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American Megalomania: Justin Raimondo
War-Loving Pundits: Norman Solomon
Saying Good Bye to Dubai: Leon Hadar
Last-Ditch Effort : Alan Bock
Reprogramming the Infinite Loop: Vega/Engelhardt

Anyone who has the power to make you believe absurdities has the power to make you commit injustices.
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Updated March 17, 2006 - 11:08 PM EST
US, Iran Agree to Iraq Crisis Talks
Iran-US Talks Reveal Iraq Shi'ite Rivalry
Ordinary Iraqi Families Getting Ready to Fight
Sadr Forms Shadow Govt in Baghdad Stronghold
Iraqi Parliament: 30 Minutes and Out
Bush Says Iran May Be Greatest Threat
US, Iraqis Launch Huge Operation Near Samarra
Tribunal: Milosevic Not Poisoned
US Says Iraq Talks With Iran Won't Affect Nuclear Standoff
UK Papers Threatened With Prosecution if They Reveal War Dispute
Troops Know They Are Fighting and Dying for a Lie  by Doug Thompson
American Foreign Policy and the Future of NATO  by Gabriel Kolko
When the Cheerleaders Admit They Were Wrong, We'll Move On  by Madeleine Bunting
War-Loving Pundits  by Norman Solomon
Reprogramming the Infinite Loop
by Elizabeth de la Vega and Tom Engelhardt
Lap Dogs of the Press
by Helen Thomas

