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Taking Out Lieberman: Justin Raimondo
Last Refuge of a Loser: Leon Hadar
Crime and Punishment: Nebojsa Malic
Hillary: The Perfect Neocon: Joshua Frank
Power of the Pen: James Bovard

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Updated July 5, 2006 - 11:29 PM EDT
North Korea Fires Missile Test: Failure
Iraq Govt Considers Arming Insurgents
North Korea Test-Fires 7th Short-Range Missile
NORAD Placed on Heightened Alert
US: N. Korea Wants Nuclear Spotlight From Iran

Tanks Move Into Gaza After 2nd Rocket Hits Israel

18 Killed in Attacks Around Iraq

Pace of Killing in Baghdad Surges in June
Iraqis Blast US Over Rape-Slaying Case
Israel Pins Blame on Syria in Soldier Crisis

Afghan Capital Rocked by Blasts

Palestinians Say They Won't Kill Soldier
Nationalism: The Last Refuge of the Political Loser  by Leon Hadar
Now, It's Even Considered Seditious to Read My Article  by Henry Porter
US Media Ensnared in Liberty vs. Security Debate  by Ehsan Ahrari
Hawala: Swifter Than SWIFT?
by Arnaud de Borchgrave
CIA: Osama Helped Bush in '04
by Robert Parry
Hillary May Be Presidential Material, After All  by Joshua Frank

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Experts: America Is Clearly Losing the 'War on Terror'
Ayatollah's Moves Hint Iran Wants to Engage
Iraqi Governor Says He Will Quit When Coalition Forces Hand Over Security
Man Serves Year in Iraq Due to Military Clerical Error
Abducted Iraqi Minister Freed
Bush's Foreign Friends Fading Fast
'Decent Respect' Might Help Image Woes Abroad
Former US Terror Chief: Bin Laden in Some Former Soviet State
CIA Closes Unit Focused on Capture of bin Laden
Iraq Rape/Murder Probe
Murder Case Puts Iraqi Govt in Quandary
Military Justice Inquiry Into Iraq Killings Focuses on Supervision of Soldiers
Iraqi Justice Minister Calls for International Oversight of Rape-Slaying Case
Few Back Home Knew Ex-Soldier Now Charged
Today in Iraq
Civil Strife Comes Home as a Son Joins Sadr's Army
US' Khalilzad Warns Iraqis of Tough Road to Democracy
Bomb in Baghdad Kills Three on Police Patrol
Iraq Says Oil Exports at High as Army Guards Pipe

