The Antiwar Majority: Justin Raimondo
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No Child Left Alive: C.J. Maloney
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Conquest is not in our principles. It is inconsistent with our government.
Thomas Jefferson
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Updated September 26, 2005 - 11:24 PM EDT
Shi'ite Resistance Rises in South Iraq
Sheehan Arrested at W. House Protest
Lynndie England Guilty of Iraq Abuse
British Officials: Iran Training Basra Militias
At Stake in South Iraq: Resource-Rich Basra
Monday Attacks Kill 16 Iraqis, 3 US Soldiers
Officer's Road Led Him Outside Army to Report Abuse
GI: Anything Short of Death Was Acceptable in Abusing Iraqis
Blair Dashes Hopes That UK Soldiers May Leave Iraq
Voices From the Frontlines of Protest  by Tom Engelhardt
DeLay, Hannity, and Bush Demand Withdrawal  by John Nichols
Hands Off Posse Comitatus
Staunton (VA) News Leader
The Heart of Darkness  by Billmon
No Child Left Alive  by C.J. Maloney
Has the FBI Failed in a Big Power-Grab?  by David Corn

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US Forces Kill 10 of Rebel Cleric's Men in Sadr City
Tal Afar Residents Return to Ghost City, Razed Homes
Blair Admits Iraq Insurgency Worse Than Anticipated
McCain: Prisoner Abuse Hurts US Image
Feuding Turns CIA Into a Soap Opera
Iran Blasts 'Illegal' IAEA Move, Says Talks Still Possible
Israeli Army Given Free Rein in Gaza
Israel Strikes Gaza After Hamas Halts Attacks
Sharon Storms Out of Likud Leadership Meeting
Sharon Appears the Struggling Dove
Veterans, Grieving Families Give Somber Mood to Iraq War Protest
Today in Iraq
Britain Refuses Apology and Compensation for Iraqis Caught Up in Basra Riots
Divided Basrans Remain Resigned to British Presence
Officials: Doctors Increasingly Fleeing Iraq
Women's Rights Activists Dispute Iraq's Title of Region's Most Progressive State
US Soldier Killed in Vehicle Rollover
Attacks Continue
At Least 42 Killed in Violence Across Iraq
Iraqi Motorbike Suicide Bomber Kills 6, Wounds 18
Iraq Bicycle Bomb Kills Three
Speeding to the Rescue, Ending Up in Crossfire
Journalists: Softest Targets in Iraq
Iraq al-Qaeda Claims Suicide Attack on Commandos
Two Security Guards Killed, $850,000 Stolen in Robbery in Baghdad
Security Incidents in Iraq, Sept. 26
Security Incidents in Iraq, Sept. 25
Battle of Britain
Blair Has No Regrets Regarding Iraq Invasion
Blair: Iraq War Was Vital for Britain's Security
Brits Think Iraq Getting Worse: Poll
Pull UK Troops Out of Iraq – Scottish Poll
Blair Out of Step as Voters Swing Behind Iraq Withdrawal
More Battles of Britain
Clergy Criticize Church of England Over Links With British Weapons Firm
Blair Promises to Speed Up Payments for Bomb Victims
25 Percent of UK Military's Helicopters Are Out of Action
New Guns, New Drive for Taliban
US Military Copter Crash Kills 5 in Afghanistan
Questions on What Caused Afghan Chopper Crash
Minister: Afghanistan Not Ready for Legal Opium
Partial Election Results Released in Afghanistan
Australia May Send More Troops to Afghanistan
Separatist Hunger Strike Ends in India
Settlers Die in India Rebel Raid
India, China Aim to Draft Plan to End Border Row
Six Bombs Found, Defused in North Waziristan
North Korea Says It Has Powerful 'Deterrent'
South Korea Sees Economic Lift From North Nuclear Deal
How Policy on North Korea Evolved
China & Her Neighbors
China Wants Only 'Healthy' News on Web
China Protests Indonesian Warship Attack
Hong Kong Officials Stir Conflict on Mainland Tour
Taiwan Author Gets a Bit Too Free With His Speeches
Arroyo Has No Plan to Impose Martial Law, Say Officials
Nepal Army: Eight Maoists Killed in Gunbattle
Burma Book Costs POW His Pension
Three Held for Thai Marine Deaths
Chavez Calls US a 'Terrorist Administration'
Peruís Shining Path Founder Faces Retrial
Colombia President Rides Popularity Wave
Barred Haiti Presidential Hopeful Pledges to Fight Decision
Protesting the War
Huge Antiwar Protest Takes Washington by Storm
Caught in a Train Delay, a Protest Takes a Detour
Praise, Anger as 400 Attend Pro-War Rally in DC
Spirits High During Anti-Iraq War Rallies
Antiwar March Draws More Than 500 to Downtown Ann Arbor (MI)
Suburban Walnut Creek (CA) Rally Draws 300
Thousands of War Protesters Take to Seattle Streets
300 Gather in Birmingham (AL) for Antiwar Rally
Boca Raton (FL) Antiwar Rally Joins Others Across US
500 Gather in St. Petersburg (FL) to Oppose War
US Military
New Inquiry May Expose Events That Led to Pat Tillmanís Death
82nd Airborne Faces Abuse Allegations
Military to Bush: US Needs Search-Rescue Plan
Bush Pushes for Larger Military Role in Disaster Relief
Armed and Dangerous – Flipper the Firing Dolphin Let Loose by Katrina
Gitmo Inmate Says US Told Him to Spy on al-Jazeera
Lawyers Confident Hicks' Application for British Citizenship Could Get Him Out of Gitmo
Osama bin Laden
Is bin Laden a Has-Been?
Pakistan Says bin Laden Is Isolated
Musharraf: 'Safest' Hideout for bin Laden Is Pakistan-Afghan Border
Confrontation Looms as IAEA Passes Resolution on Iran
Iran Warns It May Bar Inspectors
Canada Says IAEA Motion Against Iran Was Late
India Denies Iran Vote Pressure
Senior Jihad Leader Killed in Israeli Air Strike on Gaza
Sharon Speech Halted in Act Blamed on Likud Opponents
Likud Displaying Signs of a Ruling Party Imploding
Israeli Troops Round Up 207 Suspected Militants in West Bank
Pressure on Leaders Rises in Holy Land
Israeli Cabinet Okays Legal Aid for Officers Accused of War Crimes
First Palestinians Cross at Rafah Without Shin Bet Interrogation
Middle East
Bombing Targets Lebanese Journalist, She Is Stable After Losing Limbs
Yemen Orders Pardon for Rebels, Compensation to Ex-Ruling Family
Karen Hughes Reaches Out Warily in Cairo
Egypt Against Isolating Syria
Putin: New Cold War With US 'Impossible'
Russia's North Caucasus Region a Crazy Quilt of Warring Ethnic Groups
Time to Leave Europe, Cleric Urges Muslims
IRA Disarms, Fulfilling Vow Made in July, Official Says
French Anti-Terror Law to Boost Surveillance
Serbia Hands Over Key Suspect in Madrid Bombings
Solidarity Heirs Drub Left in Polish Vote
In Belarus, Battle Lines Are Drawn, but Revolution Is Still a Tough Sell
In Other News
IMF Clears Deal to Erase Poor Nationsí Debt
Vatican Calls for End to All Nuclear Weapons Testing
Australian Regional Premier: Get Tough on Terror Without Violating Rights
UN Officials Meet Ugandan Rebels

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