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Libby: The War Party's Kamikaze: J. Raimondo
The Nucleus of the Scandal: Paul Sperry
The White House Spin Doctor Is Ill: N. Solomon
Historic Opportunity: Gordon Prather
Smoking Guns and Red Herrings: Vega/Engelhardt

The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions, that I wish it to be always kept alive.
Thomas Jefferson
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Updated October 29, 2005 - 11:11 PM EDT
Top Cheney Aide Indicted in Leak Case
A Formidable Hawk Goes Down
Fitzgerald Says Libby Lied Repeatedly
Sources: Rove Targeted for More Serious Charges
Indictment Doesn't Clear Up Mystery at Heart of Leak Probe
58 Killed in Series of Blasts in Indian Capital New Delhi
Iraq Car Bomb Kills 25 Northeast of Baghdad
Berlusconi Says He Warned Bush Against Iraq War
8 US Service Members Killed in Iraq in 3 Days
Military Shares Public's Declining Support for Bush, War
Forging the Case for War
by Philip Giraldi
The Democrats Blow It on Iraq – Again!  by Arianna Huffington
At the White House, the Spin Doctor Is Ill  by Norman Solomon
Smoking Guns and Red Herrings
by Elizabeth de la Vega and Tom Engelhardt
We've Been Here Before
by Anna Quindlen
Historic Opportunity  by Gordon Prather

