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The Hiroshima Myth: John V. Denson
Israel's Quagmire: Thomas Gale Moore
My Fellow Targets: Charley Reese
Clandestine – Not Illegal: Gordon Prather
On Talking With Terrorists: Pat Buchanan

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Updated August 6, 2006 - 11:25 PM EDT
War Rages as UN Split on Resolution
    Lebanon Rejects UN Resolution
  War Rages: 19 Lebanese, 15 Israelis Killed
  Syrian Minister Says Ready to Join Hezbollah Ranks
  Israeli Pilots 'Deliberately Miss' Targets
  Weeks of Bombing Leave Lebanon in Ruins
  Israel Drops Objection to UNIFIL Forces to Monitor Cease-Fire
  US: Israelis Should Stay in Lebanon
  General: Lebanese Army Too Small, US Should Arm and Train Them
Bush Aide: US to Pull Out if Iraq Turns to Civil War
  3 US Soldiers Killed in Iraq Bombing
  Baghdad’s Chaos Disrupts Plans to Cut US Force
  At Least 15 Killed in Bombing in Saddam's Hometown
  GOP Senator: Adding Troops to Iraq Will Only Make Things Worse
  Combat Brigade Members Create Website Against Redeployment
  Prosecutor Says US Soldiers Released, Then Killed Iraqis
40,000 US Troops Have Deserted Since 2000
  British Troops in Afghanistan Are on the 'Brink of Exhaustion'
On Talking With Terrorists
by Patrick Buchanan
Who Cares What the Lebanese Want?  by Robert Fisk
Clandestine – Not Illegal  by Gordon Prather
The Hiroshima Myth  by John V. Denson
Israel's Quagmire  by Thomas Gale Moore
My Fellow Targets  by Charley Reese

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Report: Iran Seeks Uranium Imports From Africa
Both Israel, Hezbollah Likely to Declare Victory
Aftermath in Qana
'Constrained' Mideast Policy Limits US Options
Lebanon War Hurting US Goals
'I Wanted to Kill'
Edwards Wants Immediate Iraq Withdrawal
Al-Zawahiri: Egyptian Group Joins al-Qaeda
Beirutis Resigned to Threat of Major Israeli Strike
Today in Iraq
Bombs Blast Iraqi Market as Shi'ites Pursue Protests
Rebels 'Smell Blood' in Lawless Baghdad
Over 60 Insurgents Held in Iraq
Political Correctness in Iraq
Protected Pitches for Iraqi Players as Football Comes Under Assault
Attacks Continue
27 Killed in Iraq Bloodshed
US Marine Killed in Western Iraq
Bullet-Riddled Bodies Found Around Baghdad
Iraq Explosions Injure Eight
Gays Flee Iraq as Shi'ite Death Squads Find a New Target
Security Incidents in Iraq, Aug. 6
Security Incidents in Iraq, Aug. 5
Iraq Occupation
US Soldiers Face Hearing Into Rape-Slaying of Iraqi Girl
Pa. Soldier Avoids Prison With Plea in Iraqi Slaying Case
US Reinforcements Arrive in Baghdad
US Battalion's Mission in Iraq Shifts to Preventing Civil War
Reality Hits the White House
'Civil War' Is Uttered, and White House's Iraq Strategy Is Dealt a Blow
How a New Iraq Report Could Hurt the White House
Negroponte Orders an Update on Terrorism's Influence in Iraq
Americans Keep Dying
Soldier (CA) Tried to Ease Dad's Concern
Father Had Feeling Soldier Son (NE) Would Not Return
Senator's Family Grieves Combat Loss (MT)
Killed in Aghanistan, Soldiers’ Last Trip Not the One They Planned (PA)
Maryland Mother Recalls Navy Son as Hero Who Did His Duty
Friend: He Meant So Much to So Many People (TN)
Winter Haven (FL) Marine Dies in Combat
Lewisburg (TN) Native Dies in Battle in Afghanistan
Family Says Marine (OH) Was Proud to Serve Country
Springfield (VT) Marine Killed in Iraq
New York City Soldier Killed in Blast
Guardsman (FL) With Ties to Maryland Dies From Injuries Suffered in April
Wisconsin Guardsman Killed in Iraq
Slain Marine (CA) Remembered by Family and Friends
Marine From North Carolina Dies in Iraq
Marine (MD) Fought for 'Place in History'
North Korea Frustrated With US Diplomacy
North Korean Scud, Rodong Tests 'Successful'
Professor: North Korea Counting Days Until US Attacks
Kabul's Uneasy Summer
Deployed to Afghanistan's 'Hell'
One NATO Soldier Dead, Three Wounded in Afghanistan Accident
Ex-CIA Contractor to Stand Trial in Afghan Beating
Two Police Killed, Eight Wounded in Southern Afghanistan
Afghan Capital Faces Energy Crunch
Pakistan, India Expel Diplomats in a New Blow to Peace Process
Kashmir Blasts Hurt Seven
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Says Tigers Killed 100 Civilians as Fighting Subsides
Sri Lanka Rebels Halt Eastern Offensive
Sri Lankan Troops Retake Northern Town
Tigers, Sri Lankan Army Trade Atrocity Charges
Refugees Live Under Trees as 15,000 Muslims Flee Sri Lanka Shelling
Japanese Court Supports Hiroshima Survivors
Russia Reignites Old Feud With Japan
Nepal to Seize Royal Lands, King to Be 'Normal Citizen'
Philippine Troops Seize Rebel Camp in South
Belarus Sentences Four Election Monitors to Prison
Ireland Celebrates 200 Years of Anti-French Alert System
