Posse Comitatus: Remembering Why: Alan Bock
Bush Is Cooking Up 2 More Wars: P. Craig Roberts
Teaching Pro-War Vets About America: Brian Foley
US-Israeli Triumph Over Iran: Gordon Prather
Abu Ghraib: Command Responsibility: R. McGovern

The statesman who yields to war fever...is no longer the master of policy but the slave of unforeseeable and uncontrollable events.
Sir Winston Churchill
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Updated October 1, 2005 - 10:08 PM EDT
Iraq: More Bombs but No Trained Army
Bali Explosions Leave 25 Dead, 100 Injured
US Commander Now Doubts Troop Cutbacks
Israel to US: Stop Iran, or We Will Do It Ourselves
White House Mulls New Measures Against Syria
1,000 US Troops Hit Iraqi Border Village, 2 GIs Die
Rice: War 'The Only Guarantee of True Stability'
On Lookout for Insurgents, Marines Yearn for Home

Retired General: Iraq Invasion Was 'Strategic Disaster'

Bush Threatens Defense Bill Veto, Warns on Prisoner Clause
Bush Is Cooking Up Two More Wars
by Paul Craig Roberts
Abu Ghraib: Command Responsibility  by Ray McGovern
I Gave My Copy of the Constitution to a Pro-War Veteran  by Brian J. Foley
Unwinnable War  by Charley Reese
US-Israeli Diplomatic Triumph Over Iran  by Gordon Prather
PayPal-Ing the War in Iraq
by Bill Berkowitz

