Cut and Run?: Gen. (ret.) William Odom
Scooter-gate: Justin Raimondo
A Strategic Disaster: Paul Craig Roberts
You Can't Fight 'Ists' and 'Isms': Frank/Sheehan
Withdrawal Symptoms: Tom Engelhardt

Tis nobler to lose honor to save the lives of men than it is to gain honor by taking them.
David Borenstein
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Updated October 3, 2005 - 11:29 PM EDT
DoD Report: War Delayed Katrina Relief
Sunni Anger at Iraq Vote Rule Change
Iraq's President Calls for PM to Step Down
NYT Reporter Tried to Cut Earlier CIA Leak Deal
GIs Get Off Easy for Crimes Against Iraqis, Review Finds
Troops Sweep Through 'Lawless' Iraq Cities
Bush Hopes to Rally Support for War With 'Significant' Speech
Protesting Palestinian Police Storm Into Gaza Parliament
Still Paying for Their Armor: Reimbursement Program for Troops Stalls
Rights Group: Geneva Convention Applies Equally to Insurgents, US
What's Wrong With Cutting and Running?  by Gen. (ret.) William E. Odom
The Greatest Strategic Disaster in US History  by Paul Craig Roberts
You Can't Fight 'Ists' and 'Isms'
Joshua Frank interviews Cindy Sheehan
Last One to Leave, Please Turn on the Lights  by Tom Engelhardt
Bush Misreads History
by Ted Galen Carpenter
Lying About Gitmo  by Clive S. Smith

