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A Plague on Both Their Houses: Justin Raimondo
Readings in the Age of Empire: Doug Bandow
Next Victim: Iran or NK?: Ray McGovern
An Idea Whose Time Has Come?: Pat Buchanan
The 'Great Divide': Jim Lobe

Every nation has its war party. It is not the party of democracy. It is the party of autocracy. It seeks to dominate absolutely.
Senator Robert M. La Follette
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Updated June 23, 2006 - 9:35 PM EDT

US Claims Iran Aiding Iraq Fighters

Official: US Ability to Hit NK Missile 'Limited'

Neocon Official Insists US Set to Down Missile
Emergency Declared as 34 Iraqis, 2 GIs Killed
Cheney Says He Might Testify in Leak Case
Black Muslim 'Terrorists' Were Infiltrated by Feds

Officials: US Didn’t Find WMD, Despite Claims

Peace Deal Offers Iraq Insurgents an Amnesty

Pentagon Weighs Modest Troop Reduction in Iraq

US Gets Access to Worldwide Banking Data

Federal Agents Raid Suspected Terror Cell in Miami
Next Victim: Iran or North Korea?
by Ray McGovern
Americans Should Be
by Sheldon Richman
The Truth? Our Empire
Killed Millions
 by Johann Hari
The Imperial Press and Me
Nick Turse interviews Tom Engelhardt
An Idea Whose Time Has Come?
by Patrick Buchanan
Don't Mention Dimona  by Deborah Campbell

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Senate Rejects Competing Iraq Withdrawal Plans

Cheney: Iraq Pullout Would 'Validate and Encourage the Terrorists'

House Says No to Permanent Bases in Iraq

Costa Rica Wants Iraq Reference Removed

Fox News Debunks Santorum's WMD Claim

Survey Finds 'Great Divide' in Muslim and Western Opinions

Security Adviser Dismisses Ex-Defense Official's Call to Attack North Korea

Hamas' Suitcase Economy

Australian PM 'Sad but Not Sorry' for Aussie Troops' Killing of Iraqi Guard
Attacks Continue

Attacks Kill 5 US Troops in Iraq

At Least 25 People Found Executed in Mosul

Iraqi Governor Wounded in al-Qaeda Stronghold

Revised: Only 30 Iraqis Kidnapped Wednesday, Most Released

Many Still Missing in Iraq Kidnap

Developments in Iraq on June 23

Developments in Iraq on June 22

Iraq Today

Saddam on Hunger Strike to Protest Lawyer's Killing

Iraq Amnesty Plan Fraught With Problems

Murdering Iraqis

US Troops Could Face Death Penalty

ACLU Seeks Disclosure of Pentagon Files on Haditha

Marines' 'Thrill Kill' Adds to the Agony

Occupying Iraq

Soldiers' Abductions in Iraq 'Well-Orchestrated'

Australia Apologizes for Killing Iraq Bodyguard

Australian Opposition: Govt Bows to US Pressure to Keep Troops in Iraq

Australian Role Deepens Despite Shooting Fiasco

Governor: Troop Withdrawal Starts in Southern Iraq

British Defense Secretary: Tight Security Making an Impact in Basra

US Says Iraq Checkpoint Deaths Are Down


Four US Soldiers Die in Afghan Battle

Karzai: 600 Afghan Deaths 'Not Acceptable'

Zawahiri Issues al-Qaeda Recruiting Video

Karzai Urges Expanding Terror War

Karzai Embarrassed, Journalists Enraged by Attempt to Silence Journalists

UK Paratroopers Set Mountain Trap for Taliban

Taliban Coming Back to the Front

South Asia

Taliban Claims Shootdown of Pakistan Army Copter

Pakistan 'Cannot Afford Nuclear Race With India'

