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How Long Can This Go On?: Paul Craig Roberts
The War on Terror: A Translation: Norman Solomon
Doing Bush's Bidding: Gordon Prather
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Updated October 11, 2005 - 11:14 PM EDT
Iraq: Last-Minute Deal on Constitution
Militants See Vote as Recruiting Tool
Tip on NYC Subway Threat Was a Hoax
Basra Governor: British Threatening Vote
More Than 40 Killed in Pre-Vote Iraq Violence
Reservists' Toll in Iraq Now Exceeds Regular GIs
Fading US Support for Iraq War
US 'Seeks New Syrian Leader,' Pressure Mounts
Pakistan Quake May Be Short-Term Boon for Peace
Secular Bloc Says New Iraq Parties Worse Than Saddam
Tell Us Who Fabricated the Iraq Evidence  by Norman Dombey
The War on Terror: A Translation
by Norman Solomon
Rove Scandal: New Mysteries, New Props, New Legal Theories  by David Corn
How Long Can This Go On?
by Paul Craig Roberts
US Must Stop Tolerating Abuse of Prisoners  San Diego Union-Tribune
Doing Bush's Bidding  by Gordon Prather

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Condi May Be Bush's Expediency Council
Rice Won't Confirm Report on US Strikes Against Syria
Top Dem. Senator Urges Consideration of Iraq Pullout
Iraq in Pre-Vote Lockdown
Iraq Detainees to Get Vote – Including Saddam
Muted Hopes for Iraqi Vote
Basra Voters Say It Is Time for British Soldiers to Go
French Terror Cell Linked to Iraq al-Qaeda
Support for Bush's Iraq Policies Continues to Fall
A Spring in Their Goose Step: North Korea Vows to Crush US Attack
Today in Iraq
Sunni-Shi'ite Religious War in Iraq Feared
Iraq Rebuilding Slows as US Money for Projects Dries Up
War in Iraq Shifts Air Force Into Ground Roles
Iraq Debt Totals $200 Billion
Ex-Iraqi Officials Sought in $1 Billion Theft
Iraqi Constitution
As Talks Continue, Many Iraqis Lack Copy of Charter
Iraq Factions Draw Battle Lines for Vote
Iraqi Govt, US Push Sunnis for Support on Charter
Iraqi FM: A 'No' Vote Would Cause Iraq to Collapse Into Chaos
Ballots in Secret Storage in Tikrit
Attacks Continue
Gunmen Attack Arab League Delegation Visiting Iraq
12 Killed as Militants Launch Pre-Vote Attacks in Iraq
US Soldier Killed by Suicide Car Bomb in Iraq
Non-Combat Injury Kills Soldier in Iraq
US Consulate Hotel Hit by Mortar Shell in Iraq
Security Incidents in Iraq, Oct. 11
Security Incidents in Iraq, Oct. 10
Global Iraq Fallout
Czech Republic to Donate Weapons to Protect Iraq's Culture
UK Mothers' Anger at Inquest Delay
UK Troops in Iraq to Be Cut by 500
Lebanese Cautioned Over Iraq Travel
A Front-Row Seat in the Plodding War on the Taliban
Afghan Voters Show Conservative Side
Suicide Blasts Across Afghanistan
One US Soldier Killed in Firefight in Afghanistan
Five Killed in Kandahar Bombings
Afghanistan: Chinook Destroyed in Hard Landing; Crew Unscathed
Taliban Claim Hitting US Copter
Political Respite for Kashmir?
Musharraf Will Face Fallout From Quake
Kashmiri Separatists Dispense Quake Aid
Pakistan Welcomes Indian Relief Assistance
Indian Aid Accepted but Pakistanis Still Wary of Rivals
After the Earthquake: the Politics of Aid
13 Killed as Militants Suspend Operations in Quake-Hit Kashmir
Quake Allows US to Reward Pakistan for Terror War Backing
US Sends Copters, but No Troops, for Pakistan Relief Effort
A Look at Disputed Kashmir
Indian Security Personnel Were Victims of Maoist Booby Trap
Central Asia
Kyrgyztan, Uzbekistan to Cooperate on Fight Against Extremism
Uzbeks 'Use Forced Confessions'
East Asia
China and North Korea Hail Relationship in 'New Era'
North Korea Promises Stronger Military at Anniversary
Leader of Taiwan Urges Island to Bolster Defense
Chinese Thugs Try to Crush Democracy Protests
Australia Presses Jakarta to Ban Ji Terror Group
Tamil Tigers Will Be a Factor in Sri Lankan Elections
Nepal Announces Stringent Media Restrictions
Russia Targets Aides of Imprisoned Yukos Oil Tycoon
Jailed Russian Tycoon Is Secretly Taken From Moscow Cell
Merkel Named German Chancellor
Merkel Underlines Unification Struggle
SPD Sources: No Role for Schroeder in New Coalition
Brief Biography of Angela Merkel
After 60 Years, US Turns Air Base Over to Germans
Hague Trial Starts for Yugoslav Officers Charged in '91 Massacre
EU Opens Talks With Serbia
Guantanamo Detainee Says Guards Enjoyed Torture
Afghans Prepare Prison for Soon-to-Be-Freed Gitmo Detainees
Gitmo Inmate Hicks Fights for British Citizenship

