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Ten years later, foreign policy is indeed at the center of our attention. That, in part, accounts for the massive audience Antiwar.com has built up. With over 2 million visitors a month, averaging over 90,000 daily (and climbing) we are bringing the truth about America's aggressive foreign policy of "global hegemony" to the four corners of the earth – and having a real impact.

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Updated November 10, 2005 - 11:13 PM EST

US Planning Regime Change in Syria?

3 Jordan Hotels Bombed, 67 Killed
2 Iraq Bombs Kill 45, 27 Bodies Found Elsewhere

US Admits Killing Civilians in Recent Bombing

Blair's Terror Law Smashed in Parliament

Chalabi Denies He Lured US Into War

Intelligence Probe Takes Shape

US Army Confirms Incendiary Weapon Used in Fallujah

Peres Loses Labor Leadership, Israeli Coalition Endangered

The Last Lie of the Iraq War Exposed  by Paul Sperry
Stop Using the IRS to Silence Dissent  New Hampshire Union Leader
Look Who's Joined the
Antiwar Chorus
 by Kevin B. Zeese
Return of the Tinker  by Matthew Yglesias
Who Had the Real Intel on the War
by Nick Turse
Washington Post Forsakes Its Duty
by Katrina vanden Heuvel

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Niger Forgeries: The Italian Connection

Powell Told Senator He'd Reveal Details About Iraq War Case After Both Left Office, Sources Say

