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Scooter Libby, Neocon Martyr: Justin Raimondo
Time to Lower Expectations: Alan Bock
Nukes for an Attack on Iran: Jorge Hirsch
Watchdogs Protest US 'Mission Creep': W. Fisher
For the Jingo Who Has It All: Turse/Engelhardt

Military justice is to justice what military music is to music.
Groucho Marx
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Updated December 16, 2005 - 11:28 PM EST

Senate Blocks PATRIOT Act

Iraq Estimates 70% Turnout

Feds Spying on Americans Without Warrants

House GOP Bill Rejects Iraq Withdrawal

Bush, in Reversal, Backs Torture Ban

Bush Calls Criticism of War 'Irresponsible'

For the Jingo Who Has Everything
by Nick Turse and Tom Engelhardt
Nuclear Deployment for an Attack on Iran   by Jorge Hirsch
Which Post-Election Scenario Seems More Likely?  by Robert Dreyfuss
Bush Admits Iraq Isn't Our War
by William Norman Grigg
Withdrawal or Drawdown?
by William D. Hartung
It's All Greek to Victor Davis Hanson
by Gary Brecher

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Watchdogs Protest Pentagon's 'Mission Creep'

Poll: Many Americans Think Iraq Victory Is Impossible

Official Claims Iraqis Caught Zarqawi Last Year, 'Accidentally' Released Him

Anti-US Sentiment a Motive for Many Sunni Voters

Cost of Iraq, Afghanistan Wars Wearing on US Public

White House Takes Issue With Novak's CIA Leak Claim

Report: Congress Doesn't See Same Intel as Bush


After Sweeping Iraq Vote, Power Wrangles to Start

Iraqis Vote

Scenes From Iraq's Election Day

US Military Grudgingly Agrees to Halt Attacks During Iraq Election

Ballot Shortage Keeps Some From Iraq Polls

Fallujans Flock to the Polls in Quest to Regain Control of Their City

Anger, Hope Drive Sunnis to Vote in Iraqi Villages Once Held by Insurgents

Voters Brave Streets of Troubled Iraqi Region

Enthusiasm Among Iraq's Southern Voters

Sexism Aside, Polling in Basra Proceeds Without Serious Abuses

Report: Voter Turnout High in Anbar Province

In Basra, Dim Prospects for Secular Candidate

Company Will Compensate Iraqi Bloggers for Covering Elections

Experts Cautious in Assessing Iraq Election

The War Goes On

US Marine Killed in Bomb Attack in Iraq

Iraq: Morgue Can't Cope With Numbers of Bodies Arriving on a Daily Basis

Australian FM: Iraq Exit Strategy 'Not Time Based'


Iran Still an Official Part of the 'Axis of Evil'

EU Grows Impatient With Iran Over Nukes

EU Protests Russian-Iran Missile Deal

Arab States Quiet Over Ahmadinejad Remarks

US Judge Orders Iran to Pay $168 Million for 1983 Beirut Embassy Bombing


US Soldier Killed in Afghanistan

Education Official Killed in Central Afghanistan

Afghan Parliament to Convene for the First Time in 30 Years

Afghan Detainees Gain Release


Belgian Prosecutor Likely to Take Over Hariri Probe

UN Extends Lebanon Murder Probe, Chastises Syria

Lebanon Funeral Turns Into Anti-Syria Strike


Egypt Says US Ignores Offer to Train Iraqi Troops

Egypt Opposition Calls for Referendum on Israel Peace Treaty

Middle East

The Middle East's Beleaguered Christians

Saudi Arabia Announces Formation of Municipal Councils

Kuwaiti Women Give Boost to Islamists

South Asia

Drunken Nepalese Soldier Mows Down 11 Civilians

Sri Lanka Peace Talks to Kick-Start Next Year

Pakistan Envoy Sees No Major Taliban Resurgence

Pakistan General Hurt in Attack


Western Peacekeepers Begin Pullout From Eritrea

Protesters Killed, 40,000 Jailed as Ethiopia Cracks Down on 'Insurrection'

UN Troops Bid Farewell to Sierra Leone

UN Bans Ivory Coast Diamonds to Stop Rebels

For Liberia's 'Iron Lady,' Toughness Part of Territory


US Voices Concern Over Bolivia Poll Outcome

Leftist Set to Be Bolivia's First Indian President

In Bolivia, US Worries About Its Drug War


Canadian PM: We Won't Be Dictated to by US

Neocon Publisher Indicted on More Charges

Hackers Fuel Peru-Chile Rivalry

War on Terror

Anti-PATRIOT Act Senator Now Has Numbers on His Side

Democrats Threaten to Filibuster PATRIOT Act

GOP Battles to Save PATRIOT Act

US Skeptical on Purported bin Laden Tape

Pentagon Will Charge Gitmo Aussie With 'Violations of the Law of War'

US No-Fly List Vexes Travelers

Padilla Case Tests Reach of Federal Power

UK Drops Plan to Allow Police to Close Mosques

War at Home

Bush's Vision for Iraq Put to the Test

NYT Admits It Held Domestic Spying Story for a Year

Peace Activist Challenges Coast Guard Fine

FBI Collected Data on Peaceful Protesters in Colorado

Pentagon to Review 'Potential Violations' After Reports on Database of War Opponents

Senator Stalls Intelligence Spending Bill

Pelosi Congratulates Democrats for Incoherence on War

Former Sen. Proxmire, Vietnam Opponent, Dies

US Military

Nation-Building Elevated as Mission of US Military

Reservist Arrested on Iraqi Bribe Charges

CIA Gulag

EU Official: No Proof Yet of Secret CIA Prisons

European Concern Over 'Renditions' Increases

Amnesty Says CIA Detainee Flights Used UK Territory

MPs to Question British Security Officials Over Collusion With US Renditions

US Torture Jets Were Refueled in Britain

US Torture Policy
Analysis: House Torture Vote Hammers Bush

White House Bows to Pressure Over Torture of Prisoners

Bush, McCain Finally Share the Floor

Congress Moves Toward Clear Policy Against Torture


Settlers to Be Evicted From Hebron Market

Dramatic Split in Fatah Blamed on Arafat's 'Follied' PA Leadership

Abbas Scrambles to Heal Fatah Split

Hamas Wins Big in Local Palestinian Elections, Takes Control From Fatah

Hamas: We'll Step Up Attacks if Israel Attacks Iran

Israeli Army Seals Off West Bank, Gaza Strip

Transport to Link Gaza, West Bank Remains Elusive

Former Aussie PM: Palestinian State Key in Ending Terrorism


Bosnia Charges 11 People Over Srebrenica Killings

Italy to Pull Out 300 Soldiers From Iraq in January 2006

German Official: US Paid Off Wrongly Kidnapped Citizen

Germany Loses Big if Iran Faces Sanctions

Free Speech on Trial in Turkey

Writer's Trial Threatens Turkey's EU Hopes

East Asia

UN to Stop Feeding North Koreans Next Year

Ex-Philippine General Arrested for Coup Plot

Russia and Her Neighbors

Uzbek Interior Minister Official Accused of Torture

Russian Company's Gas Price Hike Seen as Kremlin Effort to Punish Ukraine

Kazakhstan Opens Oil Pipeline to China

Kyrgyz Demands Big Rent Rise From US for Military Base


Justin Raimondo
Scooter Libby, Neocon Martyr

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Time to Lower Expectations

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Democracy and Colonialism

David R. Henderson
Adam Smith's Economic Case Against Imperialism

Praful Bidwai
Indian Nuclear Deal With US Turns Faustian Bargain

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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