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Israel – Our Delinquent 'Ally': Justin Raimondo
Abetting Catastrophe in Lebanon: Doug Bandow
From Mania to Depression: Uri Avnery
UK Muslim Leaders Doubt Plot: Sanjay Suri
The Real Threat in the UK Is Blair: John Pilger

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Updated August 18, 2006 - 8:43 PM EDT

Italy to Deploy 3,000 Troops in Lebanon

  UN Scrambles After Paris Disappoints
  France Demands 'Strong Mandate' in Lebanon

7 Nations Pledge Troops for Lebanon


Lebanese Army Reaches Border With Israel

  Malaysia Defies Israel Over UN Force in Lebanon

Bush Warns N. Korea Not to Pursue Nuclear Test

  South Korea: No Evidence of North Nuke Test
US Troops Search House-to-House in Baghdad
  Kurds Flee Homes as Iran Shells Iraq's Northern Frontier

Inquiry: Files on Killings in Haditha Were Destroyed

  Cars Banned in Baghdad to Prevent Bombings

Terror Hit on German Trains 'Narrowly Averted'

  Pakistan: Al-Qaeda Approved UK Bomb Plot
  Terrorist Plots Everywhere... and Nowhere

Bomb Threat on UK Plane Called False Alarm After Diversion to Italy

Bush Predicts Courts Will Uphold Security Wiretaps

Afghan Official Rejects US Military Denial of Killing Policemen


CIA Contractor Found Guilty of Abuse in Afghanistan

Be Skeptical... Very Skeptical
by M.K. Bhadrakumar
The Real Threat We Face in Britain Is Blair  by John Pilger
A Foretaste of Larger Furies to Come  by Rami G. Khouri
The Great Equalizer  by Gabriel Kolko
Spinning Old Threats Into New Fears  by Robert Scheer
From Mania to Depression  by Uri Avnery

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Judge Orders Halt to NSA Wiretap Program

South Lebanon Christians Bitter Over Israeli Attack

US Scrambles to Out-Rebuild Hezbollah for Lebanese Brownie Points

Government Fights Militia in Southern Iraq

Israel Becomes Fodder in US Congressional War

UK Muslim Leaders Begin to Doubt the Plot

Chávez Expands, Hardens His Diplomatic Thrust

War Reporters Become War News

Troops Express Worries About Iraq
Iraq Attacks Continue
25 Killed in Baghdad Blasts
Two More American Soldiers Killed in Iraq

Post-Zarqawi Violence Keeps Surging in Iraq

Rival Shi'ite Militias Clash in Southern Iraq

Karbala Authorities Strike Peace Deal With Dissident Cleric

Iraq Violence Feeds Funeral Businesses

Security Incidents in Iraq, Aug. 18

Security Incidents in Iraq, Aug. 17

Iraq Today

Iraq Doubles Funding for Oil Imports

Iraqi Lawyers Run Heavy Risk by Taking Cases That Anger Religious Extremists

The Jill Carroll Story - Part 5: Mujahideen Movies

Mile-Long Lines as Baghdad Runs Out of Gas

Occupying Iraq

Iraq's Streets Tell a Colder Truth

White House Sees 'Huge Challenges' in Iraq
UK 'War on Terror'

Pakistan: Group's Infighting Exposed London Terror Plot

Is There an al-Qaeda Link to the London Plot?

Terror Detectives Find 'Bomb Kit' in Woods

UK Man Is Held After Attempted Fire-Bombing of Mosque

British Teachers Urged to 'Combat Terror'

British Muslim Leaders Facing Generation Gap

US-Bound British Passengers to Be Checked Against 'No-Fly' List

12-Year-Old Bypasses British Security, Sneaks Onto Plane

US 'War on Terror'

West Virginia Airport Evacuated in Explosive Alert

Terror Charges Dropped in Mid-Michigan Cell Phone Case

Woman Faces Charges in Flight Scare

Text of Court Decision on NSA Spying

Bomb Plot Spurs a 'New Normal' for Flying

Air Travelers Discovering What Will and Won't Fly

The FBI's Upgrade That Wasn't

Global 'War on Terror'

Pakistan Releases Seven Foreign al-Qaeda Suspects

Terror Charges for Danish Muslim Over Video

A New Generation of Jihad Seekers

Aussie's 'Love Letter' Proof of Jihad?


