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Are the Neocons Losing It?: Patrick Buchanan
Time to Leave Iraq: Charley Reese
More Failed Diplomacy: Gordon Prather
9/11 and Bush's 'Negligence': Robert Parry
Hillary the Hawk: Justin Raimondo

A belligerent state permits itself every such misdeed, every such act of violence, as would disgrace the individual.
Sigmund Freud
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Updated March 25, 2006 - 10:55 PM EST
Civil War Comes to Baghdad
Iraqis in Tal Afar Question Bush's Optimism
FBI Agent – 9/11 Plot Was Within Grasp
Bush Shuns PATRIOT Act Requirement
Pentagon: Russia Fed US War Plans to Iraq
US Accuses Iran of Iraq Duplicity
Pace: Lot More to Be Done Before Considering Invading Iran
Canadians Surprised to Learn Their Troops Are in Iraq
Israeli Military Chief: Hamas Will Try to Restrain Terror to Boost Image
US Nixes Israeli Firm's Purchase of US Rival Over 'National Security'
Are the Neocons Losing It?
by Patrick J. Buchanan
Slavish Republican Lawmakers Roll Over for Bush  by Steve Chapman
Honest Debate on the Mideast
Madison Capital Times
Hillary the Hawk  by Justin Raimondo
Time to Leave Iraq  by Charley Reese
More Failed Diplomacy
by Gordon Prather