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FBI Admits to Wiretapping Wrong Numbers
Pentagon Voids Clearance for 'Able Danger' Officer
Bush Delays Action Against Saudi Arabia
FBI Director: Home Grown Islamists May Hit US
Italy Seeks Ex-US Diplomat, CIA Agents in Kidnapping 
Storms in US Divert Gaze From Worsening Iraq
Bolton Criticizes Bill Withholding UN Funds
Israel to Make 'Gaza Shake'
Sharon: No More Unilateral Disengagements
Outbreak of Violence Kills More Than a Hundred Iraqis in Two Days
Today in Iraq
Iraq's Shi'ites Appeal for Calm as Death Toll Rises to 100
The Myth of the Shi'ite Crescent
Iraq's Troubled Police Bow to Party and Tribe
Sunni 'Death Cult' Is Pushing Iraq Towards Civil War
Potential Female Bombers Pose Security Challenge for Iraq Vote
The Heavy Burden of Retrieving Fallen Americans in Iraq
A List of Major Attacks Targeting Shi'ites
Security Incidents in Iraq, Oct. 1
Security Incidents in Iraq, Sept. 30
US Leaders on Iraq
Rice: Iraq Must Not Be Given Up to Killers
Rumsfeld Touts Iraqi Troops, Downplays Setback
Rumsfeld to Address Reporters' Safety in Iraq
Global Iraq Fallout
Iraq Minister Visits Jordan to Discuss Border Security
Arab League Panel on Iraq to Meet in Jeddah Tomorrow
UN 'Appalled' by Fresh Iraq Violence
Battles of Britain
Top Secret UK Cruise Missile Data Pawned for Gambling Money
UK Lawyer Offers to Prosecute for Assault in Mistreatment of Conference Heckler
UK Labor Party Analyzes Damage After Activist's Ejection
London Police Chief Wants 'Rules of Engagement' for Police, Urges Protection From Prosecution
Police Chief to Face Fresh Questions on Tube Killing
Kin of Slain Brazilian Demand Arrest of London Officials
Britain to Send 4,000 More Troops to Afghanistan
American Security Contractor Allegedly Shoots Dead His Afghan Interpreter
Gen. Kamiya: Afghanistan Mission Far From Over
Four US Troops Wounded in Afghanistan
Afghanistan: Interview With Chief Electoral Officer, Peter Erben
Karzai Ally Resigned Over Warlord Ties
Tons of Afghani Coins Go Missing
Central Asia
China Puts Focus on Security in Muslim Region
UN to Monitor Uzbekistan Uprising Trials
Kyrgyz PM Denies Role in Uzbek Massacre
South Asia
Indian Police Shoot Student Protesters
11 Soldiers, 30 Militants Killed in North Waziristan
Pakistan and India Set to Ink 2 Agreements
19 Killed in Kashmir Violence
Bangladesh Links India to Bombing Wave, Delhi Denies
US Views on North Korea Prevail at UN
China-US Split on North Korea Resolved
South Korea May Face Nuke Inspections
North Korean Workers Speak About Nukes
South Korea Acquires First F15Ks
Japanese Court Rules PM's Shrine Visit Unconstitutional
US Eight Years Behind on Rent for Embassy in Japan
US Pushes Japan to Break Deadlock Over Relocation of Air Base
Southeast Asia
Bangkok Struggles to End Separatist Violence in S. Thailand
Malaysia Ready for Talks on Thai Refugees
Pol Pot Menu Too Much to Swallow in Cambodia
Thousands Evacuate Munitions Explosions in Russia
Russia Successfully Tests ICBM
Russian Military Tricks Draft Dodgers With Promises of Dates, Jobs
Russia Converts Half Its Weapons-Grade Uranium as Part of Accord With US
Prosecutor Says Beslan Probe Disproves Claims
Amnesty: Russia Continues Rights Abuses in Chechnya
EU Outposts Turn Into Fortresses Against Africa
Dresden Vote Could Budge German Stalemate
Tensions Arrise After Rocket Attack in Corsica
Ukraine's PM in Key Moscow Talks
Croatia 'Disappoints' UN Tribunal
Weekend Reviews
Clown Prince of Nuclear War
Robert Fisk: Finding Osama
Travels in the Land of War: Experiences of a Stranger in Yugoslavia
Empire Is on Its Way Out
Jerry Elmer's Felon for Peace
Abusing Justice
Army Captain Interviewed About More Iraq Abuse Claims
Little Done to Check Abuses: Ex-Commander
US Military
At Odds Over Body Armor Reimbursement
Fighting for Radar Funds
Army Marches Out New Look
Pace Takes Over as Top Military Leader
California Training Provides Troops Glimpse Into Afghanistan
Lynndie England Blames Lover for Abuse Photos
VA Finally Will Compensate Vet for Injuries Suffered in WW2
Judith Miller/Plame
Freed NYT Reporter Judith Miller Appears in Court
Judy Miller's Statement
Phone Call With Source and Deal Led Reporter to Testify
Miller and Her Stand Draw Strong Reactions
Correspondence in the Miller Case
Related Documents in Plame Case
Chronology: Judith Miller and the CIA Leak Inquiry
Profile: Lewis 'Scooter' Libby
The War at Home
Poll: Americans Say Overthrowing Saddam Not a Good Reason for War
CIA Faces Spy Shortages as Staffers Go Private
Senators Question Readiness of Iraqis
Police Assault Student Counter-Recruitment Protestors at Holyoke Community College
Soldier Accused of Cowardice Starts Counseling Program for Iraq Vets
Homeland Security
FCC Releases Orders for Internet Backdoor Wiretap Access
Small Amounts of Bacteria Found During Protests Last Weekend
New Charges Filed Against 2 Albany Muslims
Abbas' Fatah Trounces Hamas in West Bank Vote
US Official: PA Must Exert Control Over Gaza Immediately
Back Off, Abbas Warns Israel
Abbas: Israeli Military Jeopardizing Any Chance of Peace
Israel Reviews Decision to Close Arab Riot Deaths File
Two al-Aqsa Brigade Members Killed in West Bank
UN Refuses to Call Israel a Nuclear Threat
Turkey's Talks With EU Blocked
Austrian Resistance Threatens Turkey's EU Bid
Young Turks Choose Atatürk Over Europe
Blair Says EU Membership Is Turkey’s Future
Middle East
Mysterious Bombings Frighten Lebanese
Rafsanjani Calls for 'Diplomacy' in Iran's Nuclear Stand-Off
3 Egypt Bomb Suspects Killed, a Fourth Captured
Algeria's Opposition Cries Foul After Majority Votes for Peace Charter
Big Margin Questioned in Algeria
Will Algeria's Referendum Deliver?
Ethiopia's Opposition Postpones Demonstration Over Election
Main Opposition Coalition Merges to Form Party
White Farmers Hit by More Land Grabs in Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe Central Bank Chief Vetoes Land Invasions
Foreign Militants in Congo Ignore Deadline
Kenya Standoff Ends in MP Arrest
Leaders Pursue Ivorian Peace
Morocco's March to Democracy Still Rests on King's Whim
Norwegian Minister Travels to Sudan to Push for Peace
US Insists No Plans to Invade Venezuela
Venezuela to Insist on Cuban Militant's Extradition

Chavez: Venezuela Moves Reserves to Europe

Colombia Says Rebels Shoot Down Coca Spraying Plane
Colombia Jails Paramilitary to End Dispute With US
Haiti Unlikely to Meet Election Schedule
Haiti's Judicial System in Disarray
In Other News
Nicaragua 'Creeping Coup' Warning
Australian FM Warns Fiji Military Chief to Stay Out of Politics

AIPAC and Espionage:
Guilty as Hell

Posse Comitatus: Remembering Why

Laughable Sycophancy

India Ditches Iran and Nonalignment

Ivan Eland
US Must Resign Itself to 'Rogue' State Nukes

Ran HaCohen
Stop Your Sobbing

Sascha Matuszak
Free the Diplomats

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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