India Agrees to Assam Rebel Talks

2 Killed, 15 Injured as Militants Attack in Kashmir

Nepal Maoist Leader: Capitalism Is Okay

Sri Lanka

Once-Vibrant Tamil City Prepares for War

UN Accuses Tamil Faction of Kidnapping Children

East Timor

Ousted East Timor Minister Tells of Secret Death Squad

Timor President to Resign Over PM


Rivals Agree to Somalia Peace Deal

Somali Sufis March Against Courts Union Restrictions


Zimbabwe to Compensate Foreigners for Land

Rights Group Documents Spread of Darfur Chaos Into Chad

Taylor Trial May Start Next Year


Exile: Miami Foundation Plotted Attacks on Cuba

Brazil's Growing Influence Makes Neighbors Uncomfortable

Russia and Her Neighbors

Ukraine Coalition Deal Confirmed

Russia Says Exercises With Belarus Have No Direct Focus

Uzbekistan and Activists Point to Footage of Rally

North Korea

For North Korean Missile, US Defense Is Hit or Miss

China Voices Concern Over North Korea Launch

Russia Summons North Korea's Ambassador

South Korea: North's Missile Launch Not Imminent

Cheney Says North Korea Missile Capability 'Fairly Rudimentary'


Iranians to Meet EU's Solana on Nuclear Issue

Iran Says US Determined to Topple Its Govt No Matter What It Does

Al-Jazeera Allowed Back Into Iran

Fears as Iran Purges Professors

War on Terror

Mayors Protest Cuts in Antiterrorism Funds

Prosecutors Sought to Bar 9/11 Families From Testifying in Moussaoui's Defense

Homeland Security Grant Formula Comes Under Fire

Cameraman Reveals Secrets of al-Qaeda Propaganda War

US Confirms London Hijack Plot

Germany Knew About Rendition of One of Its Citizens, Inquiry Told

The Road to Guantánamo Offers Grim Chronicles That Anger and Stir

Spying on Americans

Congress: We Can't Investigate Spies Without Cooperation from Agencies

FBI: Data Brokers We Use 'Almost Certainly' Act Illegally

War at Home

White House Rallies Republican Lawmakers on Iraq

Terrorist Video Game or Pentagon Snafu?

West Point Takes in Its First Iraqi Cadet

US Army Raises Maximum Enlistment Age to 42

Military Comes Clean to Mom Two Years After Son's Death

Bush in Europe

Bush: '50s Hungarian Revolt Should Inspire Iraq

US Promises to Respect Human Rights in Terror War

Gaza Attacks

Once Again, Two Civilians Die as Israeli Rocket Strays

Olmert Apologizes for Civilian Deaths, but Vows More Attacks

Palestinian PM Demands Israel Stop Killing Civilians


Israeli, Palestinian Leaders Hold Meeting

Gaza Death Mars Leaders' Meeting

Palestinians in Jordan Valley Feel Strangled by Israel

Olmert: Israeli Lives Worth More Than Palestinian Ones

Red Cross Votes to Admit Israel

Olmert: West Bank Settlers Might Stay Under Palestinian Rule

Netanyahu: Israeli Military Could Wipe Out All of Gaza

Police Probe Dealings of Israeli Defense Firms in Iraq

Palestinian Govt

European Monitors Demand Hamas Stop Bringing in Cash

Referendum Could Seal Palestinian Government's Fate

Many West Bank Workers Go on Strike Over Wages

Gaza-Egypt Border Reopens After Two Days

Middle East

Mubarak Promises Egypt 'Unprecedented' Reforms in 2007

Jordan Opens Political Battlefront With Islamists

Syria: Time Not Right for Embassy in Beirut


Justin Raimondo
A Plague on Both Their Houses

Doug Bandow
Readings in the Age of Empire

Charles Peña
Why Liberals Can't Win the War on Terror

Nebojsa Malic
Empire's False Concern

Ivan Eland
Win One for the Gipper (Ayatollah Khamenei)

David R. Henderson
Why I Won't Renew With Amnesty International

Praful Bidwai
Testing Times for Indo-US Nuclear Deal

Alan Bock
Another Dubious Turning Point

Ran HaCohen
Why We Cannot Talk With Hamas

Sascha Matuszak
Getting a Piece of the Pie

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