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Closing In on the Niger Uranium Hoax: Raimondo
North Korea's Clown Provocateur: Edward Luttwak
Misreading Macedonia's Elections: Chris Deliso
America: Govt of Cowards: Charley Reese
What's an Iraqi Life Worth?: Andrew Bacevich

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Updated July 10, 2006 - 11:11 PM EDT
Japan Suggests Attacking North Korea
UN Vote on N. Korea Sanctions Delayed
Scores Die as Iraqi Civil War Looms
Slaughter Continues: 30 Iraqis Killed Monday
Police Abuses in Iraq Widespread
GOP Lawmaker: Bush Probably Broke Law
US Dangles Nuclear Deal for Russia's Help on Iran
50 Dead as Olmert Defends Gaza Onslaught
Gaza Operation So Far Unsuccessful: Israel DM
Chechen Warlord Basayev Killed in Southern Russia
Five More GIs Charged in Iraq Rape-Slayings Case
Growing Opposition to Blanket Immunity for GIs From Iraqi Laws
North Korea's Clown Provocateur
by Edward N. Luttwak
Misreading Macedonia's Elections
by Christopher Deliso
Watada, the War, and the Law
by Jeremy Brecher and Brendan Smith
What's an Iraqi Life Worth?
by Andrew J. Bacevich
'Packing It In'  by Dahr Jamail
America: Government of Cowards
by Charley Reese

