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For 10 years we’ve been holding the fort against the War Party – exposing their scams, debunking their lies, and telling the truth about our foreign policy of unbridled aggression.

When politicians in both parties and all the "mainstream" media were echoing the U.S. government line that, of course Saddam Hussein had "weapons of mass destruction," we said: no way.

When "news" anchors were wearing American flag lapel buttons and echoing U.S. government press releases in the run-up to war – too frightened to raise a peep of protest or contravene the official line – Antiwar.com told the truth about this war: that it was bound to be a disaster.

When the neocons lied about Iraq’s alleged "links" to al-Qaeda and insisted that 9/11 hijacker Mohammed Atta met an Iraqi intelligence agent at a Prague airport, we said: it didn’t happen.

While the War Party fabricated the Niger uranium forgeries and the "respectable" media ignored the deception, we followed up on the story – and broke new ground in reporting it.

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Updated November 9, 2005 - 11:03 PM EST
3 Jordan Hotels Bombed, 57 Killed
Did the US Use Chemical Arms in Iraq?
Senate Wants Feith Probed Over Iraq
Blair Defeated Over Terror Laws
Cheney Wants Free Rein for Prison Interrogators
Lott Suspects GOP Senator in Leak of CIA Report
Report Warned on CIA's Tactics in Interrogation
Saddam Lawyers Sever All Contact With Court Over Killings
Possible Friendly Fire Blamed in Latest Soldiers' Deaths
Most Americans Say US, Britain Lied to Justify Iraq War
North Korea Rushes to Finish Reactor
New Violence Hits France Despite Emergency Laws
A Politically Deflated Bush Faces a Resistant World  by Leon Hadar
Minimizing US and British War Crimes in Iraq  by George Monbiot
No More Blank-Check Wars
by Leslie H. Gelb and Anne-Marie Slaughter
Silvio Says Arrivederci  by Ann Berg
Talking Points Propaganda
by Joshua Frank
The Dark Heart of Dick Cheney
by Georgie Anne Geyer