Developments in Iraq on July 5

Developments in Iraq on July 4
Iraq Occupation
US Military Chief Vows 'Proper Action' in Iraq Rape Case
A Down-Home Diversion on Country Convoy
Troops Celebrate Low-Key 4th in Iraq
Global Iraq Fallout
Blair Sees 'Significant' Troop Withdrawal From Iraq by End of 2007
UK Soldier's Death Blamed on Punishment Ritual
RAF Doctor Who Refused to Go to Iraq Put Under House Detention
Gulf Arabs Vow to Squash Funding to Iraq Insurgents
Request to Extradite Saddam Wife From Qatar 'Would Fail'
Islam in Britain
Blair Blames Moderate Muslims for Not Fighting Extremism
Iraq War Still Fuels British Muslims' Anger
Muslims in Britain – A Story of Mutual Fear and Suspicion
Doubts Over Blair's 'Blank Check' to Defeat the Taliban
British Troops Facing Air Supply Crisis in Afghanistan
Pakistan Says Taliban Are Regrouping in Afghanistan
Taliban Attacks Spread as Allied Offensive Bites
Afghanistan Set to Have Largest Ever Opium Crop
Clash Leaves Seven Militants Dead in Southern Afghanistan
Five Afghans Working at US Base Killed
Bomb in Kabul Wounds Six, 12 Taliban Killed in Clash
59 Afghans to Be Released From Guantanamo
Karzai to Attend Disarmament Meeting in Japan
US Military in Afghanistan Celebrates Independence Day
Soldiers Now US Citizens in Afghanistan
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Steps Up Alert as Tigers Honors Suicide Bombers
In Sri Lanka, Families Struggle to Escape
India Offers Help for Sri Lanka’s Peace Process
Sinn Fein Negotiator on Peace Mission to Sri Lanka
Crime Soars in Sri Lanka's North as Violence Rises
Tibet Leader Blames Dalai Lama as China Talks Fail
China Says Dalai Lama Seeks Only Independence
East Timor
Aussie Soldier Sent Home After Firing at East Timor Political Rally
East Timor Rebel Boss Vows to Hand Over Arms
UN Inquiry Into East Timor
Myanmar Seeking Nuclear Alliance With North Korea
Myanmar: Foreign Pressure Won't Free Suu Kyi
Two Soldiers Killed in Philippine Island Rebel Attack
Philippine Rebels Say Fighting Puts Talks in Peril
Parties of Kazakh Leader, Daughter Merge
Georgian President's Popularity Plunges
Maoist Attacks Leave Eight Dead in East India
Nepal Invites UN to Monitor Maoist Arms, Army
At Least Five Russians Killed in Chechnya
Putin Steps Up Anti-Terror Drive
Anti-Nuke Protesters Disrupt Putin
Putin Defends Tighter Law on NGOs
Macedonia Holds Closely Watched Election
Macedonia's Ethnic Albanians at Odds
Macedonian Elections Tainted by Civil Unrest
Macedonia Poll Seen as Test for EU Entry
Q&A: Macedonia Election
Poll: Portuguese See US as Threat to World Peace
North Korea
US Diplomacy in High Gear After 'Provocative' North Korea Launches
US Chides North Korea on Missile Testing
North Korea Impact Being Weighed
China Official to Visit North Korea in Bid to Revive Talks
Japan May Impose Economic Sanctions on North Korea
US: Missile Defense Was Ready to Shoot Down Missiles if Necessary
Can America's Missile Defense Handle North Korea?
Gold Rises One Percent After North Korea Fires Missiles
North Korea Tests Rattle Nikkei
A Look at North Korea's Missile Arsenal
Chronology of North Korea Missile Program
EU Awaits 'First Response' From Iran on Ending Nuclear Impasse
Putin Urges Iran to Accept Incentive Plan
Ahmadinejad to Distribute More Shares Among Iran's Poor
'War on Terror'
Homegrown Terrorists Pose Serious Threat to Western Governments
EU Senator: Poland, Romania Refusing Inquiries Into Secret CIA Prisons
7/7 Inquiry Ruled 'Too Expensive'
Welfare Payment for Families of UK Terror Suspects Suspended
The War at Home
Rumsfeld Subpoenaed by Congressional Panel Over Abu Ghraib
Bush: Timetable Would 'Dishonor' Slain Troops
Bush Says Enemies Are Vulnerable
Sen. Clinton Hedges Lieberman Support
Veterans Have Tough Time Finding Work
Homelessness a Threat for Iraq Vets
Compromise Allows Signs on Iraq War at July 4 Parade
US Military
Injured in Iraq, a Soldier Reclaims His Independence
What US Wants in Its Troops: Cultural Savvy
Assault on Gaza
Palestinian Ultimatum Passes Without Incident
Hamas Leaders in Hiding as Noose Tightens
Prisoner Swap an Emotive Issue for Palestinians
MK Sharoni Calls for IDF to Obliterate Gaza
Three Wounded as Israeli Missiles Strike Palestinian Interior Ministry
Palestinian Families Pay High Price as Israel Warns of Marathon Standoff
Appeal Lodged Against Israeli Sonic Booms in Gaza
Global Gaza Fallout
Egypt Denies Visiting Abducted Israeli Soldier
Egypt, Saudi Arabia Call for Israel to Stop Demolition of Palestinian Facilities
Arab League, Saudi Arabia Transfer $100 Million to Palestinians
US Watching Mideast Standoff 'Carefully'
UN Envoy Warns of Gaza Conditions
Syria Untouched by Outside Pressures
Pro- and Anti-Syria Partisans Clash in Lebanon
Middle East
Al-Qaeda Rejects Saudi Amnesty Offer
Yemen to Seek Nuclear Power
Turkish FM Visits US for Talks With Rice
Somalia: Spiritual Leader Denies bin Laden Links
Ethiopia: Terrorists Rule Mogadishu
Report: Ethiopian Soldiers Empty Somali Town
Ethiopia Denies Troops in Somalia
African Mission Heads for Somalia
Darfur Conflict Spills Over to Neighboring Province, Killing 12
Uganda to Grant Rebel Chief Amnesty
Liberians Seek War Crimes Court
Australia Defense Official Admits Troops 'Missed Out' on Equipment
Aussie Terror Suspect Was Threatened With Torture
Mexican Left Demands Recount
Mexican Vote in Limbo
Attack Kills Six Colombia Police
Morales Seeks to Drive Up Price of Bolivia's Gas
Cuban Communists Counter US Transition Pressure
Peru Farmers Clash With Police in US Trade Protest

Justin Raimondo
Taking Out Lieberman

Nebojsa Malic
Crime and Punishment

Ivan Eland
Pols, Not the Press, Should Exhibit Prior Restraint

David R. Henderson
The Meaning of July 4th

Doug Bandow
Fiddling While Afghanistan Slides Away

Praful Bidwai
Indo-US Nuclear Deal Clears First Hurdle

Ran HaCohen
The Ideology of Occupation Revisited

Charles Peña
Why Liberals Can't Win the War on Terror

Alan Bock
Another Dubious Turning Point

Sascha Matuszak
Getting a Piece of the Pie

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