Gunmen Abduct at Least 15 in Afghanistan

Suicide Blasts Wound NATO Soldier, Eight Police in Afghanistan

Sri Lanka

100 Rebels Killed in Fresh Fighting in Sri Lanka

Fighting Escalates in Northern Sri Lanka

Buddhist Monks Brawl at Sri Lanka Peace Protest

Reclusive Leader of Tamil Rebels Worshipped as Sun Diety

South Asia

Four Killed, Three Hurt in Rebel Attacks in Kashmir

Life in a War Zone: The Boy Who Is the Boatman of Kashmir

India's Premier Wants More Links Across Divided Kashmir

India Warns US Against Changes in Nuclear Pact

Pakistan's Leader Faces Increasing Political Challenges

Bangladesh Police Kill 11 Militants in Shootout


Communist Rebels, Breakaway Faction Clash in Nepal

Nepal Rebels Seek 'Structural Changes' to State


Sudan Under Pressure to Admit UN Force

African Union Gets Tough With Darfur Rebels Who Refused to Sign Peace Deal


Somali Activists Face Islamists' Ire

UN Envoy Calls on World to Stay Out of Somalia


High Alert Ahead of Congo Poll Result

Peacekeepers Accused of Buying Sex From Young Girls in Congo


Ivorian Opposition Meeting Rebels

Zimbabwe: Where a Basketful of Groceries Costs a Bucketful of Cash


As Castro Heals, Cuba's People-Smugglers Get Back to Business

Dissidents Predict Continued Communism in Cuba

Lebanon Cease-Fire

Paris Sees Lebanon Role as Big Gamble

Germany Won't Send Troops to Lebanon

Lebanese Army

New Stature for Lebanese Military?

The Army Is Back, but Don't Expect It to Disarm Hezbollah

Hezbollah Welcomes Lebanese Army

Lebanese Army Moves In, but Does It Slowly

Surviving in Lebanon
First Commercial Flight Arrives at Beirut Airport

Lebanese Official Slams Israel and Syria

Lebanon's Leaders Act to Rebuild Country’s Broken Bridges

Lebanon to Receive 'Urgent' Assistance With Massive Oil Spill

Cost of Enviromental Damage in Lebanon Seen at Over $60 Million

Unexploded Bomblets a Danger in Lebanon

Workers Struggle to Move Aid in Lebanon

Wounded Elderly Woman Survives 27 Days in Lebanon War Zone

His Heart Was Full for Lebanon and US


For Majority of Arabs, Hezbollah Won

From the Dust of War, a More Potent Hezbollah?

Hezbollah Begins Monumental Task of Rebuilding Southern Suburbs

Israel Wants Turkey to Impose Blockade on Iranian Arms to Hezbollah

Trading Guns for Bulldozers

Hezbollah, a 'Family' in Mourning

Israel's War at Home

Israeli Military Continues to Withdraw From Lebanon

War Unresolved for Families of Abducted Israeli Troops

Israel Adds Up High Cost of Warfare

Israeli Reservists: Officers Stopped Us Attending Protest Against War

Protesters Call on Olmert to Resign After 'Lebanon War Failure'

Cease-Fire Brings Week of Gains on Israeli Stock Exchange


Israeli Soldier May Be Exchanged for 600 Palestinians

Al-Aqsa Brigades: We Learned Missiles Subdue Israel

Israel Extends Hamas MP's Detention

Palestinian Killed by Israeli Army in Gaza

Abbas Promises 'No More Rockets From Gaza to Israel'

Concern Grows for Kidnapped Fox News Journalists


US to Move Quickly on UN Iran Sanctions

Clever Moves May Become a Dangerous Game for Iran

Iran Plans New War Games

Iran Envoy Says Call for Enrichment Halt 'Not Acceptable'


Pressure Mounts on Assad to Attempt to Retake Golan Heights

Austria Could Increase Golan Peacekeeper Presence

US Government Blacklists Pair of Syrian Intelligence Officials

German FM Urges Damascus to Soften Its Stance

The War at Home

Bush: Critics Want to 'Cut and Run' From Iraq

Senator: A Vote for Democrats Is a Vote for Terror Strikes

Washington Seeks to Learn From MI5

Critics Say TSA Must Catch Up With Technology

US Military

Parents of Recruit Claim Army Made False Promises, Forged Documents

Russians Find Wreckage of WWII US Submarine

US Military Touts Chat Rooms as Latest Advance in Ground Combat

US to Double Anti-Missile Ships in Pacific

Study Revisits Vietnam Stress Disorder


Top Chinese Diplomat Tells US to 'Shut Up' on Arms Spending

South Korea Unveils Plan to Take Over From US

Japan, Russia Negotiate Over Fishermen

Dismay as Bali Bomb Terms Cut


Over 1,000 Bodies in Bosnia Grave


Fears of More Violence in Mexico as Protesters Refuse to Concede Election

Colombia Shakes Up Some Military Posts

United Kingdom

Labor Agrees: Bush Is Crap

Prescott Denies Calling Bush Crap


Justin Raimondo
Israel – Our Delinquent 'Ally'

Doug Bandow
Abetting Catastrophe in Lebanon

Nebojsa Malic
Things Fall Apart

Charles Peña
Flying the Unfriendly Skies

Ivan Eland
Don't We Have Enough Enemies Already?

Praful Bidwai
Has al-Qaeda Landed?

David R. Henderson
Are You Being Served?

Alan Bock
Can We Learn Anything?

Ran HaCohen
The End of Lebanon?

Sascha Matuszak
Getting a Piece of the Pie

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