case

Roberts' Ruling in Bush's Favor on Terrorism Case Debated

SOCom Unit Won't Face Charges Over Plan to Hide Money From Congress

JDL Militant Bomb Plotter Jailed 20 Years

Goss Plans to Expand CIA Spying

UK War on Terror

London Mayor: Terrorism Can Be Justified

UK Lib Dems to Break Accord on Terror Laws

London Bomber's Widow Says Extremists Twisted His Mind

London Bomb Suspect Charged After Returning to Britain From Italy
US Military

US Deploys Warfare Unit to Jam Enemy Satellites

Military Hopes to Be Ready for Hurricane Rita

Iraq Tour Marine Hanged Himself

US Soldiers' Iraq Books Show Humor, Horror, and Anger


Fellow Soldiers: Lynndie Seemed to Enjoy Abusing Iraqis

Defense: Lynndie Was Just Trying to Please Her Boyfriend

Jailed US Iraq Abuse Leader Says Did No Wrong

Guantánamo Bay

Lawyers Visit Guantánamo Bay

Detainees' Lawyers Ask Judge to Oversee Management of Gitmo Hunger Strike

Ex-Guantánamo Bay Prisoners Fight On

Middle East

Saudi Minister Says Iraq Headed for Disintegration

Will Libya Establish Ties With Israel?

Morocco Moves Gradually to Address Past Repression

Democrats Eager for Syrian Law That Will Allow Political Parties


In Rare Agreement, Israel and PA Set Up Transport Office

Armed Factions Urged to Help Rebuild Gaza

Palestinians Cheer as Army Quits Two West Bank Settlements

Palestinians to Build Housing on Gaza Settlement Ruins

Palestinian Shot Dead by Israeli Troops

What's in a Name? History, Emotion for Palestinians

PA: Palestinians Trapped in Egypt to Return to Gaza on Friday


Bush Asks Jordan King to Meet Sharon, Abbas

British FM Apologizes to Israel on Arrest Order for General

Israel to Back Benefits for Victims of Jewish Terror Attacks

Sharon-Netanyahu Party Showdown Too Close to Call

After Gaza, Some Other Settlers Ready to Move

Israel Evacuates West Bank Military Base

Israelis Caught Selling Torture Devices at London Arms Fair


Ecuador's Ousted President Seeks Asylum in Colombia

Bush Nominee Says Chávez Serious About Oil Cutoff


Bizarro Basra

Before It's Too Late

Theater of the Absurd

Democratic Hallucinations in Afghanistan and Iraq

Praful Bidwai
India Outfoxed as Pakistan Plays the Israel Card

Ran HaCohen
Stop Your Sobbing

Sascha Matuszak
Free the Diplomats

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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