Bahrain Rights Group Seeks Release of Gitmo Detainees

US Military
Military May Propose an Active-Duty Force for Relief Efforts
Air Force Withdraws Paper for Chaplains
The Army's Musical Pitch: Download, Join Up
Navy SEALs Launching Public Recruiting Effort
Volkswagen Wins Pentagon Race
Homeland Security
NYC Scales Back Subway Security Measures
NYC Subway Still on Alert, but Threat Called Doubtful
Explosives Found Near Georgia Tech Dorms, Police Call 'Terrorist Act'
UK War on Terror
UK Home Secretary Rushes Through Ban on 15 Islamic Groups
MP: Britain Recruited Terrorists
British Intelligence Report Shows Scale of 'Nuclear Supermarket'
Poll: Few Britons Satisfied With Blair's Take on Terrorism
Iran Softens Tone in Nuclear Standoff
Rice to Hammer Out Iran Strategy With UK, France
Iran 'Treated Worse Than North Korea'
Israel Eases Restrictions on Palestinians During Ramadan
Summit Plans Shelved Over Gaza Border Dispute
Sharon-Abbas Summit Postponed for Several Weeks
After Three-Year Freeze, US to Renew Strategic Talks With Israel
Shin Bet Captures 117 Hamas Members in West Bank
Israeli Gunfire Wounds Man Along Egyptian Border
UN Is Gradually Becoming More Hospitable to Israel
Israel Reopens Gaza Trade Crossing
Israel to Lease Kinneret Shore Land to Evangelicals
Israeli Troops Kill Three Palestinians in Gaza
Egypt Denies al-Qaeda Base in Sinai
Egypt's Parliamentary Elections to Kick Off Nov. 9
Cairo Hosts Mini-Summit on Iraq, Syria
Egypt Denies Initiative to Pressure Syria
Syrian DM Reiterates Claim to Golan Heights
Middle East
Yemen Tells US: Stay Out of Our Internal Affairs
Turkey Transfers Ottoman Land Records to PA
Turkish Troops Kill Three in Anti-Kurd Operation
Poor Lebanese Find Life Easier in Palestinian Refugee Camp
US Blocks UN Briefing on Atrocities in Sudan
State Dept Condemns Attacks in Sudan
Darfur Rebels Release Kidnapped AU Troops
Sudan Gives Uganda Free Rein to Chase LRA Rebels
Liberia's Top Two Face Off
Calm Before Liberia Postwar Poll
In Liberia, a Vote of Confidence in Peace
Yemen Arming Would-Be Somali 'Government'
Botswana Government Forces Bushmen From Their Homes
Official: Suspected Rwandan Rebels Massacre 24 Congo Civilians
Ruthless Rebels of Uganda Appear to Be Losing Steam
Pre-Election Violence in Zanzibar
MPs in Ethiopia Snub Parliament
In Other News
Venezuelan VP: Pat Robertson Is Insane

Oil-Rich Countries Tap Into New Political Power


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