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White House Reaffirms 'First Strike' Doctrine
Speed Read: The Bush Strategy Report
Bush Vows to End North Korean Tyranny
Congress Raises Debt Cap, Fourth Increase Under Bush
Third Anniversary Iraq Antiwar Events
Pentagon Boosts US Air Strikes in Iraq, Afghanistan
Report: Halliburton Failed to Protect Troops' Water Supply
Iraq's PM Says Willing to Quit if Asked To
Kurds Turn Violent in Protest Against Their Leaders
Libby's Lawyers Subpoena Media Outlets, Reporters
Belarus KGB Chief Warns: Protesters Will Face Death Sentences
Senior Abu Ghraib Officer Says Rules for Dog Use Were Lacking
Today in Iraq
US Troops Brought in to Shield Shi'ites
Al-Zarqawi Gains Ground
After Saddam’s Exit, New Fears Haunt Iraqis
Envoy Says US, Iraq Will Stop Civil War
Seven Days in Iraq
Iraq: Sectarian Violence Leads to Displacement in Capital
Security Forces Focus on Downtown Baghdad's Mosques
US Soldier Killed in Iraq, Young Prisoner Dies in Abu Ghraib
Brain Drain in Iraq as Academics Targeted
Developments in Iraq, March 17
Developments in Iraq, March 16
Three Years Later
A Day in the Life of Baghdad Residents Three Years After Invasion
Was It Worth It? An Iraqi Family Debates
Three Years On, Europe Suffers From Iraq War Fatigue
US Releases Prewar Iraq Documents
Iraq Occupation
General Sees 'Downward Trend' in US Iraq Presence
Differing Accounts Emerge of Raid on Suspected Hideout
US Military Probes Deaths of 15 Iraqis in November
Global Iraq Fallout
Oil Trades Near Two-Week High After US Starts Attack in Iraq
UN Appeals to Iraq’s Neighbors Over Violence
Blair Unrepentant in Face of Rising Death Toll
Blair: if I Had It to Do Over, I'd Attack Iraq Again
British FM: Attacking Iraq Was 'Right', Mistakes Came Later
Afghan Family Disputes Canadian Forces' Account of Shooting Death
Afghanistan: Fugitive Taliban Leader Vows 'Unimaginable' Violence
Taliban Still Strong in Afghanistan: Straw
Bombings in Afghanistan Resemble Iraq Militant Techniques
Afghanistan's Feared Woman Warlord
First Dutch Troops Arrive in Afghanistan
Pakistan Bans Two Afghan TV Channels
Pakistan Blasts Disrupt Power to Thousands
Yet Another Cleric Announces Bounty on the Head of Cartoonists
Syrian Held for Terror Links in Pakistan
Russian PM Defends Nuclear Fuel Sale to India
US Congress Takes Up Controversial US-India Nuclear Deal
US Says Nuclear Deal With India Will Take Months
Bush Confronted on Nuclear Pact
India Prepares for Major Military Expansions Into Remote Regions
Bush Calls for Kashmir Solution
Maoist Blockade of Katmandu in Third Day
Crippling Maoist Blockade Hits Nepal Firms Hard
Nepal Maoists to Conditionally Give Up Arms
Nepal Court Frees Two Opposition Leaders
China Leader to Hold Nepal Talks
South Korea Minister: We'll Still Need US Troops After Reunification
Fire at US Base in South Korea Injures Three
Pentagon Official Warns of Chinese Buildup
Rice: We Demand Answers on China's 14 Percent Increase in Defense Spending
China Defends Openness of Military Buildup
China's Growing Power Forces US Rethink
US and Australia Take Different Tones on China's Rising Power
Six Killed in Thailand Militant Attack
Thai Prime Minister Vows to Win Election
Thai PM Dodges Bangkok Protest
Tamil Rebels Warn Sri Lanka Govt Breaking Disarmament Promises
Filipinos Distrust Arroyo More After Emergency
Bangladesh Probes Militant Bank Transactions
Uzbekistan Tightens Media Law
DR Congo
EU Ready to Send Troops to Congo for June Polls
UN Sees No Major Obstacles to DR Congo General Elections
Ugandan Army Says LRA Rebel Boss Enters Congo
Congo General Accused After Soldiers Die of Hunger
Gunmen Kill One in Attack on UN Compound in Sudan
Somalia: UN Welcomes Convening of Transitional Parliament Inside the Country
Liberian Leader Wows US Congress
Mexico's Fox Predicts Backlash in Drug War
Ecuador Protests Enter Fourth Day
Haiti Schedules Legislative Runoff Election April 21
The Iraq Plan?
Rice: Iraq Reforms to Take Years
White House Says 'Operation Swarmer' in Iraq Is 'Tactical'
$92 Billion War Funding Bill Near House OK
At a Glance: $92 Billion Spending Bill
Protesting the War
Third Anniversary Iraq Antiwar Events
Activists Say FBI Did Surveillance of Antiwar Activities
Protests to Mark Iraq War's 3rd Year
Musicians to Stage Big Antiwar Concert
War Protesters Finally Get OK for Chicago March
The War at Home
Brzezinski Calls for Iraq Pullout
Most Americans Believe War in Iraq Hasn't Been 'Worth It'
Poll: Americans Slightly Favor Plan to Censure, Impeachment Gaining Support
Poll: Half of Americans Say Bush Misled on WMD'S
Rice Defends Iraq, Protesters Cry 'War Criminal'
New York Theater Under Fire for Postponing Mideast Play
Iran Flexible on Inspectors, Not Core Nuclear Issue
High-Level Meeting on Iran Set for Monday at UN
US Rules Out Direct Talks With Iran on Nuclear Standoff
India, Iran, Pakistan's Talks End With No Deal on Pipeline
Iran Fire Festival Passes Peacefully
Blair Finally Calls for Gitmo Closure
Much Still Unknown About Gitmo Detainees
British Govt Seeks to Keep Gitmo Detainee From Getting Citizenship
Trying to Try Moussaoui
Moussaoui Case May Become Latest 'Flub'
Attorney Describes Moussaoui Prosecutor as 'Vilified'
Moussaoui Trial Lawyer Put on $120,000/Year 'Leave'
Moussaoui Prosecutors Appeal Ban on Coached Testimony
War on Terror
Airline Screeners Fail Government Bomb Tests
San Diego NCAA Arena Evacuated on Bomb Scare
Fight Over UK Terrorism Measures Continues
British Police Told to Rewrite Tactics on Bombers
Met Chief's Aide 'Knew of Shooting Mistake'
Canada Courts Rule Against Terror Suspects
US Military
Two US Soldiers Die in Honduras Accident
US Decides to Sharply Reduce Its Military Forces in Iceland
Soldier Suicide Raises Concerns
Department of Defense Worker Charged With Bribery Accepts Plea
Pentagon Plans to Buy 'Joint Strike' Fighters for $49 Billion
Discharge Approved for Vietnam-Era Deserter
Syria Agrees to UN Bomb Investigation
UN Preparing to Ask More of Syria in Hariri Probe
Syrian Leader Rejects US Criticism
UN Alerts Israel, Lebanon, Syria to Border Fears
Firm Sets Timetable for US Ports Pullout
Documents: Dubai Threatened by Extremists
Palestinian Politics
Hamas Expects to Present New Government to Parliament Monday
Hamas: Will Present Government Alone if Necessary
Palestinians Accuse Israel of Destroying Authority
Middle East Quartet Urges Hamas to End Violence
Israeli Politics
Jericho Raid Gives Olmert Pre-Election Boost: Polls
Israel Ruling Party Denies Split Over Setting Borders
Israel Raises Level of Lebanon Border Alert After Feared Breach
Israeli Officer in Jenin May Have Been Killed by Friendly Fire
Israel Prevents Palestinian NGO Meeting
Israeli Family Charged in Christian Shrine Attack
Militant Seized in Israeli Raid Denies Involvement in Killing
Middle East
Predictions of a Better Middle East Have Evaporated Three Years After Invasion
Arab Banks Meet to Combat Terror Financing
Five Die in Turkey Army Helicopter Crash
The Death of Milosevic
Some Milosevic Doctors Call Care by Tribunal Inadequate
Milosevic Coffin Goes on Display
What Now for War Trials After Milosevic?
In Other News
US Strategic Paper Calls on Russia to Embrace Democracy
US Frowns at UN's New Rights Watchdog
British Naval Chief: New Attitude Toward Gay Sailors Has Cut 'Unhealthy Secrecy'

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