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Bush-Cheney Ties Frayed by Scandal
US Severs Most Contacts With Syria, Officials Say
Sadr Emerging as Iraq's Political Kingmaker
UN Extends Mandate in Iraq for Another Year
Senators to Set Iraq Inquiry Timetable
$5,000 for Loss of Wife and Son: How US Prices Death
Another Lawyer in Saddam Trial Shot Dead
Inside and Outside Syria, a Debate to Decide the Future
Official Lets Slip US Spy Budget: $44 Billion a Year
US Criticized for Use of Phosphorous in Fallujah Raids
US vs. the Insurgency
Marines Say Iraqi Town of Husaybah Secure
Al-Qaeda to Launch 'Offensive' in Iraq to Counter US Operation on Syrian Border
US Kills Five Terror Suspects in Western Iraq, Military Says
Purported Video Depicts Downed US Copter
Today in Iraq
'Nine Lives' Chalabi Resurfaces in Washington
Chalabi, as Iraqi Deputy, Gets Cautious US Welcome
Annan: Iraq's Insurgency 'Foreseeable'
Iraqi Officers Weigh Rejoining Army
Fallen Favorite's Fortunes Rise in Time for Iraqi Elections
Shi'ite Rivals Meet Ahead of Iraq Parliamentary Elections
Killing Saddam's Lawyers
Calls to Move Saddam Trial After Second Lawyer Killed
Iraq Attorney Killings Raise Trial Doubts
A Slain Saddam Trial Lawyer's Final Interview
Attacks Continue
Roadside Bombs Kill Seven Iraqi Troops
Security Incidents in Iraq, Nov. 9
Security Incidents in Iraq, Nov. 8
The New Iraq
Pillaging the Gardens of Babylon
Bad Dates in Baghdad
Global Iraq Fallout
Iraq President Asks Italian Troops to Stay
Indian PM Says Govt Will Find the Truth in Iraq Food-for-Oil Scam
Bomb Explosion Injures Four in Eastern Afghanistan
Dragoons Ride Shotgun as Canadian Troops Shift South in Afghanistan
Time to Open the Kabul Branch?
New Hotel Part of Kabul's Extreme Makeover
Election Officials in Azerbaijan Invalidate Results in Three Election Districts
Azerbaijan's Opposition Readies Protests
Azeri Opposition Demands Re-Vote
Familiar Gloom Replaces Hope for an Open Kashmir Border
Divided Families Wait in Vain
Separatist Leader Hits Out After Quake-Hit Kashmiris Tear-Gassed
US Relief Helicopters Mistakenly Land in Indian-Occupied Kashmir
Bomb Blast Injures 25 at Market in India
Nepal Emergency Rule Is Endangering Democracy, US Envoy Says
Rebels Release Ex-Nepal PM's Son
South Korea Urges Trust for Nuclear Talks
North Korea Promises 'Sincere Efforts'
US Stands Its Ground on North Korea
North Korea to Be Given New Timeline for Disarmament at Six-Party Talks
ElBaradei Wants UN to Address North Korea Nukes
US Scientist: North Korea Pursuing Nukes
South Korea on Terror Alert for Asian Summit
China/Hong Kong
China 'Wants Lasting Peace'
FBI Helping Chinese Police on Pirated Goods
Letter Bomb at Hong Kong Newspaper Office
Rights Protesters Greet China’s Hu on UK Visit
US Omits Uzbekistan From List of Religious Violators
Agreement on US Base in Kyrgyzstan Under Review
Bush Acknowledges Disagreements With Japan
Bhutanese King Wants to Hand Power to the People
Violence in Southern Thailand Kills Three
Sri Lankan 'Suicide Jacket' Found
Cleric Arrested in Australia 'Planned Jihad'
Terror Cells 'Plotted Devastating Twin Attack in Australia'
In Australia, Muslims React Cautiously to Terror Bust
Sydney Police Make Further Raid
'Terror' Arrests Not Anti-Muslim, Says Australian PM
Australian Terror Laws 'Not Retrospective'
Chemicals Seized in Australia 'Same as London'
Confusion Lingers Over Australian Anti-Terror Laws
Effort to Resolve Split in Darfur Rebel Group Makes Little Progress
US Learns Difficulty of Sudan Struggle
Thousands Flee Darfur Amid Renewed Violence
Sudan Condemns US Decision to Extend Sanctions
Washington's Long War and Its Strategy in the Horn of Africa
Somalia 'Government' Appeals for Help Against Pirates, Chaos
Liberians Choose Between Soccer Star, Harvard Alumnus
Nigeria Separatist Treason Charge
Congo Govt Army Needs International Help: UN Officer
Nuclear Weapons
ElBaradei Says Nuclear States Too Slow Disarming
The High Price of Nuclear Parity
Burning Fallujah
US Denies Using White Phosphorus on Iraqi Civilians
Did the US Attack Iraqi Civilians With White Phosphorous Bombs?
Excerpt of Italian Report on White Phosphorus Bombs
Fallujah: Looking Out on Hostile Territory
Torture and Detention
CIA Asks Criminal Inquiry Over Secret-Prison Article
VP Has Spent a Year Opposing Rules on Interrogations
At Pentagon's Request, Wash Post Refuses to Report on Location of CIA Gulags
GOP Leaders Urge Probe in Prisons Leak
McClellan Deflects Questions on Torture Exemption A Couple Dozen Times
Pentagon: Detainees Must Be Treated Well
European Probe of CIA Prison Allegations Begins
Afghanistan Says Not Aware of Reported Secret CIA Jails
US Military
Army Reaches Low to Fill Ranks
Army Translator Accused of Being a Double Agent
76 Recruits 'Sign Up' for War at Football Game
Western Senators Want to Keep ICBMs
The War at Home
Conservatives Also Irked by IRS Probe of Antiwar Churches
Poll: Libby Indictment Hits Major Nerve
Antiwar Protesters Bare Breasts, Go to Jail, in California
Homeland Security
Goal of US Inquiry Into Peace Protest Questioned
High-Tech Sniffers to Stop 'Dirty' Bombs
Intelligence Center Is Created for Unclassified Information
UK War on Terror
Top British Officer Backs Terror Detention
Met Chief Steps Up Terror Warning
Annan: Syria Will Cooperate With UN Probe
Syria: Israel Using Hariri Probe to Avoid Peace Talks
Syrian President to Deliver Key Speech
Iran Says Nuclear Offer Final Chance
Iran Says It's Not Afraid of Security Council
Iran Rejects EU Call for New Nuclear Fuel Work Freeze
Ahmadinejad Braces for Clash Over Oil Minister
Israel's Sharon Mulls New Political Party: Report
Israel Political Crisis Could Force Early Elections
Hundreds of Evacuated Settlers Protest Their New Living Conditions
Govt Rejects Israeli Arab MP's Request to Visit Syria
Israel to Target Jihad in Gaza as Matter of Policy
World Bank Proposes Crossing Routes Between West Bank, Gaza
Israeli Soldiers Kill Palestinian Youth
Border Clampdown Forces Gaza's Businesses Into Fight for Survival
Egyptian Judges Cast Doubt on Final Figures of Presidential Election
Egypt’s Elections Unlikely to Dent Ruling Party’s Majority
Egyptian Election Monitors Make Final Preparations
Female Activist Swims With 'Sharks' in Egypt's Elections
In Egypt Vote, Islamist Influence Grows
Egypt's Muslim Brothers Form Alliances Ahead of Vote
Saudi Arabia
US State Department Cites Saudi Arabia as Denying Freedom of Religion
Wanted Militant 'Given to Saudis'
Middle East
Report: German Firms Provided Missile Tech to Iran, Syria
Arab Activists Meet to Discuss Democracy
Cartoonists Say Mideast No Laughing Matter
Leading Muslim Cleric Calls on Community in France to Be 'Calm and Reasonable'
A Crisis for France, and Sarkozy
De Villepin Under Attack for Imposing Riot Law
Revolt of Youth Without Religious Motivation
Germans Say French Riots Won't Spread
French Violence Hits Euro
Germany to Revamp Federal System
US: Serbia Can't Join NATO Without Kosovo Solution
Fujimori Arrested in Chile
Fujimori Is Refused Bail in Chile
Former Peruvian President Likely to Be Detained Until After Election
Massacres Present Most Serious Legal Threat to Fujimori
Cuba Gets Huge Vote at UN for Lifting US Embargo
Bolton Rebukes UN Vote Against Cuba Embargo for 'Irrelevancy'
Haiti Election Supervisors 'Quit'
Suspected Colombian Rebels Kill Two on Bus
Chavez's Venezuela Land Seizures Spark Friction, Lawsuits, Fear

Justin Raimondo
The Return of Chalabi

Nebojsa Malic
A Viceroy Departs

Ivan Eland
Surveillance Society

Alan Bock
Anatomy of a Disaster

David R. Henderson
Who Is 'We'?

Praful Bidwai
India Abandons Global Nuclear Disarmament

Charles Peña
Iraq by the Numbers

Ran HaCohen
The Quiet Occupation

Sascha Matuszak
Free the Diplomats

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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