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Karen Hughes' Mission Impossible: Leon Hadar
FBI Pressured on Iraq Intel: Paul Sperry
Must We Renew the PATRIOT Act?: D. McCullagh
Exploding the 'Ticking Bomb' Argument: M. Kinsley
Iran Headed for Crisis: Jim Lobe

Wars generally do not resolve the problems for which they are fought and therefore...prove ultimately futile.
Pope John Paul II
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Updated December 15, 2005 - 11:29 PM EST

Turnout Heavy in Mainly Calm Iraq Vote

Allawi: Shi'ite Win Could Mean Theocracy

Thousands of Voters Turned Away in Fallujah

House Votes to Extend PATRIOT Act

Bush Defends Preemptive Attacks

FBI Pressured to Gin Up Iraq-al-Qaeda Links

Ahmadinejad Pushes Iran Toward Internal Crisis

Must We Renew the PATRIOT Act?
by Declan McCullagh

Human Rights, Rendered Meaningless  by Robert Scheer

Exploding the 'Ticking Bomb' Argument  by Michael Kinsley

We Vote, Then We Throw You Out
by Pepe Escobar

Dead Man Tells No Tales
by James Bovard
Daniel Ellsberg on Exiting Iraq
by Brad Kennedy

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House Passes Ban on Torture

Iraq Election Arrives Amid Tension and Hope

Rice: We Need International Help to Try Saddam

Iraq Border Chief Denies Forged Ballots Seized

Lebanese MP's Funeral Turns Into Anti-Syrian Protest

Pentagon to Review Database on US Citizens

Torture: Condoners vs. Condemners

Detainee Cleared for Release Is in Limbo at Guantánamo


'This Election Is to Make People Forget About the Occupation'

Iraqis Vote

Iraqi Vote to Count This Time

Iraq Votes: Q&A

An Iraqi Election Primer

70 Percent Predicted to Vote in Iraq

Breakdown of Candidates and Voters

Some Major Players in the Iraq Elections

Islamist-Secular Split Seen in Iraq

Sadr, New Faces Likely to Impact National Elections

Allawi Represents a Bid for Iraq's Secular Interests

Crafty Chalabi Still Player in Iraq Politics

Baghdad Streets Quiet as Vote Approaches

Security in Place, Ballots Ready in Iraq

Election Stakes Highest Yet in Iraq

UN Quietly Confident of Smooth Iraq Election

Former Iraqi PM Party Office Torched Ahead of Vote

Deadly Stalkers Follow Patrols in 'Bomb Alley'

Al-Qaeda in Iraq Pledges to Ruin Elections With Offensive

Damascus Sunnis Vote in Iraq Poll


Iraqis Voting in Iran Back Shi'ite Parties

Threats and Intimidation in South as Shi'ites Smell Victory

Clan Feuds Mix With Politics in Iraq's Poor South

Top Iraqi Shi'ite Calls for Unity Coalition

Shi'ite Parties Use Protest Against al-Jazeera as Rallying Point

Iraq Today

Iraqi Army Endures Desertions

Rivalry Between Badr and Sadr Militias Worries UK Forces

Fatal Torture of Inmates Suspected

Report of Planned Iraq Military Purge

Iraq's Wolf Brigade Said to Be Effective, at Times Brutal

Bitter in Baghdad

Rumors of Poisoned Water Spread in Baghdad

Official: US Hopes Lithuania Will Stay in Iraq

Pakistan Opposes Attacking Iran

Bush Says Iran a 'Real Threat'

US Says Ahmadinejad Damaging His Image

Iran's Holocaust Slur Provokes Fury in US and Israel


Terrorists 'Suspected' as Land-Mine Bearing Donkey Explodes in Afghanistan

Challenge for British Troops as Afghans Sow a New Opium Crop

Public Servants Okayed for Afghanistan Duty

South Asia

Indian Soldiers Kill Six Kashmir Militants

Eleven Sentenced for Gujarat Riot

Bangladesh Arrests Military Head of Militant Group


Neighbors Help Nepal Battle Communist Insurgency

Nepal Rules Out Matching Maoist Cease-Fire

India Presses China on Arms Sales to Nepal


Aceh Peace Still Precarious

Chechnya Opts for Capital City Name Change


Colombia Offers Temporary Troop Withdrawal From Rebel Area

Cuba Bars Rights Protesters From Collecting Prize in Europe

Violent Protests Strain Haiti-Dominican Relations

War at Home

Bush Tries to Reshape Debate on War

Bush: Iraq War Was Justified Even Though Intelligence Wrong
Bush: US Will Not Leave Iraq 'Until Victory Is Achieved'
Bush: Iraq Invasion My Responsibility

Transcript of Bush Speech of Dec. 14

Bush Gives Rice the Lead Role in War Zones

Novak Says Bush Knows Who Leaked Name

The New Hillary-Haters: Antiwar Progressives

McCain, White House Remain at Impasse on Torture Ban

Bush to Ease Public Access to Information

Poll: Most Americans Don't Think Bush Has Plan for Victory in Iraq

Homeland Security

Senate Leader Slams Proposal to Investigate Civil Liberties Concerns of PATRIOT Act

House Roll Call for PATRIOT Act Vote

New TSA Surveillance Tactic Curtailed

US Military

Pentagon Denies Undermining Torture Laws

US Missile-Defense Test 'a Success'

Short of Recruits, Army Redoes Its Math

Army Has New Interrogation Guidelines

Iraq Veteran Charged in Calif. Slaying

Pentagon Rolls Out $300 Million Stealth PR Plan

CIA Gulag

Senate Is Set to Require White House to Account for Secret Prisons

European MPs to Launch Inquiry Into CIA Rendition Flights

Germany Denies Role in CIA Kidnap

Evidence Grows of CIA Detainee Flights From Europe

UK War on Terror

UK Held Detainees for Four Years Without Questioning or Charging Them

'My Lawyer Said It Would Be Too Scandalous if I Was Arrested... She Was Wrong'

Blair Under Attack for Not Having Bombings Inquiry


Israel to Build in West Bank Settlements

Israel Fires Missile at Gaza Car, Four Militants Killed

Israel and PA Urged to Boost Business

Fatah Splits Before Key Election

Gun Battle Erupts Outside Fatah HQ in Gaza

Barrier Limits Access to Jerusalem Health Care

Poll: Netanyahu Holds Vast Lead in Likud Poll

Fewer Israeli Troops to Carry Weapons as Suicide Becomes Army's Biggest Killer


Beijing Censors News of Fatal Protest

China Seeks Calm While Letting Public Vent


South Korea Urges North to Return to Talks

US Banks Are Warned on North Korea


Gitmo Aussie May Have to Stay in UK if He's Ever Released

Australia DM Points to Bigger, Stronger Army

In Other News

UN Relocates Eritrea Force

Yemen Rights Group Wants Release of Ex-Guantanamo Detainees


Justin Raimondo
Lieberman's 'War Cabinet'

Nebojsa Malic
The Token Defendant

Sascha Matuszak
Let the Hostilities Begin

Ivan Eland
Making the World Safe for Theocracy

Alan Bock
Chinese Puzzles

Charles Peņa
A Tale of Two Cities

Ran HaCohen
Democracy and Colonialism

David R. Henderson
Adam Smith's Economic Case Against Imperialism

Praful Bidwai
Indian Nuclear Deal With US Turns Faustian Bargain

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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