Loser in Ukraine's Orange Revolution Returns as Premier
Kosovo's Anxious Wait
Thousands Bullied in Russian Military
Horn of Africa
Ethiopian Officials Hold Crisis Talks in Somalia
EU Mulls Action Against Eritrea
DR Congo
Rebel Troops Clash With Army in Eastern Congo
Thousands Flee Congo Clash
Congo Poll Count Raises Concerns
Government and Former Darfur Rebels Work to Heal Rift
Sierra Leone Sets 2007 Poll Date
Fidel Castro Getting Stronger, Reports Say
Rice Broadcast Dismissed by Cuba
Fearing US Attack, Cuba Readies Troops
US: Talk of Cuban Invasion 'Absurd'
US Planning for Post-Castro Cuba
Castro's Cuba Shrugs Off US Plea for Change
Cuban Dissidents Fearful of Retaliation
Generation Gap Marks US Views on Cuba’s Future
Mexico Full Poll Recount Rejected
Chavez Opponent Drops Out of Race
Argentine Jailed Over 'Dirty War'
UN Resolution on Lebanon
A Call for a Truce and More UN Engagement, but No Prisoner Swap or Withdrawal
Draft UN Resolution on War in Lebanon
Bush Happy With Draft UN Resolution
Praise and Skepticism Greet UN Peace Resolution
Assault on Lebanon
Israel Warns Residents of South Lebanon's Largest City to Flee
Israel’s Next Destination: Sidon
Israeli Minister: Time Running Out in Lebanon Campaign
Israelis Rely on Drones in War
Israel vs. Hezbollah
Israeli Commandos Stage Tyre Raid, Clash With Fighters
Hezbollah Says It Foiled Dawn Raids in Tyre
Israeli Commander: Hezbollah Leaders Killed in Tyre Raid
Israeli Soldier Killed in Fighting With Hezbollah in South Lebanon
Hezbollah Will Stop Fighting if Israel Does So, Pulls Out: Minister
Former Israeli FM: 'It Is Impossible to Destroy Hezbollah'
Israel Underestimated Hezbollah: British Analyst
Israel Under Attack
Mother, Two Daughters Killed in Hezbollah Rocket Strike on Bedouin Village
Israel: Hezbollah Rocket Tally at 3,000
Rocket Salvo Hits Haifa Suburbs Wounds Five
Arabs Are Among the Dead and Wounded in Hezbollah Rocket Attacks
Journalist Caught in the Midst of Hezbollah Rocket Fire
Israel Arrests Palestinian Parliament Speaker
Four Palestinians Killed as Israel Presses Gaza Offensive
Hamas Says No Prisoner Swap Imminent
Hundreds Fleeing Air Strikes Find Shelter at Camps of Once-Scorned Palestinians
Gaza Families Feel Drumbeat of War
Palestinian Militants Decline Red Cross Request to Visit Shalit
200 Couples Refuse to Let Gaza Siege Spoil Their Party
Olmert Says Israel May Target Hezbollah Leader
Charity Wins Deep Loyalty for Hezbollah
The Iron Grip of Hezbollah
Hezbollah Not Under Iran's Orders: Envoy
Iranian Police Stop Pro-Hezbollah Demonstrators From Storming British Embassy in Tehran
Lebanese PM Says Iranian FM Went 'Over the Limit'
Top Iran Official: Nuclear Work Will Continue
Reunion Marred as US Revokes Visas for 10 Iranian Alumni
Iran Calls for International Probe Into 'Zionist Crimes'
Iran Bans Nobel Laureate Ebadi's Rights Group
Syria: Israel Intentionally Killed Syrian Civilians
Syria Demands Compensation for 26 Citizens Killed in Israeli Air Raid
Syria Buries 26 Killed in Israeli Raid on Lebanon
Oil Spill Reaches Syrian Coastline
Surviving in Lebanon
Christian Village in South Lebanon Is Caught in the Crossfire
Lebanon Hospitals Only Have Fuel for One More Week: Minister
Lebanese Families Torn Apart by War
Stressed Out and Anxious in Beirut
In Asylum, Another Kind of Casualty
Beirut Theater Opens Doors to Refugees
Displaced Couple Tie the Knot
Down but Not Out, Lebanon Casino and Cabarets Battle On
Surviving in Israel
After the Rockets, a Scourge of Fires
Unnerved Israeli City Buries Its Dead
5,000 Rally in Tel Aviv Against Lebanon Conflict
Satirists Poke Fun at Israel, Hezbollah
Global Lebanon Fallout
Thousands of British Protesters Demand Lebanon Ceasefire
War News From Lebanon Gives Egyptians a Mirror of Their Own Desperation
Egypt Denies FM's Calls for Boycotting Israeli, US Products
Saudi Cleric Issues Anti-Hezbollah Edict
Global Marches Protest Israeli Offensive
US Antiwar Activists Off to Lebanon
Australian Govt Warns Against Donation for Hezbollah
Muslim Scholars Back Lebanese, Palestinians
Battles of Britain
Lebanon Government Joins Forces With Bid to Have Blair Tried in Scotland for War Crimes
British Special Forces Get Pay Raise in Effort to Cut Resignations
800 British Troops Treated for Trauma
'War on Terror'
Specter's NSA Plan Hits Snag
Congress Is Stalled on New Terror Laws
Bloomberg: Oil Money Goes to Terrorists
Spies Trawl UK Friends Website for Terror Whispers
Aussie Lawyers Decry Gitmo Proceedures
US Military
Governors Bristle as Bush Seeks Control of National Guard
Military Academy Scraps Vietnam for Iraq
Two Are Arrested in Theft of Laptop With Veteran Data
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