US Rules Out Death Penalty in 5 Guantánamo Cases

White House Works to Defeat a Torture Ban

Congress May Curb Some PATRIOT Act Powers

Miller to Leave Times

Poll Shows Bush at New Lows in All Job Approval Categories

Palestinian Spy Chief Killed in Jordan Blast

Chalabi Meets Rice on Return to Washington
The War Goes On

Several Die in Iraq Bomb Blasts

Bombs in Iraq Getting More Sophisticated

Al-Qaeda in Iraq, Local Insurgents Battle Over Tactics, Money

Sudanese Embassy Employee Shot Dead in Baghdad

Security Incidents in Iraq, Nov. 10

Security Incidents in Iraq, Nov. 9

Saddam Trial

Iraqi Lawyer Knew He'd Be Killed

Prosecutors: Trial of Saddam Will Continue With or Without Defense

Saddam's Lawyers Demand Security Guarantees

Saddam's Lawyer Accuses US-Led Forces of Not Taking Trial Security Seriously

Saddam Lawyers Sever All Contact With Court Over Killings

Iraq Today

Arab League Invites Iraq Factions for Nov. 19 Meet

Iraqi Parliamentarian's Brother Kidnapped


Ahmadinejad Suffers New Internal Political Blow

Iran President Defied by Parliament

Iran Starts to Lose Faith in Its Hardline President

Iran Warns of 'Consequences' Over Nuclear Issue


Assad Speech May Be Last Chance to Avert Showdown

Syria Puts Travel Ban on Officials Cited by UN


US Soldiers Accused of Taliban Burning Again

Taliban Claim to Behead Two US Force Translators

Taliban Chief Calls for Unity Against US Troops

Roadside Bomb Hits UN Convoy in Afghanistan but Injures No One

Afghanistan Says Not Aware of Reported Secret CIA Jails

Inquiries Into 'Widespread Fraud' Delay Afghan Election Results Yet Again


Egypt Holds a More-Transparent Vote

In Egypt Vote, Islamist Influence Grows

Middle East

US Concern at Saudi Action on Terror

State Dept. Cites Saudi Arabia on Rights

Qatar Opens Doors to First Church in 14 Centuries


Peru-Chile Rivalry Backdrop for Fujimori Arrest

Japan Requests Access to Fujimori

Hezbollah Man Said Behind 1994 Argentine Jewish Center Attack

Colombia Paramilitaries Say Could Attack the State


Somali Warlord Slams UN Arms Embargo Favoring Rival US-Funded Warlords

Sudanese Rebels Storm Out During US Official's Trip

Fraud Claims Undermine Presidential Poll in Liberia


US Officials: Islamists Might Take Advantage of French Riots

French Towns Under Curfew as Riots Show Signs of Abating

France to Deport Foreign Rioters


US Backs Kosovo Incentives for Serbia

EU, NATO Discuss Kosovo Status Talks

NATO Peacekeeper in Kosovo Wounded During Gunfight

Kosovo's Status Still at Issue


EU Gives Turkey Two Years to Start Respecting Human Rights

Bill Offers Amnesty to IRA Fugitives

Chalabi Goes to Washington

Chalabi 'Has No Fears' About Iran Charges

Chalabi Offers to Be Questioned by Senate

Chalabi Faces Protests as He Resurfaces in Washington

War at Home

Sources: White House Keeps Dossiers on More Than 10,000 'Political Enemies'

No Snooping Necessary

IRS: Antiwar Sermon Could Cost Church Tax-Exempt Status

Attorney: Al-Arian in Dark on Attacks

Madison Group Gathers Signatures to Get Antiwar Referendum on April Ballot

Libby Establishes a Fund to Help Pay Legal Bills

Senator Seeks to Defer Probe of CIA Prison Leak

Leaks About CIA Prisons Overseas Spark Fury

Probe of CIA Prison Allegations Begins

SOCom Inquiry Leads to New Charges

Saddam's Poison Gas Tracked to Baltimore Firm

Jordan Bombs

Al-Qaeda Linked to Bomb Attacks on Jordan Hotels

Amman Long Viewed as Prime Terror Target

Annan Postpones Jordan Visit

Blair Defeated/90-Day War

Beginning of the End for Blair?

The Moment Tony Blair Lost His Authority

Tories Oppose Blair's Detention Bill

Top British MPs Recalled for Anti-Terrorism Vote

Why 90 Days? UK Anti-Terrorism Police Make the Case

British MPs Berate Clarke for Refusing to Compromise on 90 Days

British Police Chiefs Predict Detention Issue Would Resurface 

Australian War on Terror

Australian AG: You Can't Oppose Terror Laws Without Guaranteeing There Will Never Be Another Attack

Terrorist Suspect Had Part in Australian Soap Opera


Rice Makes New Stab at Middle East Diplomacy

Israel's Sharon Mulls New Political Party: Report

Israel's Peres in Cliffhanger Labor Leader Race

Hamas Mulls Holding Talks With Israel

Israel Dismisses Hamas Chief's Hints at Future Negotiations

Israeli DM's Adviser Quits Amid Claims He Assisted Illegal Outposts


Cautious Protest in Azerbaijan

Thousands Join Protest in Azerbaijan but Flame of Revolution Fails to Ignite

North Korea

North Korea Talks Enter Day Two After Modest Progress

North Korea Promises 'Sincere Efforts' to Resolve Nuclear Crisis

US Rejects North Korea's Disarmament Idea

US Willing to Open Office in Pyongyang

South Asia

Former Taliban Governor Killed Near Peshawar

Pakistan, India Reopen Main Kashmir Crossing

Police Make Breakthrough in Delhi Bombing Case


US Military Rape Case Tests Philippine President

Congressional Group Whines About China Competing in Market

Bali Bomb Planner Blows Himself Up as Police Corner Him

Five Held Over Beheading of Indonesian Schoolgirls

Japan on Alert Over Chinese Jets

Chinese Police Warn Militants Could Attack Beijing Hotels This Week

Justin Raimondo
The Return of Chalabi

Charles Peña
New York's Subway Search Program Earns a Failing Grade

Nebojsa Malic
A Viceroy Departs

Ivan Eland
Surveillance Society

Alan Bock
Anatomy of a Disaster

David R. Henderson
Who Is 'We'?

Praful Bidwai
India Abandons Global Nuclear Disarmament

Ran HaCohen
The Quiet Occupation

Sascha Matuszak
Free the Diplomats

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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