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Bush Calls Iran and Syria 'Outlaw Regimes'
Syrian General: US Forces Fired Across Border, Killed Solider
FBI Is Still Seeking Source of Forged Uranium Reports
Libby Indictment Shows Campaign to Discredit Iraq War Critic
Fitzgerald: Leak Probe Not Over
Anatomy of the CIA Leak
Libby Is Indicted, Rove Remains Under Scrutiny
Sistani May Demand US Pullout Timetable
Oil-Food Evidence Forged, Russians Says
Scooter Limps Away From White House:
What's Next for Libby?
Iraqi Elections
Sistani Ends Shia Party Backing
Next Iraqi Election Appears Likely to Be Highly Competitive
Iraqi Alliances Submit Their Candidates for December Poll
Shia and Sunni Lines Drawn for Iraq Election
Iraq Election Campaign Shapes Up as Ballot Closes
Sunni Coalition to Take Part in Election
Today in Iraq
US Forces Leave Some Bases in North Iraq: General
Saddam Accepted UAE Exile Plan to Avert Iraq War
Sadr Urges Calm After Militia Clash
Iraq's Constitution Is Incomplete
US Report: Possible Fraud in Iraq Contracts
Saddam Lawyer Wants Trial Moved to the Hague
Attacks Continue
Five US Service Members Killed in Iraq Attacks, Shi'ite Family Slain
Security Incidents in Iraq, Oct. 29
Security Incidents in Iraq, Oct. 28
The New Iraq
Panel: Security Woes Hinder Iraq Media Coverage
War Wears On Iraqi Fashion Industry
Saddam's Brother Pleads for Cancer Treatment: Paper
Global Iraq Fallout
South Korea to Cut 1,000 Troops in Iraq
Syria Boosts Security Along Iraq Border
Syria Accuses Iraq, Coalition of Border Failures
And Now, Iraq to Send Army to Pakistan
Former Head of UN Humanitarian Program: US, Others Facilitated Profiteering in Oil-for-Food
Volvo: Many Firms Paid to Work in Saddam's Iraq
Senate Report Blames Lax US Oversight in UN Scandal
UN Iraq Inquiry Vows to Aid Any Criminal Probe
European Companies Scramble to Defend Themselves From Oil-for-Food Allegations
British MP Faces Further Iraqi Oil Deal Accusations
Australian Company Cleared in Iraq Scandal
UN Oil-For-Food Inquiry Findings Surprised Volcker
Siemens Disputes Saddam-Bribe Charges
Afghan Taliban Focus Guns on Pro-Govt Civilians
Extradited Taliban to Be Tried in Afghanistan 'Soon'
US Army Says Tactical Psyops Stopped in Afghanistan, for Now
NATO on Target for Afghan Expansion: NATO Official
NATO Assures: We're Not Staying in Pakistan After Relief Effort
Indian Diplomats in Pakistan for Line of Control Talks
India Appoints New Man to Govern Troubled Kashmir
India, Pakistan to Discuss Kashmir Quake Relief
UN Calls for Opening of Line of Control
India Tries to Bury Hatchet With Iran
India Aims to Develop New Weapons With Russia
Sri Lanka
Tamil Rebels Seek National Anthem
EU Warns Sri Lanka Over Elections
Kim Says North Korea to Attend Nuclear Talks
US Treasury Official: North Korean Counterfeiting to Fund WMDs
South Korea's Ruling Party Leaders Step Down After Loss
Chinese President Visits Pyongyang
Japan's Ruling Party Proposes Having a 'Real' Military
US Nuclear Carrier Hits War Nerve in Japan
Koizumi Urged to Stop Visiting War Shrine
US Undecided on Sanctions Against Uzbekistan
General Strike Shuts Down Nepal Capital Opposing Crackdown on Media
Death Sentences for Manila Bomb
Russia & Her Neighbors
Russian Space Official Charged With Spying for China
Chechen Attack Was 'Grandiose Attempt to Copy September 11'
Maskhadov Killed by Nephew
Russia's Islamic Rebirth Adds Tension
Sent to Siberia: the Oligarch Who Had It All - and Lost It
Report: Terrorists Planned Missile Attack on Planes in France
Basque Rebels Seek French Help in Truce Bid
Two Arrested for Using University of Geneva Computers for 'Islamist Propaganda'
Denmark Links Arrests, Bosnia Terror Probe
Polish PM-Designate Makes New Proposal to Liberals to Save Coalition
Eritrea Accuses UN of Failing to Resolve Border Dispute With Ethiopia
UN Reinforcements in Congo Approved for Elections
Ivory Coast Army Recruiting Liberians
Zanzibar's Polls 'Will Go Ahead'
US Officials to Visit Cuba for First Time
Castro Denies Accepting US Aid
Bolivian Election Postponed Indefinitely
The Investigation Continues
'Official A' Stands Out in Indictment
Lawyers Say Rove Is 'Official A' Named in Indictment
Italians Debate Role in Operative's Saga
A Brief Look at the Laws in Question
Libby Falls on His Sword
Libby Faces Up to 30 Year Prison Term
Libby Believes He Will Be Cleared of Charges
Libby: Quiet Force Who Helped Shape Iraq Policy
Cheney's Right Hand Man Never Sought Limelight
Libby's Quiet Rise to Power Comes to End
I. Lewis (Scooter) Libby, a Power in the VP's Office
The Fallout
Cheney Counsel David Addington to Replace Scooter Libby
Cheney Won't Lose Pivotal Policy Role, Experts Say
Libby Indictment Weakens Bush Pursuit of Key Second-Term Goals
Libby Indictment Challenges Cheney's Credibility
Republicans Turn Against Lewis Libby
Bush Tries to Bolster Iraq War Support
Mixed Reactions on Capitol Hill to Libby Indictment
Poll: Americans Split on Karl Rove's Political Future
Publisher: NYT Slow in Correcting Coverage
Text of Libby Indictment
Complete Transcript of Fitzgerald Press Conference
Transcript: Bush Remarks on Libby Resignation
Fitzgerald's Press Release
Text of Cheney Statement on Indictment
Text of Libby's Statement on Indictment
Statement by Joseph Wilson on Libby Indictment
Summary of Libby Indictment
At Least Seven in Cabinet Knew of Plame's ID
CIA Yet to Assess Harm From Plame's Exposure
Ex-CIA Agents Differ on Import of Outing Plame
Wilson: There Have Been Threats
With Career Derailed, Plame Likely to Leave CIA
US Military
Pentagon Investigates Criminal Allegations Against SoCom Chief
House Easily Votes to Allow Base Closings
Doubts About Interceptors
Bribe Inquiry Looks at Sale of Field Gear to Military
Rumsfeld Orders Review of Special Operations Forces' Needs
The War at Home
Poll: Americans Doubtful About Eventual Iraq Stability
Bush Heckled as He Sets Out War on Terror Policies
Utah Court Issues Default Judgment in Khadr Case
US Jails Doctor for Iraq Charity 'Fraud'
War on Terror
Report: Arar's Allegations of Torture Credible, Canadian FM Calls Syria to Express Concerns
UN Investigators Invited to Guantanamo
Ex-Engineer Charged With Selling B-2 Secrets
Civil Liberties Union: US Made Inappropriate Terror Allegations Before Sentencing Doctor
New Anthrax Drug Could Be Dangerous
Relatives of Tube Bomber Want Another Post Mortem
Assad Tells Mubarak Syria Will Comply With UN Probe
UN Security Council Putting Finishing Touches on Syria Resolution
US Upbeat About Hariri Resolution, Russia Hesitant
Quartet Calls on Syria to Expel Jihad
Hezbollah Holds Annual Parade, Defends Syria
Lebanon Tries to Seal Border
Lebanon Rejects UN Militia Report
Lebanese Army Removes Checkpoints Near Palestinian Positions
Iran: Tens of Thousands Stage Anti-Israel Protests
Iranians Say Israel Should Be 'Wiped Off Map' – but Not by Tehran
Iran Leader Defends Israel Remark
Iran Softens on Israel
Israel Fires Missiles at Gaza Camp; 7 Killed
Israeli Airstrike Kills Fatah Militant in Gaza
Israel Vows 'No Restraint' in Retaliation
Israel Targets Islamic Jihad
Jihad Leader Surrenders in West Bank
Israel Deploys More Artillery Opposite Southern Gaza
Israeli DM: Peace Deal With Palestinians Unlikely This Generation
Israeli Police Throw Stun Grenades at Palestinians Gathered at Checkpoint
Thousands Join Gaza Strip Funeral
Govt to Discuss Attacks by Right-Wing Activists on Israeli Soldiers
Middle East
Islam Feminists Urge Gender Jihad
Over 5,400 Candidates to Contest Egypt Vote
Egypt Not Doing Its Job on Gaza Border, Israeli Lawmaker Says
Up to 80 Killed in Colombia Cocaine Battle
Two Top Directors Leave Colombia's Secret Police as Scandal Mounts
Colombia Says Sinks Four Rebel Motor Boats
Colombia Reparation Commission Targets War Healing

Justin Raimondo
Libby: The War Party's Kamikaze

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Critics on Iraq Policy Come Out of the Woodwork Too Late

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Exposed Agendas

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What Game Theory Can Tell Us About Terrorism

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Free the Diplomats

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An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

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