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Bombs in Bali, Despite Crackdown
Terror Campaign That Began 50 Years Before bin Laden
US Denies Kidnapping & Death of 2 Marines in Iraq
US Soldier Dies in Western Iraq
US Car Theft Rings Probed for Ties to Iraq Bombings
Spies: Who's in Charge?
Saudi Arabia Denies Secret Arms Deal With Britain
Warlords, Taliban on Track for Seats in Afghan Parliament
Bell, Boeing Backpedal From Ad Showing Assault on Mosque
Today in Iraq
For Iowans on Streets of Iraq, War 'Never Routine'
British Troops Increasingly Unpopular in Basra
Sources: Outbreak of Talabani-Jaafari Row Overdue
Iraq Town Yields Arms, Not Men
Thousands of Civilians Flee Military Offensive Near Syrian Border
28 Insurgents Die in Iraq Fight, US Says
Brother of Iraq's Interior Minister Freed
Allawi Seeking Allies Who Can Help Him Return to Power
So You Say...
Commander Still Eyes Iraq Troop Reduction
US Generals Downplay Fears of Civil War in Iraq
Generals' Tone on TV Is Brighter Than Before Congress
US Looks Toward Federal Iraq: Rice
Attacks Continue
Civilian Killed in Baghdad Mortar Attack
Security Incidents in Iraq, Oct. 3
Security Incidents in Iraq, Oct. 2
The New Iraq
$25 and a Koran as Inmates Leave Iraq's Abu Ghraib
Five Judges Picked for Saddam Trial
Global Iraq Fallout
Iraqi Minister Slams Saudis: We Won't Be Lectured to by 'Some Bedouin Riding a Camel'
Iraq Apologizes for Anti-Saudi Remarks
Arab Ministers Meet in Saudi Arabia Over Iraq
Al-Qaeda Considering Moving From Iraq: Minister
Battles of Britain
Britain: One of the Worst Human Rights Records in Europe
UK Hopes to Reverse Human Rights Court Ruling Deemed Inconvenient in Terror Fight
Britain's Military Morale Hurt by Iraq War
British Town's Cancer Rate Doubled Because of Secret Cold War Test
Uzbekistan Cuts Off Ties to US on Fighting Terror
Uzbek Activist Fears for Health
US Contractor Accused of Murder May Have Left Afghanistan
Taliban Attack Police Checkpoint in Southern Afghanistan, Killing Two
Monitors Find Significant Fraud in Afghan Elections
Afghan Poll Body Vows Strong Action Against Fraud
Afghan Election Probe Won't Affect Results
Poppy Eradication Forces Afghan Farmers to Sell Daughters to Pay Debts
Karzai in Paris for Terror Talks
Pakistani Troops Plan Major Assault in Tribal Area
Pro-Govt Tribesmen Targeted in South Waziristan
Three Soldiers Among Five Killed in North Waziristan
Pakistan PM: Nukes Ensure Regional Stability
Indian FM Due for Pakistan Talks
South Asia
Indian Sikh Separatist Group Seeks to Shed Violent Image
Senior Kashmir Commander Killed
Bangladesh Arrests Bomb Plot Mastermind
New Start Needed for North Korea Reactors, South Says
North Korea to Resume Food Rationing
Youths, Police Clash After Corsica Rally
Tourists Leave Corsica, Strikers Free Up Ports
Official Says IRA Delivering on Peace Promise
Germany's Conservatives Gain One Seat
UN Court Seeks Arrest of Croatian Journalist
Belarus Opposition Chooses Candidate
In Other News
High Oil Prices Met With Anger Worldwide
Mushy Fruit Has a Meaning for Azerbaijani Democracy
Terror in Bali
Indonesia Warns of More Terrorist Attacks
Indonesia Blames Suicide Bombers for Bali Blasts
Fugitive Hardliners Suspected of Being Bomb-Maker and Planner
'At Least Six' Behind Bombings
Hunt for Bali Bombers' Identities
The Night That Time Froze in Bali
A Recent History of Major Explosions in Indonesia
Muslim Leaders Condemn Bali Bombings
Judith Miller/Plame
Prosecutor in Plame Case May Seek Conspiracy Charges
CIA Leak: 'Awkward' Talk Helps Free Miller From Jail
Timing of Reporter's Testimony Puzzles
Role of Rove, Libby in CIA Leak Case Clearer
The War at Home
Bush Cranks Up Message on Dangers of Iraq Withdrawal
Bush Battling to Climb Out of Popularity Slump
Deadly Bacteria Detected in US Capital During Antiwar March
Largest US Veterans Group Starts 'Positive' Iraq Letter Campaign
Antiwar Protesters Rally During Rice's Princeton Visit
Old Russian Warheads Lighting Up US Homes
Iran Warns Israel Against Attacking Nuclear Sites
Newspaper Stands by Iran Oil-Threat Story, Despite Denial
Iranian Musicians Try to Hit the Right Note
Palestinian Landowners Face Struggle Against PA
Three Dead as Hamas and PA Forces Clash in Gaza
Israel Suspends Gaza Strikes
A Week After Upset, Netanyahu Prepares for Likud Primaries
Military Police to Probe Killing of Palestinian Boy in West Bank
Abbas, Sharon Agree to Meet in Near Future
Israel Detains 1,200 Palestinians in Jerusalem
Key Palestinian Militant Declares Strikes on Israel Will Continue
Israel Seeks Support Abroad for Meddling in PA Elections
Lebanon Assassination Attempt Foiled
UN to Seek More Time in Hariri Probe, Lebanon Says
Lebanon Pleads for End to the Violence
EU Sets Formal Session on Turkey, Cyprus Sees Deal
Turkey Left Out in Cold as Austria Digs in Heels Over EU Talks
Turkey's EU Entry Hits New Hurdle
Bitter Debate Over Turkey's EU Bid
Turkish President Challenges EU to Be a 'World Player'
Turkey Accuses EU of Seeking 'Christian Club'
Middle East
In Iran, Assad Says Both Countries Won't Cave in to Pressure
Washington Deliberates New Steps Against Syria
Hughes' Fix-It Trip Finds Deep Fissures
Egypt Gets Tough in Sinai in Wake of Resort Attacks
Scores of Israelis Remain in Sinai Despite Dire Terror Warnings
Attacks in Darfur Kill at Least 44
Fresh Darfur Attacks: Sign of a Peace Deal?
Sudan Rebel Group Quits Peace Talks
UN Investigates DR Congo Mass Graves
Burundi Troops Kill 17 Rebels in Raid
Reports: Algerian Rebels Kill Three Civilians
Ethiopia's Government Meets Opposition as Strike Cancelled
Guatemala Activists Oppose Military Courts Bill
Chile Re-Evaluates Pinochet, Allende


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An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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