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'Bring Troops Home' Call Echoes Across US
Karzai 'Gives Pledge' to Save Christian Convert From Execution
Afghan Clerics, in Friday Prayers, Call for Convert's Execution
US Confirms Talks With Iran on Iraq
US: Iraq on Own to Rebuild
Top US Army Chief Says Military Action Against Iran Not Imminent
ABC News Says Saddam Ok'd bin Laden Contact
Russia and China Bridle at Paying UN More
Kissinger Backed Argentine Junta 30 Years Ago
Once Considered One of the Best in the Middle East, Iraqi Schools Are Now on the Front Lines of the War
Today in Iraq
Bush's Requests for Iraqi Base Funding Make Some Wary of Extended Stay
Iraq’s Provinces 'Itch to Exercise Power'
Russia Spies Operated in Iraq Through 2003
Iraq Leaders Meet as US Presses for Deal
Dozens of Insurgents Captured in Iraq
Iraq President Optimistic About Government
Excerpts From Report on Prewar Iraq
Is It Civil War Yet?
In Fallujah, Iraqi Forces Riven by Sectarianism
UN Urges Iraq to Rein in Death Squads
Once Protected by Hussein, Palestinians Suffer Backlash
US Warns Americans Against Commercial Flights From Baghdad
No Civil War Risk in Iraq, Says US Chief
Attacks Continue
51 Killed in Iraq Friday, Including 2 GIs
Mosque Bombing Targets Sunnis
Iraq Gunmen Kill Four Bakery Staff, One Policeman
Insurgents Kill 3 Baghdad Police Officers
Along Bloody Fault Lines of Iraq
Developments in Iraq, March 25
Developments in Iraq, March 24
Iraq Occupation
US Officials Deny Plan to Free Some Saddam Aides
Gen. Pace Says 700 Troops Leaving Iraq Soon
Challenge for US: Iraq's Handling of Detainees
Iraqi Forces to Take Charge of Borders by July: General
Salvadorans Ambushed By Memories in Iraq
Iraq Translator Charged in Bribe Scheme
Embedded With US Troops in Ramadi
Hostage Release
After Months of Intelligence, a Simple Confession Led Forces to Hostages
Freed Hostages Refuse to Participate in 'Debriefing'
British General Slams Hostage for Failing to Thank Troops
Aid Group Plans to Continue Work in Iraq After Hostages Freed
The New Iraq
The Iraqi Brain Drain
Mocking Saddam: Iraq's Newest Fad
Iraq Cellphone Use Soaring, but Network Hasn't Caught Up
Work Set on Iraq Oil Metering System
Global Iraq Fallout
Iran Stages War Games Near Iraq Border
US Seeks Ankara's Help to Prevent Civil War in Iraq
British Vets Told: There Is No Gulf Syndrome
US Losing Faith in Afghanistan
Bush and Karzai Face Problems on Convert
'Moderate' Clerics Insist on Execution of Convert
UK Army Investigating Death of Soldier in Afghanistan
Afghan Parliament Mulls New Cabinet
Afghan FM Says He Declined Another Post in Karzai Government
Afghanistan: UK Soldier Dies
Blast at Afghan Ammunition Depot Kills Two
Australian Soldier Injured in Afghanistan
UN: Mission in Afghanistan Extended for Another Year
Twenty Militants, Pakistani Soldier Killed in Clashes
US May Be Holding Pakistani Journalist
Pakistani Police Officer Describes Terror Camps
Indian PM Proposes Treaty With Pakistan
Pakistan Welcomes India Overture
India, Pakistan Nearing Deal on Siachin
India’s Hindu Nationalists Advised to Watch Out for Terrorists
Nepal: Court Backs Maoist Ban and Detention Law
Nepalese Opposition Leader Freed
US Retaining Wartime Command on South Korea
South Korea Set for First Female Prime Minister
US Senators Visiting China Soften Stance on Trade Sanctions
Taiwan Opposition Leader Seeks Long-Term Peace
US, Japan Split Over Base Relocation Cost
US Military Employee Jailed for Japan Rape
Japan's Passion for Missile Defense
Japanese Germ Warfare Site to Be Preserved
Setback to Japan’s Nuclear Industry
Harvard Decides to Remove Logo From AIPAC Report
Constitutional Questions Show in AIPAC Case
Israeli Media Condemn Harvard Report on US-Israel Ties
War on Terror
Blunder After Blunder in Moussaoui Trial
Mystery Document in Wiretap Suit Sent to Seattle for Safekeeping
80% Say bin Laden Still Alive
Justice Dept Refuses to Define 'Terrorists'
Pentagon Mulls Torture Rule on Guantanamo Evidence
FBI Informant: UK Terrorist Planned to Sell Poisoned Hamburgers
The War at Home
Papers Show Split in Nixon-Iraq Policy
Rumsfeld Rejects Resignation
Hollywood Takes on Iraq as Public Opinion Shifts
Ex-KBR Employee Pleads Guilty to Kickbacks
Pacifist Hero Desmond Doss, 87, Dies in Alabama
US Military
Navy Won't File Charges Against Contractors for Firing on Marines in Iraq
Report: US Missile Science Slumping
Bragg Soldier Arrested on Immigration Charges
Soldier Back From Iraq Dies in Accident
Diplomat Rules Out Security Council Statement on Iran This Week
US Presses Russia to Back UN Action Against Iran
Russia Says No to Any Iran Deal Sidelining It
Syrian Vice President to Hold Iran Talks
Japan Vows to Keep Developing Giant Iran Oil Field
UN Envoy Urges Lebanon, Syria to Demarcate Their Borders
UN Envoy Backs Lebanese Talks on Hezbollah Arms
Israeli Politics
Kadima's Pre-Election Poll Lead Called Into Question
Kadima Support Slipping
Israeli Poll a Border Referendum
Israeli Acting PM Cautions Hard-Liners
Influential Israeli Rabbi Warns: Vote for Kadima and You'll Go to Hell
Palestinian Politics
Abbas to Deny Hamas Access to Big Fund
Abbas Proposes 'Back-Channel' Negotiations With Israel
US Aid Decision Now Likely After Hamas Sets Govt
Talk of Peace Negotiations Has All but Ended in Israel
Israeli Restrictions Create Isolated Enclaves in West Bank
Rice Presses Case to Get Supplies Into Palestinian Territories
Israel Breaks Up West Bank Barrier Protest, 17 Wounded
US Rappers Sing for Palestine
Infighting May Spell End to Orange Revolution
Ukraine Opposition Leader Leading in Polls
Ukraine Presses on With Efforts to Join NATO
Ukraine FM: Kiev to Join EU by 2015
Belarus Police Storm Protest, Round Up Hundreds
White House Joins EU in Belarus Sanctions
Belarus Opposition to Rally Despite Raid
EU Seeks Belarus Protester Release
US to Set Up Military Bases in Bulgaria
Danish Deputy PM Seeks to Expel Radical Imams
Islamic Militia Shells Rivals in Somalia, 73 Dead

Gaddafi: Libya the World's Only Real Democracy

US Ready to Capture FARC Rebel Leaders if Colombia Asks
Argentina Marks 30th Anniversary of Murderous Regime
Venezuela and US Reach Airline Agreement
Sri Lankan Military, Rebels Rearm Despite Talks
Thai Opposition Joins Calls for King to Name New PM
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