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Those Crazy Mullahs: Gordon Prather
Torture Ban May Have a Loophole: William Fisher
Plame's Crucial CIA Role: Mike Mejia
How the PATRIOT Act Was Beaten: John Nichols
WTO: Livelihoods at Stake: Sascha Matuszak

Either man will abolish war, or war will abolish man.
Bertrand Russell
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Updated December 18, 2005 - 11:28 PM EST
Violence Returns: 19 Killed Around Iraq

Powell: Bush Never Told of WMD Doubts

Iraqi Parties Complain of Vote Irregularities

US, Iraqi Officials: Militias Intimidated Voters

Lawmakers Back Evidence From Torture

Congress Mulls More Oversight of Bush

Domestic Spying Inflames PATRIOT Debate

Bush Pushes Limits of Wartime Powers

Bush Admits Authorizing Spying, Slams Leaking It to Public

'We Do Not Torture': Lies and Quarter-Truths   by Jordan Paust
How the PATRIOT Act Was Beaten (for Now)   by John Nichols
Edmonds Case May Reveal Plame's Crucial CIA Role   by Mike Mejia
The Get-Out-of-Torture-Free Card
by Emily Bazelon
An Assault on Our Freedoms
by Andrew P. Napolitano
Those Crazy Mullahs
by Gordon Prather

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Powell: US Will Stay in Iraq for Years

Powell: Rendition 'Nothing New'

The NSA: A Half-Century of Surveillance

Poll: Americans Think US Wants Reasons for Troops to Stay in Iraq

Pakistan FM: We Will Stand Behind Iran if US Attacks

US No Longer Seeks 'Defeat' of Sunni Insurgents

US: Iraqi Army, Police 'in the Lead,' but Not Independent, in 2007


Army Meets Recruiting Goal by Raiding Bottom of Bell Curve

Iraq Election

US Calls on Iraq to Form Unity Government Fast

Allawi Group Says Fraud in Iraq Elections

Iraq Eases Tight Security After Election

Al-Qaeda in Iraq Claims Election Attacks

Iraqi PM Reaches Out to Sunni Arabs

Sunni Alliance Hails Iraq Election as Success

Iraq Today

US Calls for Sacking of Iraq's Interior Minister Over Abuse

General to Recommend US Troop Level in Iraq Be Reduced to 138,000

Bigger Hurdles for US in Iraq's Next Phase


Iran Law Threatens to Block Nuclear Inspections

Holocaust Remarks Seen as Iranian Strategy

Iran Seeks to Sign Key Oil Deal With China by January


Gunmen Open Fire on Afghan School; Student and Janitor Killed

Afghan Villagers Riot After Police Capture Suspected Taliban

Afghanistan: New Assembly a Mix of Ex-Warlords and Women

Soldiers Think Afghanistan Abuse Investigations 'Witch Hunt'

Afghanistan's New Parliament Will Bring Together Former Adversaries

Cheney Heads to Afghanistan

South Asia

India, Pakistan to Build Iran Pipeline

India Deploying Troops on Bangladesh Border

Bangladesh Police Find Bomb Materials, Arrest Militants

Tamil Rebels Reject Asia as Venue for Peace Talks


Ethiopia to Try 131 Opposition Members

AU Troops Frustrated With Darfur Mission

Rwandan Rebels Risk Their Lives to Desert

Americans Keep Dying

Soldier From Franklin County (VA) Killed in Iraq

Soldier (GA) With Maine Ties Killed in Iraq

Minnesota Marine Had Wanted Military Career

Marine From Mississippi Killed in Iraq

Soldier From Wildwood (MO) Killed in Iraq

Valley (TX) Soldier Killed by Device in Iraq

Irwin (CA) Soldier Killed in Iraq by Explosives

Summers County (WV) Soldier Killed in Iraq

Pennsylvania Guardsman Wanted Police Career

Servicewoman (LA) Killed by Roadside Bomb in Iraq

Father of Five Killed in Iraq (NJ)

Delaware Soldier Killed in Iraq

Michigan Guardsman Dies of Burns

Brother Witnessed Soldier's Death in Iraq (IN)

Utah Soldier Dies in Fall in Iraq

Virginia Beach (VA) Soldier Killed in Iraq

Anniston (AL) Family Mourns Soldier Killed in Iraq

Soldier With Brandon (FL) Ties Killed in Iraq

Hockley (TX) Soldier Dies in Iraq

Family Recalls 'Jovial' Soldier (GA) Killed in Iraq

Two SD Soldiers Killed in Iraq War

War at Home

Bush Raps Senators on Blocking PATRIOT Act

Civil Liberties Become a Casualty of War

Reporter Wins Unfair Dismissal Case Over Refusal to Go to Iraq

Lawyers Hired for Marshals Who Shot Plane Passenger

After Nearly Dying in Iraq, Soldier Now Opposes War

US Student Visited by Feds for Checking Out Mao Book

Journalist Jack Anderson Dies

US Military

Job Rules Clarify Reservist Rights

US Military, Police Increasing Use of Unmanned Aircraft


Mehlis: Syria Involved in Assassination

Lebanon Bombing Sparks Defiance, Fear

United Kingdom

MI5 'Colluded With CIA' Over Suspect Sent to Torture Jails

Blair Was Warned of Subway Threat Before 7/7 Bombings

Will It Be Over by (Next) Christmas?

Report: Prisoners Tortured in British-Run Post-World War II Interrogation Camp


Two Die in Gaza Border Incidents

Likud Rivals Clash Ahead of Primary Sunday

Fatah, Breakaway Party Discuss Reuniting

Hamas to Run in Palestinian Ballot Despite US Call

Abbas Urged to Delay Election as Rivals Gain Strength

1.1 Million Palestinians Live in Hamas-Controlled Areas

Israeli Cluster Bombs Found in Southern Lebanon

US Congress Backs Resolution Opposing Hamas Role in Palestinian Vote

Middle East

Iran, Syria Standoff With West Focus of Gulf Summit

Gulf Leader Urges Iran to Make Region Nuclear-Free

Egypt's Judges Take on Regime

US Warns of Possible Mideast, North Africa Attacks

US Ideals Meet Reality in Yemen


Report: German Hostage Alive in Iraq

Magazine: CIA Received German File on German Captive


Sheehan, Other Protesters Denounce Iraq War in Rally Outside US Embassy in Madrid

Two Die Near Nice in World War Two Grenade Explosion

Belarus Leader Tightens Grip in Run-Up to March Poll

Turk PM Warns Against EU Meddling


Government Insists on US-Backed Plot Against Venezuela

US May Help Secure Haiti Vote

Colombia Slams US for Meddling in Internal Affairs

Rebels Attack Village in Western Colombia, Kill Five Police Officers

Weekend Reviews

The Great War for Civilization: The Conquest of the Middle East

The Great War for Civilization: Another Take

Spielberg's Munich: A Post-9/11 Cautionary Tale?

Live From Iraq: Unembedded

The Worst and the Dullest

Cindy Sheehan's War


Justin Raimondo
Scooter Libby, Neocon Martyr

Sascha Matuszak
Livelihoods at Stake

Alan Bock
Time to Lower Expectations

Nebojsa Malic
The Token Defendant

Ivan Eland
Making the World Safe for Theocracy

Charles Peņa
A Tale of Two Cities

Ran HaCohen
Democracy and Colonialism

David R. Henderson
Adam Smith's Economic Case Against Imperialism

Praful Bidwai
Indian Nuclear Deal With US Turns Faustian Bargain

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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