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US Finds North Korea Crisis Hurts Unity on Iran Nukes
US Says It Has Votes for UN Resolution Against N. Korea
US Envoy Rejects 1-On-1 Talks With North Korea
North Korean Envoy: Pressure Could Trigger War
Afghanistan: Death Trap
Israel Vows Offensive Until Soldier Freed
Documents Show Alleged Iraqi Rape-Murder Victim Was 14, Not 20
US Show of Power in the Pacific Aimed at the Chinese
India Tests Missile Able to Reach Beijing
Today in Iraq
Civil War Beckons
Iraq's PM Maliki to Visit US Soon: Source
Iraqi Forces Raid Shi'ite Mosque, Detain 20
Saddam Trial Enters Last Phase as Defense Set to Rest Case
US Troops Defy Insurgency in Ramadi One Neighborhood at a Time
Egyptians Freed in Iraq: TV
Vietnam Vets' Experience on Boats Utilized in Iraq
Attacks Continue
Shi'ites Kill 42 Iraqi Sunnis in Attack
Car Bombs Kill at Least 19 in Baghdad
Four US Soldiers Die in Iraq
Car Bomb Wounds 4 US Troops in Ramadi
Gunmen Attack Security Forces in Iraq
Iraqi Intel Officer Killed in Karbala
Developments in Iraq on July 10
Developments in Iraq on July 9
Global Iraq Fallout
Iraq: A Deadly Name Game
Insecurity, Under-Funding Threaten Children's Health in Basra
Iraq's Troubled Pipeline Shut for Repairs
Iraq to Fire Oil Distribution Chiefs
The New Iraq
Iraq Renews Threat to Review Australia Trade Ties
Poll: Russians Upset After Iraq Assassinations
Iraq's Neighbors Back Reconciliation Efforts
Battles of Britain
British ID Card Scheme in Disarray
UK Bishops Oppose Replacing Nuclear Arsenal
Former UK Soldier Held After Four Shot Dead
Afghanistan's Mounting Body Count No Measure of Success
US Diplomat 'Misspoke' in Saying Rumsfeld in Afghanistan: State Department
Taliban Rebels in Afghanistan Are Being Tipped Off About British Operations
Canadian Soldier Among 23 Killed in Afghanistan
Violence Adding to Frustration With Afghan President
A Ruthless Enemy, a Hostile Population, and 120 Degree Heat
British Military Allows Beards for Troops in Afghanistan
Afghan Police Hold Seven After Roundup in Mosques
Afghanistan Military Hospital to Triple in Size
Sikhs Leaving Afghanistan
23 Killed in Pakistan Offensive
US Congress to Question F-16s Deal With Pakistan
Pakistani Army Briefs MPs on Nuclear Program
Sri Lanka
Monitors Find It Tough Going in Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Appoints Temporary Army Chief
Nepal's PM Urges Rebels to Disarm
Nepal PM Skips Parliament Address, King Sidelined
Nepal 'Pro-King' Officials Quit
Calls for Naming Successor to Ailing Nepal PM
Ukraine's Government Disintegrates on Day One
NATO, Greece Agree to Extend Greek Troops' Presence in Kosovo
UN Court Starts Trial of Milosevic Successor
Bosnia's Leftover Guns: Sell, Give, Destroy?
South Korea Wavers on North Korea Sanctions
South Koreans Take North's Missiles in Relative Stride
South Korea Accuses Japan of Raising Tension on North
US Looks to China to Influence North Korea
New US Warship Sails to Japan Amid North Korean Missile Standoff
Russia Offered to Help North Korea Protect Nuclear Stockpiles
Iran to Reply to Nuclear Offer in August
US Threatens Iran With UN Action
Iran Asks IAEA to Remove Chief Inspector
'War on Terror'
From al-Qaeda – Plots and Promos
Warrant Reportedly Links CIA Official to Cleric's Abduction in Italy
Plans Found on NYC Plot Suspect's Computer
Congress Argues the Recrafting of Terror Tribunals
US Military
Marines Getting a New Message
How Pacific Rivals Are Spending Their War Chests
Fewer Medical Students Taking Army, Navy Scholarships
Assault on Gaza
Family Barbecue in Gaza Ended in Tragedy
Israeli Soldier Killed by Friendly Fire
Israel Keeps Up Bombardment of Gaza
Israel's Mixed Messages in Gaza
Palestinian Bystander Killed, 11 Others Wounded in Failed Israeli Strikes in Gaza
Three People Lightly Wounded in Weekend Qassam Barrage
Gaza in Crisis
Abbas Orders Envoys to Syria Over Gaza Crisis
Hamas PM Looks to Heavens to Rebuild Gaza Destruction
Poll: Palestinians Clearly Prefer Two-State Solution
Global Gaza Fallout
50,000 Turks Protest Israeli Invasion of Gaza
Mario Vargas Llosa: I'm Ashamed to Be Israel's Friend
Japan's Koizumi Heads to Mideast in Throes of Crisis
Egypt Newspapers Don't Print to Protest Press Law
Egyptian Press Fear Rollback of Reforms
Egypt Police Detain 27 Muslim Brotherhood Members
Muslim Brotherhood Slams 'Brutal Police' Tactics Against Protesters
Middle East
Pentagon to Expand Military Base in Djibouti
Death Urged for Jordan Bomber
Lebanon to Extradite Terror Suspect to Australia
21 Killed as Rival Militias Clash in Somalia
British Defense Ministry 'Refusing to Release File on Massacre of Kenyans'
Uganda Rebel Chief Backs Amnesty
UN Pilot Fired at in Congo
Mexico's Leftist Candidate Presents Evidence of Fraud
Friction Growing Between Brazil, Venezuela
Poll: Chávez Leads in Venezuelan Presidential Race
Poll: Ortega Reaches 30 Percent in Nicaraguan Race

Justin Raimondo
Closing In on the
Niger Uranium Hoax

Praful Bidwai
North Korean Missiles May Ease Indo-US Nuke Deal

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Reality-Based Recommendations

Doug Bandow
Can't We Drop Even One Alliance?

Charles Peńa
Wile E. Coyote's Fourth of July

Nebojsa Malic
Crime and Punishment

Ivan Eland
Pols, Not the Press, Should Exhibit Prior Restraint

David R. Henderson
The Meaning of July 4th

Ran HaCohen
The Ideology of Occupation Revisited

Sascha Matuszak
Getting a Piece of the Pie

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